Top 15 Trendy Plus Size Wholesale Clothing Vendors Who Have Dropshipping

Dec 06,2021

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According to a recent survey, the plus size clothing market in the United States has consistently increased due to a growing obese and overweight population, the growing trend of body positivity, as well as the increase in confidence among plus size women with a strong advertising and promotional campaigns.


The development and innovation in fashion over the past few years have led us to feel that fashion is a way of how we want to express ourselves. The way we carry ourselves, the way we dress, the things we wear, all represent our inner person.



Different styles represent different people. There are so many kinds of styles which makes it easier for us to show our personality. However, not everyone is privileged enough to have access to every type, color, and style of clothing. Many women in plus sizes want to wear the latest fashion trend, but most of the time they are disappointed when they realize that not all brands cater to their size.



In addition to the fact that we have already mentioned, the U.S. market for plus size clothing is one of the largest in the world. Here we will recommend you some trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors who  also have the service of dropshipping to help you wholesale plus size women's clothing.




trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors who have dropshipping


If you are a business looking to expand your size range, we are happy to bring you the list of top wholesale plus size clothing vendors. Here’s a list of some great plus-size clothing vendors. Their collection is fun, and fashionable, and they make you embrace your size. We all know there is nothing better than being able to find comfort in our body!


List of wholesale plus size clothing vendors and suppliers at FondMart. The table below contains information about the details about each company including headquarters location, year of establishment, and wholesale plus size clothing product offerings. Below the table there is a brief summary for every plus size wholesale clothing vendors.



Company Headquarter Year Founded

Wholesale plus-size clothing offered


ShenZhen, China 2017 Women's dresses, tops, bottoms, sweaters&cardigans, sets, jumpsuits  & more


ShenZhen, China 2019

Women’s dresses, tops, sets, jumpsuits, rompers, loungewear


GuangZhou, China 2018

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers & more


ShenZhen, China 2017

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, jumpsuits, rompers & more


FoShan, China 2003

Women’s dresses, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, cardigans & more


GuangZhou, China 2012

Women’s dresse, tops, sets


XiaMen, China 2010

Women’s underwear, dresses, tops, loungewear sleepwear & more


FoShan, China 2015

Women’s dresses, tops, sets, sleepwear & more


GuangZhou, China 2014

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, hoodies,outerwear, sleepwear & more


ChanTou, China 2015

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, outwear & more


DongGuan, China 2013

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, hoodies, outwear & more


ShenZhen, China 2013

Women’s bottoms, outwear & more


GuangZhou, China 2015

Women’s dresses, tops, sets, jumpsuits, rompers & more


GuangZhou, China 2019

Women’s avtivewear & more

Glamaker Plus

HangZhou, China 2010

Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, hoodies, outwear, underwear, activewear & more





orangeoh-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendor



A leader in providing trendy plus size wholesale clothing to women, ORANGEOH offers a wide range of styles at a very competitive price with fast and reliable delivery times, featuring plus size wholesale clothing for women. The women who are overweight can look more stylish than they are even though they are overweight with the wholesale plus size dresses for women.


Our collection of plus size wholesale clothing at ORANGEOH is a trendy selection of clothing that is great for women who are looking for the newest fashions for their wardrobes.


Btw, they even offer you private label service!!!






plusgirl-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



PLUSGIRL also offers dropship products to its ecommerce store owners. PLUSGIRL has over 40,000 users and has been used for several years. As an online merchant, you want to offer the widest choice possible to your customers. PLUSGIRL is a powerful tool that allows you to dropship clothing pieces and turn your business into a profitable one.


The PLUSGIRLmakes it very easy for you to find the wholesale plus size tops, plus size dresses, and wholesale plus size shorts that you desire from countless clothing vendors. It is a place where you can find a wide selection of clothing and fashion products, including clothing for women in plus sizes.




3. Coya


coya-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Coya is a brand of clothing wholesale that is exclusively for women of plus size. Coya is committed to the development of a fashion brand. Known as a wholesale retailer specializing in plus-size clothing wholesale, Coya is a manufacturer of high quality and inexpensive clothing that customers can wear for parties and daily wear


You can also choose from a variety of sizes without a minimum order quantity of plus size women clothing here,which is also a trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendor who have dropshipping.






amour-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



In addition to its own factory and mature production lines, AMOUR is a plus size women's clothing brand that also owns its own factory. It can be concluded from the fact that AMOUR is so successful because it is capable of providing high quality plus-size clothing at an affordable price. Furthermore, they offer the best customer service you'll find anywhere, so no matter what question you may have, they'll be able to answer it for you.






minda-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



A brand known for its plus size clothing wholesale for women, MINDA has 20 years of experience in the manufacture of plus size clothing. Moreover, they are constantly looking for new ways of innovating their products and keeping up with the fashion trend of plus size clothing wholesale as well. 


MINDA has a variety of plus-size clothing. In addition to clothing, there are shoes, bags, and jewelry available from Daring Diva. Private label products are all sourced from top US and UK brands. When your application is accepted, you will be notified and receive your credentials.




6. Hottin


hottin-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Hottin is a PLUS-SIZE CLOTHING vendor who focuses on creating ONLINE BESTSELLERS. Their dresses are known for its COLORFUL PRINTS and COMFORTABLE FABRICS. They also supplies CASUAL & ELEGANT STYLE blouses. They serve women’s apparel businesses by supplying them with top-quality apparel in size missy, plus size, and super plus size.


Their size ranges cater to almost all plus-size people. They have thousands of styles and prints. You can find your perfect style to represent your personality right here in their stores. They are a fashion faithful brand that will never disappoint you. The fabrics are flattering and the stitching is top-notch. This is great for people who are just setting up a new retail business or boutique. They offer figure-friendly fits that are not too snug and not loose.




7. Ohyeah


onyeah-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



The Ohyeah brand offers a delectable range of lingerie for women plus sizes, which comes in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. When you have Ohyeah on your side, you can stock your online clothing business with plus size women clothing wholesale that is suitable for female consumers. They have styles that are fashionable but amazingly comfortable too.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the major attributes of Love Tree Fashion. You won’t find a single product that seems to be at a high price range. With Ohyeah, you can brand your plus size clothing. Furthermore, there is an easy-to-use app that connects it to your Shopify store as well. If you are looking for plus size lingerie, this is the right place that will provide you with styles that are stunning and chic.






zyacc-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



ZYACC is a women's wholesale clothing vendor, including dresses, shirts, T-Shirts, jackets and other clothing specializing in the production and processing, which has a complete, scientific quality management system. They provide plus-size clothing that is combined with fabulous and trendy fabrics for women. 


The graceful fabrics make the dresses and tops look more feminine and fabulous. It also has its own designers that have direct control over the style and quality of the clothing, which is why they can always provide quality clothing. That is also the reason why their collection is so lowly priced compared to others.


If you are looking for plus size tops, bottoms, bodysuits, or just loungewear, this is the place you can go!






microut-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



MICROUT is a truthworthy vendor who decicated high-quality PLUS SIZE women clothing. Its SUFFICIENT STOCKS and QUICK PRODUCTION worth long-term cooperation. All model photos are originally taken by MICROUT. 


They cater to plus-size ranges by manufacturing and selling a complete range of trendy fashion apparel including dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, plus size clothing, swimsuits, and more at very competitive prices. It is a wonderful advantage for clothing boutique or online stores.




10. Oyimi


oyimi-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Oyimi maintains a very good reputation among plus size wholesale vendors for their high customer reorder rate, they are a very large factory with an annual turnover of over 3000W. The supplier has been in the fashion industry for ages and they know how the industry works and what the customer wants. 


With years of experience on their hands, Oyimi has managed to create a huge number of loyal customers. It has an extensive selection of the very latest and affordable high-quality fashion products. Moreover, it offers fashionable clothing at cheap rates.






shela-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Clothing from Plus size wholesale vendor SHEILA is more towards the style of Casual & Street ;Elegant ;Office, if your customer group is partial to this style, then you can go to know them. Their apparel is amazing and has a great fit for all bodies. each and every piece of clothing will make you fall in love with its uniqueness. 


The wholesale vendor has an affordable range of fancy apparel including tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers, etc. The clothes are tailored to fit your body but still, be comfortable and classy. They provide an exceptional quality of clothing as well.






sfeelsonite-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



SFEELSONITE was established in 2013. It is dedicated to women's denim wear and is competitive in JEANS, supplying both REGULAR and PLUS SIZES. They are strictly controlled in size. Its cost-effective products are trustworthy. The wholesale vendor has an affordable range of jeans including tops, dresses, shorts, pants, jumpsuits, and rompers.







shiqin-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



SHIQIN is a professional women's clothing vendor with development, production, sales and wholesale as one of its own production and sales. SHIQIN has a professional, high-quality team, mainly design, production, sales of high-grade series of fashionable women's clothing, large size women's clothing, bohemian dresses, tops, women's dress pants and other clothing, novel style, excellent workmanship, with the world trend synchronization.






qianhui-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



QIANHUI is a qualified YOGAWEAR vendor who supplies both REGULAR and PLUS SIZE. You can find Sports Bras, Soprts Tops, Sports Shorts, Sports Skirts Dresses, Sports Pants, Sports Leggings, Sports Sets, etc. Its plus-size product line is worth long-term cooperation. All model photos are originally taken by QIANHUI. The best part for small businesses is that there is no minimum order requirement so you never have to order in bulk. If you are looking for plus size activewear, QIANHUI is a good choice. Go shopping now!


15. Glamaker Plus


clamaker-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors


Glamaker Plus is dedicated to provide on-trend SEXY styles PLUS-SIZE women's wear at affordable price. Their excellent quality products could better show women's curves and glamour. The wholesale supplier is all about providing inclusive clothing for all sizes. They believe that no one should be left to feel neglected when it comes to styling and fashion. 


Their brand has made it a goal to keep all the latest trends in stock for all-size ranges. The inclusive sizing of their collections goes up to 3XL. This is how they make sure that no one misses out on fashion.They stock up on tops, shirts, beautiful dresses, and even plus-size rompers. They offer wrinkle-free, comfortable fits that snuggle your body with a perfect style. Glamaker Plus is one of the best wholesale plus size clothing vendors to go shopping for your plus size business. Just go ahead!




This article outlined the top wholesale plus size clothing vendors. You can find them all on FondMart. FondMart is a well-known women clothing wholesale platform that stocks an impressively large number of women's regular and plus size clothing with No MOQ . Furthermore, FundMart is also one of the largest dropshipping clothing marketplaces in the wholesale clothing industry and is well known all over the world for private label service, which is suitable for you to find trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors who have dropshipping and help you dropship clothes. FondMart is able to help you scale up your plus size business and meanwhile to build your own brand with its private label service and logo printing service.



We hope this information has been helpful to you in your plus size clothing wholesale suppliers search. To learn more about wholesale clothing vendors, feel free to click here, where we have over 5000 clothing suppliers listed.




fondmart-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors




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