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FondShow —NEW Online Showroom

Upgrade your clothing business with our 100+ unique styles every week to expand your sales and profits. FondMart has now launched the FondShow-a new online showroom program of women's clothing to help you!


The minimum order quantity is 100 pcs of each SKC.


Every week update 100+ unique styles.


Ready to help expand your business.

FondMart Is Ready to Help

Are you looking for exclusive styles that can help you stand out from your competitors? Are you seeking cooperation to meet your/your customers' further customized requests? Have you ever built a design team but found the management cost is too high? Have you tried women's clothing showroom but eventually gave up because of the high MOQ requirement and long distance?

If you've ever confronted any cases above, FondMart women's clothing showroom online program is just ready to help you.

What Is FondShow?

A traditional clothing showroom can be an offline space for wholesale buyers to view fashion merchandise to sell in their stores. However, FondShow offers an excellent online women's clothing showroom with diverse styles of clothes for you to choose from with the ability of both designing and manufacturing women's clothing.

Why You Should Choose FondShow?

100+ Exclusive Styles Per Week

Abundant Fashion Clothing Choices

Low MOQ from 100 pcs

Improve Your Inventory Turnover Ratio

One-on-one Private Manager

Always Stand by to Help Expand Your Business

Fast Producing Time

Immediately Get What You Want

Customized Service We Can Offer

Customize Private Labels

Customize Hang Tags

Customize Packing Bags

Customize Thank You Cards

If You Want to Stand Out From Your Competitors,

Start Purchasing Women's Clothing at FondMart's Showroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I DIY my showroom women’s clothing?
2. How much does showroom women’s clothing cost?
3. What is the MOQ of showroom women’s clothing?
4. Can I purchase the same showroom women’s clothing with mixed colors?
5. Where can I select the clothes?
6. How long does it take to get my showroom women’s clothing?
7. How to purchase showroom women’s clothing?
8. How can I contact the customer manager?
9. What can our private customer help you?
10.For more questions, read our FAQ of clothing showroom.

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