Emergency Notice About Stocking Up In Advance

Oct 25,2021

Stocking Up In Advance

Dear FondMart members,



We issue this notice to inform you that you may need stock up on autumn and winter clothes in advance for the following reasons.



The coronavirus has affected the global supply chain while China has undertaken a large number of export orders recently. However, in order to alleviate the power shortage, China has started rationing the supply of electricity, which has caused factories in many provinces to suspend work and production. Therefore, the output has been drastically reduced, even reaching only 15% of the previous level, which may affect you greatly.



Thus, we want to kindly remind you that 



1. Generally, the production cycle of autumn and winter clothes is longer than those of spring and summer.



2. There may even be a lack of raw materials after October, which means our processing time will increase to a month or more after you place the order. By the way, the price of raw materials may rise from November on, thus it may cost you more money to buy the clothes.



3. The fourth quarter is the peak season for sales, so the logistics time will be extended accordingly. For example, DHL only takes 3-7 days now, but it may take at least 8-15 days from November on. However, this year we face the biggest problem for air cargo of DHL, which is the lack of capacity.



4. The Chinese double eleven caused a huge surge in domestic factory orders, which leads to a shortage of production capacity right now. Thus, the factory can’t  produce the clothes you ordered immediately, which means the processing time will be accordingly extended.



5. The factory in China usually stops working 1 month before the Chinese New Year (February 1, 2022). However, this year the Spring Festival in China is relatively early, so the factory will stop producing the clothes earlier than beforeTherefore, if you place an order at January, the processing of your order will be put off for a month or two, which will also affect your inventory for the next spring.



If you place an order in advance, 



1.You will have enough inventory to sell for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and also New Year's Day. How lucky you are not to face out of stock in the peak season!



2.If you have sufficient inventory, you can ship it to your customers in time, so they will obtain an excellent shopping experience.



3.You will enjoy a relatively low price right now, so you can maximize your profits!



What are you waiting for? Purchase the clothes you need in advance so as not to affect subsequent sales!!!



Any question please still feel free to contact your private customer manager.



Best Regards,



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