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Dec 16,2021




Every firm, but notably those in the wholesale apparel market, should endeavor to reduce costs while simultaneously boosting revenues to succeed. The fact that a wholesale clothing business owner may get high-quality wholesale apparel at a lower cost when buying wholesale clothing from China is a significant advantage.



Why You Should Choose Womens Wholesale Clothing in China?


It is important for you to understand that there are a lot of wholesale clothing options no matter where you are. It is, however, always necessary for a businessman to make the greatest profits to achieve your goal. Therefore, we sincerely recommend you choose womens wholesale in China for the following reasons.



China Is the World’s Factory


As you can see, China is the world's largest producer and exporter of textiles and clothing. The wholesale clothing industry in China is the largest section of the industry, worth over a billion dollars every year. Textiles and clothing sectors in this country are involved in a wide range of activities, from manufacturing raw materials to producing finished womens wholesale clothing in China. Although a huge portion of China's economy is based on agriculture, it has a large human resource base and its raw materials are abundant.






In the near future, it is expected that China will become the largest apparel market in the world. The China apparel industry is the world's most profitable and most important supplier of clothing globally. The Chinese wholesale clothing industry is long known for providing quality goods at a low cost, which has been a driving force for its growth in recent years.



Competitive Price


The majority of the time, you can buy wholesale clothing in bulk at a steep discount. In addition, as we have previously mentioned, since raw materials and labor costs are relatively low in China, clothing prices in China are also relatively low compared to those in other countries like the United States. You will find that China's clothing wholesalers offer the most competitive prices in global wholesale clothing.





Diverse Styles


What’s more, there are many women wholesale clothing China combining numerous inspirations of fashion magazines and fashion shows to keep up with the latest trends. You will be surprised to find out that varieties styles of clothing make you feel dazzled, especially women’s clothing. Clothing is one area that the Chinese have succeeded in exceedingly well due to the nature of their designs.




Guaranteed Quality


High price doesn't mean to be the high-quality as there are brand premium and extra costs like advertisements, which actually accounts for a large percentage of the final price. Nowadays, with the idea to create more high-quality wholesale clothing in China, there are more and more famous and trustworthy Chinese brands like SHEIN that earn high reputation all over the world. Therefore, you should trust that the quality of wholesale clothing would be guaranteed now.



How Do I Find Wholesale Vendors from China?


Here are some tips to help you if you are looking for wholesale clothing for women in China.


● Online B2B marketplace in China.

● Search on Google.

● LinkedIn


The easiest and most convenient method for you is to visit FondMart and search for what you want, like dresses, tops, activewear, etc.




FondMart is a global clothing supply platform that offers a one-stop shop for wholesalers, retailers and dropshippers with a wide variety of products in stock. FondMart's online shop offers a wide range of products, which are both great and affordable.




FondMart always adheres to the principle of quality first and reputation first. The quality of our products and the speed of our delivery have earned us great praise from customers. Many of our customers have established strong cooperative relationships with us over the years.



Where Can I Find Women's Clothes China Wholesale?





At FondMart, Simplee is an excellent wholesaler of womens clothing from China. There are hundreds and thousands of quality products available in the global fast fashion e-commerce online store at reasonable prices for you to choose from. Moreover, the company has a lot of experience in producing and selling women’s clothing wholesale. Over these years, Simplee has been able to build trust amongst customers with its quality clothes. It has spread over English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese markets from five continents and has over 2 million fans globally.



2. Glamaker




Glamaker, one of simplee's sub-brands, is a unique and constantly developing fashion brand that presents both party and everyday wear in on-trend styles of excellent quality and at an affordable price point. Our aim at Glamaker is to make wholesale womens clothing China esay to get for every woman by our wide selection of dresses wholesale, blouses wholesale, jumpsuits wholesale, bodysuits wholesale, sweaters wholesale, coats wholesale, and much more that are stylish, striking, sexy and novel within the fashion industry.



3. Bikinx



As a company, Bikinx is well known for its unique approach to designing swimsuits, which follows the Euro-American trend of clothing. The main purpose of this website is to assist females who wish to display their curves, confidence, and self-esteem through the use of swimsuits wholesale. As a provider of females' swimwear wholesale, Bikinx offers a wide range of swimwear wholesale, from one piece swimsuits wholesale, to bikini sets wholesale, to beach cover ups wholesale in order to meet your demands on various occasions, which is a great choice for you to wholesale women clothing from china.






As a manufacturer with 6 years of experience in the production of Faux leather jackets. SUMIDA can produce 450K of one hottest cotton-padded coat every month. There are more than 1,000 pieces of every single style on hand at any one time, along with an independent production facility. At SUMIDA, a great China women clothing wholesale, you will get excellent quality clothes and sufficient inventory for every top-selling.



5. Zaya



Zaya is an experienced manufacturer with a 20-year history of brand development. As the established vendor of China wholesale womens clothing, Zaya has a factory of more than 2700 m2, it has adequate Inventory and can replenish it quickly when it is depleted. With a constant focus on quality, Zaya also focuses on the continuous updating of various clothing styles, which gives it the opportunity to collaborate with various e-commerce platforms for its products.





Our company was founded in 2005 and we have been dealing with the cross-border business for 15 years now. TAJA is dedicated to developing trendy and sexy womenswear wholesale both in Europe and the United States. It is a powerful supplier integrating design, production, sales and integration. There are more than three thousand square meters of factory space, and its output reaches one million pieces each month.



7. Yiskiss



Its factory covers over 1,500 square meters and is located in Dongguan, Guangzhou, the center of the apparel industry belt of womens wholesale clothing in China. Yiskiss occupies a space of over 1,500 square meters that is dedicated to sexy style womenswear. A total of 40 new Yiskiss styles are developed every month, and all products are designed, manufactured, and photographed independently. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the high performance at a very low cost.





The brand LISLOW is womens wholesale clothing from china, that is mainly engaged in European and American markets, and its casual and sexy style has been well received by customers. The brand has a successful track record of creating best-selling products online. Furthermore, the factory has matured in scale and has a sufficient amount of supply, allowing it to provide a long-term supply of products throughout the year. LISLOW's extremely high cost performance has won the support and trust of customers. LISLOW's reliable supply with excellent quality is always available.




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