How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale?

Oct 12,2021

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Nowadays, the apparel industry is growing fast, and under the condition of coronavirus, there are more opportunities for online wholesalers. As e-commerce grows and more online clothing vendors emerge, clothing business is getting more attention than before. With this trend, you may also eager to get the answer of "How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale".









No matter you are brick-and-mortar stores or online wholesalers, you can benefit from the clothing business. Buying wholesale at reasonable price is essential in order to make a profit, because everyone earns money through low cost and high income. Beginning a wholesale business requires a lot of hard work and persistence, but the process is pretty straightforward. You can follow the steps below to start a clothing business with buying wholesale.



Solve Your Legal Issues


Every time a new hand wants to operate a clothing business, you'll need to make sure you are legal to do business in your area. You have to confirm that you meet all the required permits and have got enough licenses to run your business. For example, you might have to own a state and city business license to open your boutique to sell clothing. By the way, business insurance is necessary for you in case you get in trouble. Business insurance will protect your business, which will give you the confidence to start your business.




Besides, later you have to find a suitable location, which is a small step but later affects many things. For example, if you want to open a brick-and-mortar store, you have to make sure the nearby environment is clean and is possible to attract your potential customers. However, if you want to do business online, you have to make sure that there is no problem with your identity.



Confirm the Products You Need to Sell



Before you enter the wholesale clothing business, it is of great importance to understand the clothing industry. Though you may find many opportunities in the clothing industry, there are also quite a lot of potential challenges you will meet. Being successful in this clothing business requires perseverance and you have to pay attention to the international environment like the trade regulations, which will affect your business.



Besides, you have to pay attention to the fashion shows and some magazines, because the clothing industry depends on famous stars on social media and pop culture trends. It is possible to find out that suddenly one day a tiny and useless clothing item or a specific cartoon may become a hot commodity. Thus, before starting your clothing business, you have to confirm the products you need to sell.




Make sure your key clothes are on the trend now. If you are not sure about the trend, just check the social media like Instagram and TikTok, then you may find your answer here. But these quick trends can go just as quickly as they come, which creates a high risk situation. However, anyone who wants to start a clothing business will face this problem, you don’t have to worry too much about it. 



Compare Different Platforms to Wholesale Clothes



After reading the previous paragraphs, you may have some ideas of your target market, which will help you when making final decisions. With all information on Internet, especially on social media, it’s time to start looking for wholesalers. Finding suitable wholesale suppliers at this time can seem a bit difficult when you are first getting started. There is a lot of information to process, and as a brand-new small business owner, you may feel quite nervous and anxious among other buyers who have already started the business. 



At this point, many people start to find "Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes" on the search engine. Thanks to the Internet, finding wholesalers is much easier now than it was 20 or so years ago. With a simple online click, you will get thousands of results. With a huge collection of different domestic and overseas wholesalers, you may feel out of control. Although you have a lot of choices, you may feel aimless. And also don’t be discouraged if you are not able to find much information. Don’t worry, we have written this blog “Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes: Everything You Need to Know” to help you solve the problem.






In summary, though so many choices in hand, you have to distinguish the advantages and defects of all these platforms, especially between two big types of domestic and overseas platforms. We sincerely recommend you choose an overseas platform and FondMart can give you the best answer of how to sell wholesale clothing online.



Enter Your Favourite Website and Purchase the Clothes



After comparing different platforms, you should determine the one to choose from. Later, you can directly enter the website and register. You still can quit the website if you find something that is not convenient. Of course, for people to purchase wholesale clothes, you should pay attention to the price. If you find the price is too high to bear, you should check the material first because the price changes according to different materials.



Numerous people look for how to buy clothing at wholesale prices, thus the price is of great importance. Once your wholesale orders have started rolling in, it’s time to price your clothes. For people who just started a new clothing business, setting the right prices is the toughest part of running a clothing business. Since the price is so important, you should carefully compare yours to others.




For example, if you charge too much, potential buyers may be put off and end up buying from one of your competitors instead. If you charge too little, you will face the risk of not earning enough profit to make a living. Besides, if the price is too low, people will doubt the quality of your clothes. After all, as the old saying goes, the higher the price is, the better the quality of the goods. Thus, you should think twice before you set the price. Don’t forget that price can make or break your business, so it’s important to get it right.



Apart from price, knowing which trends to jump on and how much inventory to buy is something difficult. How to figure out the appropriate quantity is a big challenge. If you buy too many clothes at a time, it costs you a lot of money and you will face a possible loss in the following days. However, you don’t have to about worry this at FondMart, because we offer NO MOQ services, which means you can purchase just a single piece! 



Maintain Contacts



The business doesn’t stop once you have opened accounts with the appropriate wholesalers because good business depends on continuous profits. You still need to build and maintain a positive relationship with the wholesalers or some representatives. Building a solid relationship with a wholesaler or a representative could help you get a better price and make more money. If you want your wholesaler to take care of you, you should always contact them and know the first-hand information.



Whether you’re sending an email, making a phone call, always be respectful of the representative’s time. If it is possible, you can meet them in person. However, now under the condition of coronavirus, it is better to keep in touch online. Remember to be friendly but professional, you can ask questions about the clothes. Of course, you can bless them on holidays, since it is a good way to keep contact. Treat every person you meet with dignity and respect. No one likes to be rudely treated and we are all grateful for kindness



Once you encounter a small problem, remember to solve it before it becomes a larger one. It is important to speak logically and keep in mind that you should be nice. The more you invest in your relationship, the more the wholesaler will be willing to assist you to enlarge your business. Even if you aren’t their largest buyer, they will be there when you in trouble. If you are kind, they are willing to give your beneficial advice.



Select FondMart as Your First Choice


With previous suggestions, you may get your answer on How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale. You would find FondMart is quite suitable for your to start your business of wholesale clothing or become a wholesale clothing distributor. FondMart has been working in the clothing industry for decades and have rich successful experience in e-commerce business. Our team focuses on B2B business to enable you to achieve bigger success. We have one to one customer manager service team who will walk hand in hand with you and respond your concerns fast and effectively. We sincerely advise you to select FondMart as your first choice for the following reasons. 



Abundant Suppliers and Vendors



FondMart is a global clothing supply platform with the largest number of products in stock to offer one-stop service for wholesalers, retailers and dropshippers. Established in 2020, the team behind FondMart has been working in the clothing industry for decades.




In just one year, FondMart has integrated more than 5K trustworthy vendors in China and updated more than 1000 new arrivals daily with 200K+clothing. Besides, the suppliers and manufacturers at FondMart are strictly verified, so you can have sufficient confidence in our clothes, which are of high quality at an affordable price. Till now, we have provided services for over 20K+ global sellers, including some well-known overseas apparel brands.



Fast Shipping


FondMart partners with 40+ global carriers to bring you the most affordable and reliable delivery options. Additionally, we support FBA service and consolidated shipping from different vendors with convenient track shipment online. FondMart is always focusing on facilitating small and micro businessmen’s purchasing activities worldwide with a new trading model of 7-15 days delivery. So enjoy our fast delivery here!




↑↑↑↑ SIGN UP FOR FREE (All without MOQ)



No MOQ requirement means less inventory investment upfront. You will save money on purchasing and holding inventory. High MOQ means high risk. Carrying excess inventory has significant costs. One of the highest costs for many companies is financing the purchase and holding of inventory.



Private Label Service


FondMart offers customized service like private label service, such as label, tag, logo, packing and shipping bags, products and so on. We make "build your own brand" easier to come true even in the case of not purchasing in large quantities, which will absolutely improve your customers' experience and boosts your business. Remember "No MOQ" and "Private Label Service".



Customer Service

You can also benefit from our customer service, ready to help you for every need. For any eventuality, our specialized staff will be at your disposal. You can also benefit from our professional one-on-one sales manager service, ready to help you for every need.



Our Powerful App

Our App is 100% free and easy to use. Manage multiple stores in one account and you could upload products to your online store through one-click intelligence. We support automatic quotations based on product quantity and logistics methods.



If you’re dreaming of starting a clothing business with buying wholesale, FondMart could be the solution. Buying wholesale doesn’t mean ordering hundreds or thousands of pieces at a time. In fact, at FondMart you can start your business with just a single piece. We’re devoted to helping you to benefit from abundant clothes and NO MOQ service! This makes it possible for you to start a clothing business on virtually any budget.



At FondMart, we have wholesale and dropshipping of womens clothing and plus size womens clothing. we almost own every type you want. We don’t have any special requirements for buyers and offer them without minimum order quantities. Don’t worry about "How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale", FondMart will give you the best answer!



Browse our website today to find what you need to launch your business! 


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