Where Should I Purchase My Wholesale Womens Fashion Clothes?

May 13,2021

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Suppliers are really important for the success of our business, especially for wholesale. Clothing is a good category when it comes to e-commerce or online store as the monopoly in clothing industry will be relatively weak compared with other categories. People especially women, their tastes can be totally different. That’s your chance.



For entrepreneurs, what’s your contribution in clothing wholesale business? That’s the key point of your success. Think about the simplest wholesale model, you just buy clothing from your suppliers and sell your products to your customers. Then what’s the biggest test for you? I think there are 2 key points.



First, you need to position your customers. You should be aware of your customer characteristics, including where they live, what’s the age range of them, what’s their purchasing power, what they like and so on. These will decide what kind of clothing you will sell, then you can find a reliable and suitable supplier. The test here is your ability to choose. Choosing what they like is the first thing that makes your difference with others, that is, your taste.



Second, your marketing ability. How to recommend your clothing to your customers and make them want to buy. Usually you can use social media, facebook, instagram,youtube and so on. Video display is a good way to show for fashion products, like clothing, jewelry. Anyway, this is also an important point to make you difference with others.



You may know some large wholesale websites like Alibaba. And of course it’s not just for clothing. Usually it asks a minimum order quantity and doesn’t have products in stock. You need to communicate with the suppliers to confirm the MOQ and price, then place an order. Payment is usually made through bank transfer, letter of credit. After finishing production, products will be shipped by air or sea. On Alibaba price for per piece is cheaper but you have to order in huge quantities, maybe thousands of items. As a whole, Alibaba is more suitable for large trading companies. It’s not very friendly for small wholesalers, no matter on price or customer service.



I will recommend you a professional clothing wholesale platform—FondMart. It’s not an information display platform, but a supplier. You needn’t communicate with different vendors.



Other reasons that I recommend compared with other wholesale platforms.



First, FondMart is especially for clothing wholesale, so it’s more professional on clothing products. It’s one of suppliers of famous brands,like Shein and Simplee. Their products have already very popular which will save you much time on picking.



Second, even FondMart is a wholesale platform, it doesn’t ask MOQ. You can buy one piece with the wholesale price. And it will help to bundle all products into one package to save your shipping cost.



Third, convenient and fast communication. As we know, communication takes time. Generally, you can finish all process automatically by using their free app. If you really have problems about order, shipping, after sales, you can contact your one to one customer service manager. She knows your case very well, so can quickly help to solve your problem. Or you can directly call her. Their managers are good at spoken English.



Fourth, label customization service. If you want to build your own brand, then they offer label customization service. Not only label, but tag, packing bag and so on. For wholesalers, building your own brand is very necessary which will help to expand your business.



Other advantages, you can go and have a try.

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