20 Remarkable Plus Size Wholesale Clothing Vendors (2023)

Dec 06,2021

plus size wholesale clothing vendors

Plus size clothing is specially made for people who are above the average clothing size, it can be a fashion item in boutiques. If you want to start a business selling plus-size clothing, first you need to find wholesale plus-size clothing vendors and suppliers that suit you. This article will introduce a group of trendy wholesale clothing distributors in detail for you to choose from, and also introduce the precautions for plus-size clothing sales.





Why Sell Plus Size Clothing?



Why Sell Plus Size Clothing



There are more than 2.2 billion plus-size people in the world, with the US and China leading the way in terms of the number of plus-size people who need to buy clothes in sizes 5X or even six times their size. According to NPD data, women’s plus-size spending grew over three times faster than the rest of the apparel market in 2021, and it has become one of the clothing segments that cannot be ignored, with strong consumer demand.



We have found out that the search trend of "plus-size" shopping fashion has been increasing since 2004, showed by Google Trends. According to the global plus size clothing market report, the market was valued at $480,991.8 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $696,712.1 million by 2027, registering a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% from 2021 to 2027. Thus, we can see the demand for plus-size clothes is increasing, and more and more women are looking for plus-size women's apparel that can cater to their needs, where to find plus-size clothing wholesale has also become a popular question.



Due to solid fashion advertising and promotional activities, the upward trend in the body enthusiasm and confidence of plus-size women have further promoted the demand for the plus-size clothing market. In addition, the public awareness of large-size individuals supported by celebrities has increased and consumers are encouraged to accept their image, which drives market demand. Some major influencers like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj help to lead this trend to a higher level, making it the new fashion forward.



Plus-size customers now need large-size fashionable and modern clothing. In addition, they expect attractive, durable, and high-quality clothing that is value for money. In 2021, the casual wear plus size clothing segment accounted for the highest share in the plus size clothing market. The peak sales season for plus-size women's clothing is from March to May and gradually declines after May.




What are Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Vendors and Suppliers?



Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Vendors



Plus-size clothing wholesale vendors and suppliers have a large inventory of clothing and sell them to general customers or retailers. Plus size clothing suppliers include plus size manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers work to assemble components and materials into finished clothing, while distributors buy in bulk from the producer and then dispense much smaller quantities to either retail establishments or end consumers. As a bridge between manufacturers and retailers, distributors will purchase a large amount of clothing, package them, and finally send them to retailers.



Clothing wholesale suppliers are usually headquartered near the center of New York, Los Angeles, or Miami fashion districts, but in recent years, clothing wholesale suppliers from China have also increased and occupied a part of the market.



How to Sell Plus Size Clothing in Boutiques? (Tips Provided)



Sell Plus Size Clothing in Boutiques



A boutique is a small retail establishment that specializes in selling one-of-a-kind things or goods catered to a specific market. Plus-size clothing boutiques allow plus-size people to enjoy shopping. Although online stores are developing rapidly, there are still many customers who believe in brick-and-mortar stores, so opening a boutique is indeed a good choice.



Besides, here are some other tips to help you sell plus sizes clothing, and find some suitable places for plus-size women's clothing.




1. Quality



As a boutique serving offline customers, clothing must have high quality because customers try on a lot of clothing to make a choice, and if the quality of clothing is poor, it is difficult for customers to pay for it. If the clothing is of poor quality, the customer will not buy it next time, so the quality of the clothing is very important.



2. Service


Compared with online shop customer service, boutiques need more professional customer service, and it is face-to-face. You need to face customers with a smile and recommend popular and suitable clothes for customers, to win customers' trust and increase sales. If your service is good and you impress your customers, then customers will also recommend your store to their friends, which will increase your traffic.



How to Sell Plus Size Clothing Online? (Tips Provided)



Sell Plus Size Clothing Online



With the development of the Internet, you can now sell it directly in your online store, which greatly reduces your investment and risk. Online stores can be easily built with Shopify, WordPress, or Wix, no professional website building knowledge is required. In addition, you can also sell plus-size clothing on social media with huge traffic such as Facebook and Twitter. As long as you operate seriously, you can increase your exposure and easily sell your clothing.
Besides, here are some other tips to help you sell plus-sized clothing.



1. Variety



I recommend that you provide your customers with a wide range of clothing types so that you can meet their various needs and customers can be satisfied in your store.


It is a good idea to include the following clothing types:


Plus Size Women Dresses

Plus Size Women Tops

Plus Size Women Jumpsuits & Rompers

Plus Size Women Hoodies & Sweatshirts
Plus Size Women Sweaters & Cardigans
Plus Size Women Outerwear
Plus Size Women Swimwear
Plus Size Women Underwear
Plus Size Women Loungewear & Sleepwear

Plus Size Women Activewear



And the more types of clothes you offer your customers, the more likely they are to buy multiple clothes at once. Sounds good, right?



2. Size Range


If you have a full range of clothing sizes, like 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL, you have the potential to meet your customers' needs better than your competitors, Customers will also recognize your professionalism



3. Follow the Latest Trends


Follow the Trend


You need to pay more attention to current women fashion trends and then find suppliers to buy fashionable clothes, this will attract more customers, and generally, customers are more willing to pay high prices for fashionable clothes, so it can help you increase your revenue



20 Remarkable Plus Size Wholesale Vendors and Suppliers (2023)



5 USA Remarkable Plus Size Wholesale Vendors and Suppliers List


VendorS and Suppliers


Year Founded

Wholesale plus-size clothing USA offered
Wholesale Fashion Square Vernon, CA 2006 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, one-pieces, seasonal clothing, outerwear, sets, formalwear, & more
Giti Wholesale Miami, FL 2003

Women’s dresses, bodysuits, skirts, tops, bottoms, clubwear,  denim, rompers, & moreover

Love Tree Fashion Vernon, CA 2009 Women's tops, dresses, sweaters, denim, jackets, outerwears, blazers, windbreakeBmoremore Tasha more
Tasha Apparel Los Angeles, CA 2005 Women’s bathing suits, clubwear, rompers, seasonal items, loungewear, tops, bottoms,curvy dresses, & more
The Immediate Resource Dallas, TX 1982 Women’s tops, bottoms, rompers, slips, sets, & more



1. Wholesale Fashion Square


Wholesale Fashion Square


Women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and fashion accessories are sold in bulk at Wholesale Fashion Square. Their inventory, which is routinely updated and includes a wide range of boutiques around the USA, is supplied by fashion-forward LA importers and manufacturers. Their main office is in Vernon, California.



2. Giti Wholesale


Giti Wholesale


An international online wholesale clothing business called Giti Wholesale specializes in women's dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, plus-size clothing, bikinis, and other items. Giti Wholesale, one of the plus size wholesale vendors and suppliers in USA, which has more than 30 years of experience in Miami's Fashion District, uses its domestic and international networks to offer the most affordable pricing on seductive, innovative clothing goods. Their main office is in Miami, Florida.



3. Love Tree Fashion


Love Tree Fashion


An apparel wholesaler of women's plus size boutique clothing and accessories is called Love Tree Fashion of Vernon, California. Love Tree is well renowned for its selection of stylish, cozy, and low-priced clothes and its catalog has hundreds of items for every season.



4. Tasha Apparel 


Tasha Apparel 


A colorful, flirtatious, and stylish wholesale women's apparel company, Tasha Apparel wholesale has over ten years of expertise working with the fashion hubs of LA, NY, and Miami.Tasha Apparel is a wholesale trendy plus size clothing distributor. Since they began in 2005, their in-house styling staff has helped customers locate the ideal apparel for their needs, and their accomplishments have elevated them to the position of one of the top US fashion wholesalers. Their main office is in Los Angeles, California.



5. The Immediate Resource 


The Immediate Resource


A women's clothing company in Dallas, Texas called The Immediate Resource sells 100% genuine clothing labels that come directly from manufacturers. The Immediate Resource is a leader in plus size and missy women's clothes, with showrooms and over 79,000 square feet of warehouse space where their award-winning catalogs are displayed.


15 China Remarkable Plus Size Wholesale Vendors and Suppliers List


Vendors and Suppliers Headquarter Year Founded Wholesale plus-size clothing offered
ORANGEOH Shenzhen, China 2017 Women's dresses, tops, bottoms, sweaters&cardigans, sets, jumpsuits & more
PLUSGIRL Shenzhen, China 2018 Women’s dresses, tops, sets, jumpsuits, rompers, loungewear & more
Coya Guangzhou, China 2019 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers & more
AMOUR Shenzhen, China 2017 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, jumpsuits, rompers & more
MINDA Foshan, China 2003 Women’s dresses, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, cardigans & more
Hottin Guangzhou, China 2012 Women’s dresses, tops, sets
Ohyeah Xiamen, China 2010 Women’s underwear, dresses, tops, loungewear sleepwear & more
ZYACC Foshan, China 2015 Women’s dresses, tops, sets, sleepwear & more
MICROUT Guangzhou, China 2014 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, hoodies,outerwear, sleepwear & more
Oyimi Shantou, China 2015 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, outwear & more
SHEILA Dongguan, China 2013 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, hoodies, outwear & more
SFEELSONITE Shenzhen, China 2013 Women’s bottoms, outwear & more
SHIQIN Guangzhou, China 2015 Women’s dresses, tops, sets, jumpsuits, rompers & more
QIANHUI Guangzhou, China 2019 Women’s activewear & more
Glamaker Plus Hangzhou, China 2010 Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, hoodies, outwear, underwear, activewear & more





orangeoh-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendor



The leader in wholesale trendy plus size clothing for women, ORANGEOH offers a wide range of styles at a very competitive price with fast and reliable delivery times, featuring plus size wholesale clothing for women. Women who are overweight can look more stylish than they are even though they are overweight with wholesale plus size dresses for women.

Our collection of plus-size wholesale clothing at ORANGEOH is a trendy selection of clothing that is great for women who are looking for the newest fashions for their wardrobes.

Btw, they even offer you private label service!!!





● Private label service
●High-costt performance
● Excellent quality of clothes
● Quick delivery time
● Sufficient inventory for every top-selling
● Original model photos are available




plusgirl-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



As one of the top plus size wholesale vendors PLUSGIRL has over 40,000 users and has been used for several years. As an online merchant, you want to offer the widest choice possible to your customers. The PLUSGIRL makes it very easy for you to find wholesale plus size urban clothing, like plus size tops, plus size dresses, and wholesale plus size shorts that you desire from countless clothing vendors and suppliers. It is a place where you can find a wide selection of clothing and fashion products, including clothing for women in plus sizes.



They start from the customer's point of view and regard customer satisfaction as the company's purpose.





● Private label service
High-costs performance
● Excellent quality of clothes
● Excellent competitiveness of exclusive styles
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )


3. Coya


coya-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Coya is a brand of clothing wholesale that is exclusively for women of plus size. Coya is committed to the development of a fashion brand. Known as a wholesale retailer specializing in plus-size clothing wholesale, Coya is a manufacturer of high-quality and inexpensive clothing that customers can wear for parties and daily wear.  



You can also choose from a variety of sizes without a minimum order quantity of plus-size women's clothing here. Their products are always on trend and never fall behind.




● Private label service
● High cost performance
● Excellent quality of clothes
● Excellent competitiveness of diverse styles
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )






amour-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



In addition to its factory and mature production lines, AMOUR is a plus-size women's clothing brand that also owns its factory. It can be concluded from the fact that AMOUR is so successful because it is capable of providing high-quality plus-size clothing at an affordable price. Furthermore, they offer the best customer service you'll find anywhere, so no matter what question you may have, they'll be able to answer it for you. 




● Private label service
● High-cost performance
● Excellent quality of clothes
● Professional customer service
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )





minda-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



A brand known for its plus size clothing wholesale for women, MINDA has 20 years of experience in the manufacture of plus size clothing. Moreover, they are constantly looking for new ways of innovating their products and keeping up with the fashion trend of plus size clothing wholesale as well. 



MINDA has a variety of plus-size clothing. In addition to clothing, there are shoes, bags, and jewelry available from Daring Diva. Private label products are all sourced from top US and UK brands. When your application is accepted, you will be notified and receive your credentials.



You can wholesale various styles of clothing from them to meet the various needs of customers.





● Private label service
● High-cost performance
● keep up with trends
● Shoes, bags, and jewelry available




6. Hottin


hottin-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors




HottHottieis one of PLUS-SIZE bulk clothing vendors that focuses on creating ONLINE BESTSELLERS. Their dresses are known for their COLORFUL PRINTS and COMFORTABLE FABRICS. They also supply CASUAL & ELEGANT STYLE blouses. They serve women’s apparel businesses by supplying them with top-quality apparel in size missy, plus size, and super plus size.



Their size ranges cater to almost all plus-size people. They have thousands of styles and prints. You can find your perfect style to represent your personality right here in their stores. They are a fashion-faithful brand that will never disappoint you. The fabrics are flattering and the stitching is top-notch. This is great for people who are just setting up a new retail business or boutique. They offer figure-friendly fits that are not too snug and not loose.





● Colorful prints and comfortable fabrics
● Thousands of styles and prints
● keep up with trends
● Top-notch stitching


7. Ohyeah


onyeah-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



The Ohyeah brand offers a delectable range of lingerie for women plus sizes, which comes in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. When you have Ohyeah on your side, you can stock your online clothing business with plus-size women's clothing wholesale that is suitable for female consumers. They have styles that are fashionable but amazingly comfortable too.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the major attributes of Love Tree Fashion. You won’t find a single product that seems to be at a high price range. With Oh yeah, you can brand your plus size clothing. Furthermore, there is an easy-to-use app that connects it to your Shopify store as well. If you are looking for plus-size lingerie, this is the right place that will provide you with styles that are stunning and chic.





●High-costt performance
● Excellent quality of clothes
● Fast delivery time
● Private label service
● Sufficient inventory for every top-selling
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )





zyacc-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



ZYACC is a wholesale trendy plus size clothing distributor, including dresses, shirts, T-Shirts, jackets, and other clothing specializing in the production and processing, which has a complete, scientific quality management system. They provide plus-size clothing that is combined with fabulous and trendy fabrics for women. 

The graceful fabrics make the dresses and tops look more feminine and fabulous. It also has its designers that have direct control over the style and quality of the clothing, which is why they can always provide quality clothing. That is also the reason why their collection is so lowly priced compared to others. The quality of their clothing is really good, no need to worry about customers complaining about the poor quality.
If you are looking for plus-size tops, bottoms, bodysuits, or just loungewear, this is the place you can go!





● Fast delivery time
● High-cost performance
● Scientific quality management system
● keep up with trends





microut-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



MICROUT is a trustworthy vendor dedicated to high-quality PLUS SIZE women's clothing. Its SUFFICIENT STOCKS and QUICK PRODUCTION are worth long-term cooperation. All model photos are originally taken by MICROUT.

They cater to plus-size ranges by manufacturing and selling a complete range of trendy fashion apparel including dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, plus-size clothing, swimsuits, and more at very competitive prices. It is a wonderful advantage for clothing boutiques or online stores.


They have a full range of clothing as well as great value for money, you won't go wrong choosing them.





● Stable supply of best-selling
● Private label plus size clothing available
● High-cost performance
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )
● Quality assurance



10. Oyimi


oyimi-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Oyimi maintains a very good reputation among plus-size wholesale vendors for their high customer reorders rate, they are a very large factory with an annual turnover of over 3000W. The supplier has been in the fashion industry for ages and they know how the industry works and what the customer wants.

With years of experience on its hands, Oyimi has managed to create a huge number of loyal customers. It has an extensive selection of the very latest and affordable high-quality fashion products. Moreover, it offers fashionable clothing at cheap rates.

They have high-speed manufacturing capabilities to meet your high-volume needs!





● Engaged in the fashion industry for many years
● High customer reorders rate 

● High cost performance
● Stable supply of best-selling





shela-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



Clothing from Plus size wholesale vendor SHEILA is more towards the style of Casual & Street; Elegant; Office, if your customer group is partial to this style, then you can go to know them. Their apparel is amazing and has a great fit for all bodies. every piece of clothing will make you fall in love with its uniqueness. 

The wholesale vendor has an affordable range of fancy apparel including tops, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, etc. The clothes are tailored to fit your body but still, be comfortable and classy. They provide an exceptional quality of clothing as well.


If you want to order comfortable and elegant clothing, then consider them, it will surely satisfy you.





● Exceptional quality of clothing
● Affordable range of fancy apparel 
● Style of Casual & Street
● Tailored to fit your body





sfeelsonite-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



SFEELSONITE was established in 2013. It is dedicated to women's denim wear and is competitive in JEANS, supplying both REGUand PLUS SIZES. They are strictly controlled in size. Its cost-effective products are trustworthy. The wholesale vendor has an affordable range of jeans including tops, dresses, shorts, pants, jumpsuits, and rompers.


They come out of high quality and you can work with them with confidence.





● High cost-effective
● Both regular and Andes
● Private label service
● Dedicated to women's denim wear





shiqin-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



SHIQIN isSHIRINfessional women's clothing vendor with development, production, sales, and wholesale as one of its production and sales. SHIQIN has a professional, high-quality team, mainly designs, production, and sales of high-grade series of fashionable women's clothing, large size women's clothing, bohemian dresses, tops, women's dress pants and other clothing, novel style, excellent workmanship, with the world trend synchronization.

They are well designed and keep up with wholesale fashion trends, sure to give your customers enough freshness.





● High-grade series
● Professional, high-quality team
● Excellent workmanship
● High cost-effective





qianhui-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors



QIANHUI is a qualified YOGAWEAR distributor that supplies both REGULAR Plus SIZE. You can find wholesale fashion couture and wholesale designer clothing including Sports Bras, Sports Tops, Sports Shorts, Sports Skirts Dresses, Sports Pants, Sports Leggings, Sports Sets, etc. Its plus-size product line is worth long-term cooperation. All model photos are originally taken by QIANHUI. The best part for small businesses is that there is no minimum order requirement so you never have to order in bulk. If you are looking for plus-size activewear, QIANHUI is a good choice. Go shopping now!





● No minimum order requirement
● Both regular and size
● Excellent workmanship
● Original model photos are available ( you don't have to worry about copyright )



15. Glamaker Plus


clamaker-trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors


Glamaker Plus is dedicated to providing on-trend SEXY styles PLUS-SIZE women's wear at affordable prices. Their excellent quality products could better show women's curves and glamour. The wholesale plus size clothing suppliers are all about providing inclusive clothing for all sizes. They believe that no one should be left to feel neglected when it comes to styling and fashion. 

Their brand has made it a goal to keep all the latest trends in stock for all-size ranges. The inclusive sizing of their collections goes up to 3XL. This is how they make sure that no one misses out on fashion. They stock up on tops, shirts, beautiful dresses, and even plus-size rompers. They offer wrinkle-free, comfortable fits that snuggle your body with a perfect style. Glamaker Plus is one of the best wholesale plus-size clothing vendors to go shopping for your plus-size business. Just go ahead!





● Inclusive clothing for all sizes
● High cost-effective the latest trends in stock
● Wrinkle-free, comfortable fits




Find All Original Chinese Plus Size Clothing Vendors at FondMart



These Chinese suppliers mentioned above are all cooperating with FondMart, you can find all their products on the FondMart platform, you don't need to inquire separately, if you need to order their products, you can directly use FondMart!



As one of the best plus size wholesale websites for clothing, FondMart is a global legit clothing supply platform with the largest number of products in stock to offer the one-stop service for wholesalers, retailers, and drop shippers.


FondMart has integrated more than 2000 superior manufacturers in China and updated more than 1000 products daily with 200,000+ exclusive clothes. FondMart can offer you both regular and plus-size clothing, including plus-size dresses wholesale, plus-size tops wholesale, plus-size jumpsuits, and rompers wholesale, etc.. from a variety of types and sizes, which can help you attract more customers.



Partnering with 40+ global carriers, FondMart can offer you the most affordable and reliable delivery options to 195+ countries/areas. Till now, we have provided services for over 10,000 global sellers, including some well-known overseas apparel brands. We Combine shipping from different vendors and suppliers, So you don't need to receive packages separately.



FondMart is always focusing on facilitating small and micro businessmen's purchasing activities worldwide with a new trading model of 7-15 days delivery.



Besides, FondMart is devoted to helping more overseas merchants benefit from no MOQ and a rich selection of goods with our tips on clothing wholesale. Therefore, you can find out that FondMart is a good place for you to find plus-size clothing vendors and suppliers.



If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.



Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Vendors and Suppliers: USA VS China


  USA Vendors and Suppliers Chinese Vendors and Suppliers (FondMart) Reason
Price High Low The labor cost of Chinese workers is lower and China has a large clothing industry cluster, while the labor cost of the United States is higher, and there are a large number of us suppliers who buy from China (China continued to be the largest supplier of U.S. imports of textiles and apparel in 2019)
Variety Few Rich China has a large number of clothing factories, and the clothing industry has developed for a long time, with an article of very mature clothing system
MOQs Most have MOQs No MOQs Thanks to cost advantages and cooperation with logistics companies, FondMart has no MOQsold keep
Service Localized serve global  Global service, One to one customer manager service because because Because American suppliers are based locally, they can better capture the needs of local customers, and FondMart is a mature platform that pays great attention to customer service, equipping each customer with a one-to-one account manager to meet customer needs in real-time keeps
Trendold keep A bit old Keep up with trends FondMart cooperates with professional designers to combine trend elements into clothing and produce them as soon as the trend arrives





This article provides you with information about plus size clothing wholesale suppliers and how to sell plus size clothing, we hope this information will be helpful to you. Now that the market for plus-size clothing is growing and more and more people are aware of it, if you want to enter this market, you need to hurry up, and choosing a suitable supplier is crucial to you.





Women's Plus-size Spending Grew Over Three-Times Faster than the Rest of the Apparel Market in 2021, NPD Says

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Directory (wholesalecentral.com)

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