How to Dropship Clothes

Dec 22,2021

how to dropship clothes
clothing dropshipping



In 2020, retail e-commerce revenues from selling clothes and accessories online amounted to $102.5 billion in the United States alone. The number is also expected to exceed $153 billion by 2024. As a beginner, dropshipping clothing is a great way to start an e-commerce business, because it removes the middleman and also reduces the extra money to prepare a warehouse. Here, we will introduce how to dropship clothes to you.




Before Getting Stared


Determine the Clothes You Want to Sell


If you have decided to choose dropshipping clothing, you should determine the clothes you want to sell according to the following factors.



The first is material. Different materials will have different effects. From natural to synthetic fibers and from knit to woven, the materials will produce different feelings about the clothing you are going to sell. For example, traditional materials such as cotton, linen, and leather are usually derived from plants and animals. Cotton cloth, for instance, has the advantage of being relatively light, warm, and soft close to the body, while as a consequence, it is prone to wrinkles and shrinkage.





The great majority of garments, on the other hand, are composed of materials and chemicals derived from crude oil or from fossil fuels. Nylon is the first chemical fiber to appear in the world, and it is the strongest and wear-resistant variety among chemical fibers. According to its characteristics, women's leggings are used more often, and they are generally mixed with spandex (elastic fiber). The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform under a small external force, so the fabric is easy to wrinkle during wearing; poor ventilation and air permeability, easy to generate static electricity.




The next is style. Dropshipping clothing styles range from sporty to boho, vintage to modern, even focusing on plus size. There are so many different clothing types and styles at FondMart that you can easily choose the one you like the best, and put it into your store. Although there are much dropshipping clothing for you to choose from, you can still differentiate yourself from other sellers, and increase your store profits with suitable selections as long as you find suitable droshipping clothing suppliers.



Clarify Your Target Customers


In order to achieve this, you must conduct an analysis of the market and rely on your own observations to find out:



Who is most likely to use your product?



Could there be a reason for them to buy from you?



Are there any needs you can satisfy for them?



When you're starting a company or launching new products and services, knowing how to identify the target market is one of the most crucial things you can do. If you are answering the question, take into consideration factors like age, buying power, location, and marital status.



Set a Proper Price



When deciding on retail prices for your items, there are various aspects to consider. It's critical to account for all costs related to selling a product so that you can calculate properly and make a profit. You must also examine how much your rivals charge for similar dropping clothing, in addition to dropshipper fees, third-party processing fees, and wholesale goods expenses.



Keep it in mind that you can't miss your target customers. Thus, if you set your pricing too high, your potential clients will most likely instead to shop at other stores. As for the most proper price, testing is required for accurate pricing, so you may need to conduct some testing to get it right.



Improve Customers' Desire to Buy


It is likely that you will feel that there are too many competitors who lure your customers away when you dropshipping clothes. To overcome this, you should enhance the desire of your customers to buy clothing from you.



Provide Beautiful Photos


As for dropshipping clothing, you generally attract your customers through the pictures. As a result, you’d better edit the pictures on your own or let the professionals handle it for you. Besides, you can also look for fashion dropshipping clothing suppliers with model photos to use.



Add Details about Your Clothing


We will recommend you add details about your clothing to clear up doubts and confusion.



You’d better contain the information about the fabric. Since customers can't feel your clothing, it's important to mention the fabric content of each piece. In addition, a suitable and vivid description of how that fabric feels will assist your customers in making the right purchasing decision since they will get a feeling about the clothing.





The next is the instructions for washing. Be sure to include special washing instructions in your descriptions if you sell items that must be dry cleaned. Although this is a small change, it gives your customers a feeling about your responsibility and gentle behavior.  Consumers need to understand what they are getting before purchasing a product.



When you write the title, you should include the brand name, the color, and the type of clothing. According to the habits of the customers, you should understand that some customers will be browsing all the products to see what interests them, whereas others will begin searching for a specific color or type of clothing immediately. Make sure your product title has those searchable keywords so that they can find your products.



Cause the Sense of Urgency


Having a sense of urgency means doing what needs to be done immediately, without being asked and in the most thorough way possible in order to create change. This is most often used in sales and marketing functions.



To successfully cause a sense of urgency. First, you can do this with the help of Countdown Timer. This notifies your store visitors about a special offer that is coming to an end really soon, and, therefore, motivates them to take action immediately.



Another way to make your customers worried about a ‘limited’ offer is to show the increase in recent sales. You can use this message to inform your store visitors that another guest just made a purchase from this store. By doing so, you will be able to offer a wide variety of purchasing ideas to your customers.



Try to Go Mobile


There is no excuse for not getting on any subway car, entering any café and walking down any street you wish. It is impossible not to see people using their smartphones all over the place. It is estimated that there are over 200 million smartphone users across all states, and 64 percent of American households have a smartphone.




Among people, online shopping is one of the most popular activities, especially since people can make use of their smartphones to do it. Due to the fact that laptops and desktops cannot be taken with you on the go, people tend to browse shopping websites on their mobile phones. Even for dropshipping clothing, you also want to dropshipping clothes with your simple click.



In this case, if you can, then you should consider developing a mobile app, or if you can't, then make your website responsive.



Pay Attention to After-sales Services


One of the most important features of their marketing is the after-sales service that they offer. A Clear response to customer feedback is crucial.



No matter how unique and competitive your products are, if you don't take care of your customers, you won't be able to make much of a profit. It is imperative that you stay in touch with your clients, and answer their concerns whenever necessary, in order to prevent them from leaving you for another seller.




It, therefore, makes sense to offer your potential customers a variety of communication channels through which they can reach out to you. The information could be exchanged through phone calls, email, Skype, Whatsapp or through other messengers, comments on social media. Besides, even with direct messages on Facebook and Instagram. It is up to you which of these options you prefer.




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