A New Model to Choose Best Seller : Style+Material

Dec 14,2021

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a new model to choose best seller






Why Do We Launch a New Model?


Have you tried to upgrade your clothing business with our 100+ unique styles every week to expand your sales and profits? FondMart has launched the FondShow-a new online showroom program of women's clothing to help find your best seller.



However, if you still DON NOT find the exclusive style you like at our wholesale clothing in stock and our FondMart Showroom Trends SS 22 Vol.1FondMart Showroom Trends SS 22 Vol.2FondMart Showroom Trends SS 22 Vol.3 and so on you should keep reading this blog because we have launched another new model, which has combined the styles and materials for you to choose.



In this way, you will obtain more choices about the exclusive styles with the inspiration of our professional designers.




A New ODM Model of FondShow: Combine Styles and Material


Behind the FondShow, we have a professional design team that is capable of analyzing the behaviors of shoppers on platforms such as SHEIN, including conversion rate and sales of different products.



Besides, according to Google search data, as well as global social media and statistics of authoritative trend websites within three months, we will update the style library and material library regularly.



Once you have selected the style you want in the style library, our professional design team will provide you personalized material billboard according to your preferences and requirements, and then display the unique style clothes you want in the form of modeling or photoshopping.



How Are the Styles We Offer?



The styles we offer usually come from:

1.They tend to be the best-seller in the near future.

2.They are the hottest styles verified by the clothing market.



The style library is complete in styles like vacation, sexy, commuting, plus size, light dress, retro, pastoral and etc. The style library has 20K+ different styles, which are updated weekly.



As a supplier, we can provide pictures of new styles ahead of time, so you don’t have to wait until all the bulk clothes to be produced. In this way, you can update the photos of new styles ahead of your competitors, saving the time of producing samples, videos and bulk orders. 




What Material Can We Provide?


The base material and printing pattern of the material can be customized. The selected printing can be printed on different materials like cotton, satin, polyester, muslin and etc.



Besides, the material library has a complete collection of the latest patterns in diverse styles, including y2k, bohemian, the latest pattern of flowers, animal patterns, etc, which will be updated 300+ every week.




We will provide personalized classification. This means that according to the classification of element points, personalized material billboards can be provided according to your preferred styles and requirements. Then we will show you the final effect of your selected "styles+materials" in the form of modeling or photoshopping. Additionally, we are capable of preparing in advance for hot styles and colors, series of products and re-prders.



How to Order?


1.Contact Your Private Manager


Contact your private manager and select the styles you like.



2.Place an Order


Place an order and finish the payment. Remember to follow the rules of MOQ.

If you want to confirm the samples, you can first place an order of samples at $100.



3.Confirm the Sample


Once you have finished the payment, we will send you an edited photo or video(according to your request) of the production sample in one day and you need to give feedback within 24 hours.



Besides, if you place the order of a sample, we will produce the sample within 7 days. Then, after you confirm the sample and place a bulk order, we will refund the full money of $100.



4.Arrange the Production


After the confirmation, we will start to arrange bulk production. The processing time is around 20 days after the sample confirmation. The concrete time will change according to the number of your clothes.








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