Find a Product to Sell: 10 Strategies for Experienced Wholesalers and Ambitious Wholesale Starters

Apr 28,2021

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You may have already owned a wholesale business or are just a starter. One question that will always come to your mind is finding lucrative, trending products that can sell. It can be a single product or a whole product range that fills a market gap.



Brand ideas are difficult to come up with, and the importance of selling a product that consumers like will leave even the most inspired people paralysed by overthinking. It can sound like anything you could ever sell has already been sold—not to mention the fact that the most successful product segments would have plenty of competition. 



Fortunately, there are still golden opportunities out there, as shown by the constant launch of new items. FondMart've compiled a list of realistic ways to find items to sell in your online store to assist you in getting started.






Provide a Solution to a Customer's Problem





Solving a customer's problem is often a good way to create a commodity that customers like. Amazon wouldn't become the top 3 tech companies in the US if it were not addressing people's problems in expensive shipping. Meanwhile, a new product offering are usually about resolving negative or frustrating encounters, which are also named abstract consumer pain points. 



When you spot typical frustrations with an established product line, it's worth paying careful attention. Being acutely aware of the pressure points and minor annoyances you encounter on a daily basis might be just what you need to come up with the next lucrative product concept.




Make an Effort to Attract Passionate Enthusiast





When customers are enthusiastic about a certain product or activity, they are more likely to spend money to get just what they want. Take the fashion expense in US as an example. In the past two decades, personal expenditures on clothing, footwear and related services have soared. In the modern world, people are more inclined to spend money on clothing, follow the fashion trend and make themselves feel better by dressing well. 




Pursue Your Own Interests





While picking a niche focused on your own needs comes with its own set of risks, it doesn't seem to be a blueprint for failure. Using your expertise to develop and market a new commodity can be incredibly lucrative. 


Founder/market match is important because starting a company is difficult, and you'll be more able to stay empowered and conquer obstacles if you're passionate about what you're offering.




Take Into Account Your Personal Background





Have you learned the pros and cons of a certain sector from working in it? Perhaps you have a talent or a series of experiences that allow you to know more about a subject than the average person. Turning your knowledge into an online enterprise is a clever way to reach the industry with a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate or clone.


If you are not experienced but interested in fashion industry, you can start learn clothing knowledges and pave your way to become a clothing wholesaler. At FondMart, we share clothing expertise from the very front-line at Chinese factories to sales teams and our wholesaler clients. If you would like to join our community, feel free to subscribe to our blogs and share your questions or learnings with us!




Take Advantage of Trends as Soon as Possible





Identifying a trend early on can be a huge advantage for a startup entity. It enables you to carve out a niche in the industry and build yourself as a market leader before your competitors. Furthermore, due to the nature of digital marketing, your paying investment will most likely be smaller, and chances to create long-term SEO traffic will likely be more plentiful. 




Check out Current Product Reviews to Get A Better Idea About What People Are Doing About It





If you sell goods online or not, consumer feedback will provide you with a wealth of information. 


You will see what people are thinking about your current goods if you already have a proven online shop with some momentum. Are there any patterns or fascinating pieces of feedback that you might use to create your next product? Pay close attention to any flaws or complaints that are brought up. 


If you don't even have a shop, read user feedback for other brands and items in the industry you're interested in.   What are the most often mentioned add-ons or extra items by customers? 


If you're not sure what business or product segment to look at, think of a certain audience and the labels and goods that appeal to them.




Keywords Should Be Used to Find Product Options





Organic search traffic is a well-known advertisement channel. Searching for keyword options entails selecting a product depending on people's search requests, the amount of results each month, and the total rivalry for such searches. 


This strategy can be very technical, and it necessitates a basic understanding of keyword analysis and SEO. The benefit is that matching product demand to current keywords may be a good way to get steady organic traffic from Google, but it comes with its own set of threats, such as being too vulnerable to improvements in Google's algorithm if you focus on search engine traffic.




Take a Glance at What's Hot on the Internet Marketplaces





And if you prefer to sell your own goods online, you can get ideas by looking at what's common and trending on other marketplaces. Browse pages like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for current consumer interest, as well as Google search lists like "What's new," "Most wished for," and other categories. Here are a few resources to help you get started:



  • Amazon Best Sellers /Amazon Most Wished For /Amazon Movers & Shakers

  • Etsy Most wanted/Etsy Best selling items/Etsy Most popular item

  • Trending on eBay                

  • Popular on Kickstarter


We also help you find the anwer of how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale. You can find more details by just a simple click.


Look at Goods That Have Better Gross Margins





Items with low overhead are less risky to get started and higher profit levels are simpler to achieve.  When selling the items, you must take into consideration all of the money you've invested in the product's sale. 


You must consider not just the expense of the commodity itself, but even the costs of promotion, storage, and also shipping. Look for inexpensive pieces with a high return on investment (ROI). Keep in mind the lighter things would cost less to ship. And just because a product is cheap to buy wholesale doesn't mean you can transform it around quickly enough to make a profit.


To find out more about high ROI commodity, you can check out our blog about it here. 




Always Keep an Eye out





Keeping an open mind and an open eye is one of the simplest techniques you may use. 


New concepts will strike at the most inopportune times, and it's critical not to ignore any stray thoughts while making money. When it's time to do consumer analysis with your new concept, keep a file in your smartphone or on paper to turn to later.




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