Notification to Dear Clients About the EU VAT Reform

Jun 16,2021




On 1 July 2021, the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) will introduce sweeping reforms to the VAT obligations for ecommerce trading. One big change is that low-value (€22) import VAT exemption will be canceled. 



As a Business-to-Business platform, FondMart is not deemed to collect, report and remit the VAT due from the consumer. Hence, the VAT is not included in the price of FondMart.



Another change from the shipment side is that we need to collect more information from business consignees if your packages are shipped by DHL. To avoid your goods being held up at EU customs, please provide us with your VAT and EORI numbers, as well as your EORI email address.



Other shipping channels have not notified us about any changes, and your packages will be processed as usual. However, the policy may be ruled out soon, so we suggest that appreciated FondMart members be prepared as much as possible.



If you don’t know how to request VAT and EORI numbers, please continue reading. 



How can you request a VAT number?


You can register for a value-added tax (VAT) number by mail or online.



When registering by mail:



You can contact the local tax office to obtain the relevant application form. The local tax office will send you a VAT registration form. You must fill in your personal information, as well as your company information. You need to return the completed and signed form to the tax office; the tax office will send you a value-added tax (VAT) number after review.



When registering online:



1. Select a European Union country(s) and register with their national VAT MOSS. 


2. Fill in your company's information as well as your bank account information. 


3. Fill in your personal information. 


4. You'll be questioned about your company's VAT history after that. 


5. The portal will then redirect you to a summary page where you can evaluate all of the data you entered. Make sure everything is in order! 


6. Submit your work



You can also appoint a third-party agency service provider to register your value-added tax (VAT) number.







How can you request an EORI number?



  • persons established in the customs territory of the Union should request the assignment of the EORI number to the customs authorities of the EU country in which they are established.


  • persons not established in the customs territory of the Community should request the assignment of the EORI number to the customs authorities of the EU country responsible for the place where they first lodge a declaration or apply for a decision.


The application is free of charge. 



Contents coursey: European Commission 


- Click the link to get to Member States Customs Websites  



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