FondMart New Warehouse Expansion Complete

Jun 03,2021


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FondMart's new warehouse is ready to serve more members that work with FondMart as wholesalers and drop shippers. They will enjoy a 43,000 sq ft large warehouse, in addition to the approximately 105,000 sq ft in Hangzhou and Guangzhou.


The new warehouse is only 15 mins away from FondMart headquarters in Hangzhou, enabling sales managers to track orders and provide better-customized services to our members. 


Equipped with 50 shelves, the capacity of this new FondMart warehouse is more than 10,200 packages per day. 


A new stock management system is added, which means we will handle private label services with more attention and care.  FondMart has also integrated a new racking system to auto-record the weight of packages and auto-upload data online. In this way, the shipping cost of packages can be more precisely counted, particularly for consolidated shipping packages. 


A unique feature that makes FondMart warehouses different from other service providers is the abundance of natural light. More than 12 rows of landing windows towards the South, decorating a traditional warehouse with light, brighten people’s hearts working here. 


"The landing windows that bring more light not only save more energy but also reduce errors from picking orders in a darker environment." Says FondMart warehouse manager Mrs Chen.


The building will be managed by current personnel and will feature non-warehouse space such as offices, a break room, and locker rooms.


As a company, this is an investment for the future, demonstrating FondMart's commitment to customer service. As a result, we take extra precautions while delivering all purchases worldwide to ensure that FondMart shipments arrive in the best possible condition.


The goal of our warehouse management: Ship goods quickly and accurately.


FondMart warehouse management rules:

  1. Make use of an intellectual system that organizes affairs and avoids manual errors.
  2. Process incoming stock instantly so the stock will show as in the system and on the warehouse shelves at the same time.
  3. Optimize pick processes by printing out an organized lists for pickers
  4. Have a quality control process in place - FondMart will verify products before they are packed and shipped.
  5. Keep warehouses safe - Smoking is not allowed.
  6. Maintain several cross-training staff members so when one asks for leave, the workflow is not affected. 






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