Top 13 China Trendy Clothing Wholesalers (Low-Cost)

Nov 16,2021

china wholesale clothing
wholesale clothing vendors in china

As the benefits of wholesale clothing from China begin to emerge, Chinese wholesale clothing is attracting the attention of clothing companies around the world with its competitive costs and excellent shipping system. To cut costs and stay competitive, more and more apparel companies are now preferring to buy their goods from Chinese fashion apparel wholesalers.



In this article, I will explain what to look for in wholesale clothing from China and recommend 13 of the top wholesale clothing platforms in China. We hope this article will be useful for your business.







1. Why You Should Buy Clothes Wholesale from China?



You need to understand that there are a lot of wholesale clothing options no matter where you are. However, always necessary for a businessman to make the greatest profits to achieve his goal. We have some perfect reasons why you should buy your wholesale clothing from Chinese vendors. Shopping in China, you can enjoy a big marketplace of Asian fashion wholesale, which is a great way for you to buy clothes wholesale for your business.




Abundant human resources



China has a large human resource base and its raw materials are abundant. Many well-known high-end luxury brands, such as Gucci and Givenchy, choose to manufacture their products in China.



Local labor costs in the US are often high, which is why the price of local output is much higher than in China. Also, working hours in the US differ from those in China, and products in the US tend to be produced at a very slow pace. It is often three months before the clothes from the show are ready for sale in the boutiques.




Cost savings & quality clothing



A great way to save money is to buy wholesale clothing from China. Most of the time, you can buy wholesale clothing in bulk at a huge discount. Also, as we mentioned before, due to the relatively low cost of raw materials laborious in China. You will find that wholesale clothing from China offers some of the most competitive prices in global wholesale clothing.



Aside from the high prices of raw materials laborious costs, and the fact that there is often price competition between local boutique owners, you will not have a price advantage if you buy from a local sourcing wholesaler. Although most people believe that some goods made in the USA or originating in Europe tend to be of high quality. However, there are still suppliers in the USA who travel to China to plow-quality cheap goods and sell them at high prices for locally produced products.



A wide range of products



What's more, there are many wholesale Chinese women's clothing combines bone numerous inspirations from fashion magazines and fashion shows. You will be amazed at the variety of styles you can find, especially for women's clothing. A large number of Chinese wholesale websites have women's clothing added at a rate of hundreds of new products per day.



And as said before, the local boutiques always buy similar uninteresting products. There is not much difference between you shopping in one boutique and ten boutiques.




2. How Do I Find Wholesale Vendors from China?



Here are some tips to help you if you are looking for wholesale clothing vendors in China.



China Clothing trade exhibition


As global trade continues to grow, service trade shows are a very important communication channel. He connects buyers with wholesalers, and sellers visualize the quality, price, MOQ, etc. of the garments. In China, the large apparel fairs that will be held annually are:



· China Import and Export Fair

· China International Apparel Fair



Online B2B marketplace in China



China's world-leading logistics industry has helped its online marketplace continue to grow, which has given buyers more options for transparent pricing. Listed below are some of the top B2B wholesale sites.



· FondMart

· Alibaba

· Made in China

· Global Sources

· DHgate

· AliExpress



 Purchasing Agency


If you are new to wholesale services in China, then you can also choose to work with a clothing sourcing agency. For a fee, you can easily handle everything.




3. Five Important Things to Know When Cooperation with Chinese Suppliers



Ask about MOQ



The term "MOQ" refers to the smallest number of units a manufacturer will accept for a production order. For instance, if a garment manufacturer has a MOQ of 50 pieces per style, you would need to place an order for at least 50 of that styles to satisfy the MOQ criteria of a supplier for a single manufacturing run. Be sure to ask the MOQ before wholesaling clothing, otherwise, you may not be able to place an order because the order is too small. If you place an order on FondMart, then you don't have to consider this problem, because the products on FondMart are all NO MOQ.




Ask about Shipping Costs



Many customers only pay attention to product prices and ignore shipping costs, but in fact, shipping costs are not low, especially for customers with smaller orders. The shipping costs for buying clothing from different wholesalers vary greatly, because some suppliers have cooperative logistics platforms, just like FondMart cooperates with multiple international logistics companies, then the shipping costs will be cheaper. If you don't ask about shipping costs in advance, you'll be embarrassed when you place an order and find out about the high shipping costs.




Ask about the Return Policy



When importing China wholesale clothing, the return policy is very important because it protects your rights. If the garment you received does not match what you ordered or has a quality problem, you should request a return. Generally, the return policy period is 30 days.



Because the picture of the product doesn't exactly match the actual product, returns often happen and it's not your problem. You should choose a vendor that supports a return policy to avoid losing money.




Ask for Samples



Product images are very deceptive, so if you start your order with just one product image, you are likely to lose money.



If you are ordering from a supplier for the first time, you should ask him for samples first, and you can better judge whether to carry out follow-up cooperation through the quality of the samples.



Experienced suppliers will accept your request as it is very common. And if the supplier seems hesitant or outright rejects your request when you mention this, then you should seriously consider whether to cooperate.




Ask for Cost



Ask about the cost of the goods while haggling with any Chinese wholesaler supplier.



You will be in a better position to place a profitable order once you have inquired. Bargaining is a further crucial element. Asking for a reduction in the price of something you're about to buy is practice time of haggling.



From a professional aspect, there is a focus on lowering the price so that you may earn more. Don't forget to take this into account before importing wholesale Chinese trendy clothing.




13 Best China Wholesale Clothing Suppliers



It is easy for you to find thousands of wholesale clothing websites online, so it is much more important for you to choose the right supplier before jumping into this industry. China is the leading manufacturer and supplier of apparel globally, with millions of customers all over the world. Thus, starting to buy wholesale clothing from China is an excellent choice. But how to buy wholesale clothing from China?



With our recommendations for china wholesale clothing, you can easily start your clothing business from China without heading to China for long distances. It’s a great risk to buy bulk clothing you haven’t seen in real, but our recommendation is quite trustworthy to answer the question of who are the top wholesale clothing vendors in china.










FondMart is a global clothing supply platform that provides wholesalers, retailers, and dropshippers with a one-stop shop for stocking products.


Always putting quality first, FondMart offers a wide range of products that are both good and affordable. The quality of its products and its advantageous low prices have won high praise from its customers. Not only that, but FondMart also offers a free quality check before delivery and the service of taking real photos before delivery.


Over the years, many suppliers have built strong relationships with FondMart. According to the official website, FondMart serves more than 51,000 brands and over 500 wholesale clothing vendors in china. There is no minimum order size for customers, regardless of which supplier they choose to buy from.


Here are some of the top vendors you can find on FondMart.



1. Simplee






At FondMart, Simplee an is excellent China wholesale clothing vendor. There are hundreds and thousands of quality products available in the global fast fashion e-commerce online store at reasonable prices for you to choose from. Moreover, the company has a lot of experience in producing and selling women’s clothing wholesale. Over these years, Simplee has been able to build trust amongst customers with its quality clothes. It has spread over English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese markets from five continents and has over 2 million fans globally.



Simplee helps you buy China wholesale clothing. There are hundreds of thousands of quality items available at affordable costs in the global fast fashion e-commerce web shop, which has a worldwide reach. In addition, Simplee has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and distribution of wholesale women's clothes.



Simplee has been able to acquire the confidence of its clients over the years because of the high-quality garments it produces. It has more than 2 million admirers worldwide and is accessible in English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese marketplaces on five continents, according to the company.




2. Berrygo






Berrygo is committed to supplying ENDIEST PASTORAL STYLE womenswear. Its UNIQUE FLORAL PRINTS & COMFORT SUNDRESSES are deeply loved by customers. It aims to offer the most COST-EFFECTIVE products.




3. Bikinx






As a company, Bikinx is well known for its unique approach to designing swimsuits, which follows the Euro-American trend of clothing. The main purpose of this website is to assist females who wish to display their curves, confidence, and self-esteem through the use of swimsuits wholesale. As a provider of females' swimwear wholesale, Bikinx offers a wide range of swimwear wholesale, from one-piece swimsuits wholesale, to bikini sets wholesale, to beach cover-ups wholesale to meet your demands on various occasions, which is a great choice for you to wholesale women's clothing from china.



Bikinx focuses on the design of SWIMSUITS which follows the EURO-AMERICAN FASHION TIDE. It aims at assisting females with how to display their confidence and beautiful curves through swimsuits.




2. Alibaba






Founded in 1999, Alibaba International has become the world's leading digital offshore service platform. It provides a series of diversified services for SMEs in the whole chain of going abroad, from business opportunities to logistics, financial flows, and compliance operations.




3. Made in China



made in china



Made-n-China is a leading B2B e-commerce website where you can not only find many other categories of wholesale products but also buy fantastic China wholesale clothing.

Made-in-China is committed to exploring global business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers and providing one-stop foreign trade services for both sides to reach international trade.




4. Global Sources






Global Sources is the leading international multi-channel B2B marketplace and sourcing platform, connecting real buyers with verified wholesale suppliers and manufacturers around the world.










Dunhuang's foreign trade platform is the world's leading cross-border e-commerce foreign trade trading platform, with online trading as the core B2B small-scale foreign trade wholesale platform, selling Chinese products to the world through cross-border e-commerce platforms.











AliExpress is Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce platform built for the international market. Global Express is open to overseas buyer customers, with guaranteed transactions through Alipay international accounts and shipping using international logistics channels.




7. Zaful






The 2013-founded Zaful has a reputation for providing the best offers on the market. We recommend them since they are one of the best online stores for the current stylish clothing assortment. They are also one of the best suppliers of wholesale apparel from China, giving you wonderful items at fair prices.



Therefore, Zaful can assist you in several ways if you're seeking the ideal trendy apparel deal.




8. lovely Wholesale





One of the best online clothing stores for both men and women is LovelyWholesale from China. On this site, you may purchase a wide range of items, including two-piece suits, dresses, jeans, shoes, jumpsuits, shirts, and much more.




9. Bandgood





Stick Valley Technology insists on being customer demand-led, focusing on core categories, developing new products, building quality brands, and continuously providing customers with a personalized, beyond-expectation shopping experience. The company currently has more than 300,000 products in 25 categories on sale and has established stable and sustainable relationships with many well-known brands and more than 300,000 suppliers at home and abroad.




10. supplyia



Supply is a Chinese sourcing company that ensures customers get the right product at the right price with the right delivery. supply delivery services include quality control, Amazon FBA preparation services, warehousing and consolidation, shipping, and distribution.









Yiwu purchasing offers e-commerce services with the characteristics of a physical market to market operators and international purchasers. Operators can use the platform for store management, commodities display, online transactions, foreign trade warnings, business exchanges, and other activities. The three main procurement guarantees—price integrity, quality integrity, and service integrity—are available to you.









LightInTheBox is an online business-to-customer internet cross-border e-commerce company. It is also a professional and reliable online shopping center that offers a wide range of hot products at reasonable prices and ships worldwide.




13. Tomtop





Tomtop is a cross-border e-commerce company from China dedicated to bringing China's quality supply chain products to the world, bringing global quality branded goods back to China, selling each other's quality products worldwide, creating the ultimate cross-border shopping experience, allowing global consumers to share quality products and enjoy a high quality of life!




5. FAQ



What is the difference between wholesale and retail prices?



Wholesale prices.


There are many different methods used by producers or distributors to determine wholesale prices. Ultimately, the goal is to make a profit by selling the goods at a price higher than the cost of production.


Retail prices.


Retailers often set prices to make a profit. Instead, the retail price is usually set at twice the wholesale price, which is known as cornerstone pricing.



How do I correctly describe the size required in order on a Chinese wholesale website?



Asian clothing sizes tend to be different from American or European ones, they tend to be on the smaller side, remember to check your size with your China wholesale clothing vendors. If you would like to know more about specific sizing you can refer to these size guides.




Can wholesale women's clothing in China be customized?






FondMart offers customized services like private label services, such as labels, tags, logos, packing and shipping bags, products, and so on. We make "build your brand" easier to come true even in the case of not purchasing in large quantities, which will improve your customers' experience and boosts your business. Remember "No MOQ" and "Private Label Service".




After reading the blog, you may find it easy to find out how to find wholesale clothing suppliers in China, even if you are opening a boutique for the first time. Take our advice with you and come and order China wholesale clothing!




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