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FondMart Offers Yoga Logo Printing Service

FondMart provides the yoga clothes logo printing service through sublimation print, which can transfer and print the logo you want on the surface of clothing through high temperatures. We can customize the following yoga clothes with logo printing.


Why Is It Worth Customizing Your Yoga Clothes With Logo?

As is known to all, a good logo is distinctive, applicable, practical but simple in form, which always conveys the owner's intended message. The logos of yoga clothes are used to identify different brands, which helps to expand the reputation of your yoga apparel.

Physical fitness and mental well-being is really important today and luckily enough yoga covers them both. A concept or "meaning" is usually behind a specific logo, which expresses the intended ideas of wholesalers and vendors like enjoying life and sports.

By printing your own logo not only will you be tapping into a lucrative market, but you also will be spreading positive attitudes to those who are looking for yoga clothes.

Why Choose FondMart?



We offer NO MOQ, which means you can print the logo with just a single piece of yoga clothes, which gives you the option to create a range without having to warehouse your stock. However, keep it in mind that you have to order the logo with MOQ of 1000 pcs.


Low Cost

Compared to other platforms, our yoga clothes are at a quite reasonable price, which will suit your budget. Besides, the price of our logo is $100 per 1000pcs without extra printing cost.


Flexible Options

Position: We will provide you with the most suitable position of tops and pants.

Size: The length and width of the logo are generally within 4.5 cm.

Color: We can provide you with the single or mixed colors logos.

However, if you want to purchase a logo printing of positions, sizes or colors with specific preferences and requirements, you can also contact our customer managers. (How to contact our customer managers? Click here!)

most suitable position of tops of logo printing
most suitable position of pants of logo printing most suitable position of tops of logo printing
most suitable position of pants of logo printing

Fast Processing Time

Once you place the order, we will process the clothes while preparing the logo for yoga clothes, which lasts 3 days in most cases. Then we will print the logo to your yoga clothes, which generally will last only for 1 day. Thus, it takes 5-7 days in total before we deliver the clothes to you.


One-stop Service

Once an order is made, we will make your logos and print them on your yoga clothes carefully. We also cover further finishing services including folding and bagging to keep the garments clean and organized. You can also benefit from our professional one-on-one sales manager service, ready to help you for every need. So you can just send us your logo and we will take care of the following steps.


The Custom Service We Can Also Offer

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How Does It Work?

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1. Provide a Logo Picture

If you have the intention to customize your yoga clothes with logo printing, you should contact us and send the customer manager a picture in the format of pdf, png, ai, ps, pdf and so on. Then we will make an effect diagram as soon as possible, and in the most condition we will give it to you the same day.

3. Produce the Logo

As soon as we obtain your order confirmation, you should place an order and then get started on our yoga clothes logo printing. Then, we will begin to prepare the logo for yoga clothes, which generally lasts 3 days.

2. Confirm the Logo

After receiving the ultimate version, you need to confirm the material, color, size and position of the logo. If you are satisfied with the picture we send you, you can continue to the next step. However, if you are not satisfied, we will change it according to your requirements and preferences.

4. Print the Logo

Then we will print the logo for your yoga clothes, which generally will last only for 1 day. Thus, it takes 5-7 days in total before we deliver the clothes to you.

Ready to Get Started?

FondMart can assist you in personalizing our high-quality yoga clothes with logo printing, which will help you create an impactful and differentiated brand!

Build your business, both big and small, by having your logo printed on selected yoga clothes!


Promote Your Brand with Custom Logo Printing Service.

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