Can I Relabel Wholesale Clothing?

Nov 12,2021

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In a competitive wholesale clothing market, you may want to build your own brand changing the brand. Meanwhile, you may wonder "can I relabel wholesale clothing". Yes, of course you can as long as you follow the certain legal parameters that apply. You can do whatever you wish with clothing once you have purchased it from a manufacturer, and that clothing is now your property. After the product has been sold to the first customer, there are very few or no controls over the quality of the product. We at FondMart are always at your disposal if you need help with clothing labels and tags.





Is It Legal to Relabel Wholesale Clothing?


Usually, if you are starting small and medium apparel businesses and clothing lines, you may be interested in the wholesale clothing relabel. Because it helps you to use a special design of a wholesale supplier or manufacturer and sell them as their own.



Relabelling is the act of removing a label from a piece of clothing and putting a different one in it. When you first start to relabel wholesale clothing, you may wonder if it is legal to rebel wholesale clothing. Here, we will tell you it is legal within the given parameters. However, there are strict guidelines during the operation.




Keep it in mind that there are a lot of limitations when you choose to relabel wholesale clothing. You can’t just grab any wholesale clothing and get rid of the branding and regard it as your own brand, which is surely put you under the high risks.



Some Factors You Should Take Care of


If you plan to put labels on wholesale clothing, there are several issues to consider.



Choose a Wholesale Brand


Products must come from a wholesale brand. If you buy branded goods from a manufacturer and sell them under the original label, obviously you must obtain permission to avoid the risk of trademark issues. Therefore, if you want to change the label, you must pay attention that your trademark cannot be a well-known trademark. If it is found, legal problems may arise. Thus, you should choose a wholesale or unbranded clothing wholesale, which will give you chance to change the brand, even for free like FondMart.



Choose Common Clothes




If you choose a specific design of a typical category of wholesale clothing, you may find it is too special to be noticed. Thus, if you want to change the relabel of wholesale clothing, you have to make sure the clothes are not the typical style of the famous brand. For example, you choose the specific top brand like Gucci, Dior, Channel and so on. You can’t choose the famous brands because they always have a distinctive design or feature (such as a particular cut or print). it is obvious that people will notice that you have changed the label and you may be punished legally.



But if you want some exclusive styles to choose from, you can choose to contact the private manager at FondMart, who is capable of ODM wholesale clothing. This service can satisfy your demand for unique style of your own.



Select the Experienced Manufacturers or Suppliers


It is essential that you choose labels and tags that are best suited to your brand when choosing tags and labels. Get in touch with a professional for help if you are interested in custom clothing labels. If you want to relabel a large number of clothes, it is unreal to relabel wholesale clothing on your own. As you can’t finish quickly, the only way you can turn to is to seek a wholesale clothing manufacturer or supplier to help you change the label. In this method, you have to make sure they are experienced manufacturers and suppliers like FondMart.




For example, at FondMart, we can help you build your own brand by manufacturing clothing with private labels of hang tags, woven labels, plastic packing bags, shipping bags and thank you cards. For other special requirements, you can also choose to contact our one-on-one private manager. As an experienced supplier, we can even provide you a free sew-on service, which saves your money to great content.



The Benefits to Relabel Wholesale Clothing


Private label service is basically a rebrand process when you put your own labels onto the clothing. Private label service offers a more professional look. No matter you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers when your customers open their package or you want  them to remember that this is the brand that they purchased from.




The point about relabeling wholesale clothing is to expand your brand awareness and visibility and by doing so, but the private labels and hang tags are not simply for brand information purposes. You are creating a better impression of your business and increasing levels of professionalism associated with your business.





Relabeling wholesale clothing of your own makes your products unique and identifiable, which increases the popularity of your brand. When buyers open their boxes, they know this is the brand under which these their clothes were bought. Through this way, they get a deep impression of your label or your brand and they may tend to purchase your clothes the next time.





Higher Profit Margins


As we all know, consumers are willing to pay more for branded products. In their mind, they think relabeling wholesale clothing with their own labels are of high quality, which pushes them to choose. Selling high-quality goods branded generates more revenue than those without.



Better Brand Loyalty


For old clients, knowing products of the same brand are of similar qualities, they shop with less hesitation. As long as you provide wholesale clothing of high quality, they will surely come to your store no matter online or offline.





Greater Market Stability


Consumers choose branded products for their consistent quality and credibility. During an economic downturn, customers become more cautious about their spending, and will usually go for relabeled wholesale clothing. Therefore, under the economic downturn right now, you should choose to relabel the clothes with your own label to increase sales.




Where to Rebel Wholesale Clothing?


Private label service is basically a rebranding process when you put your own labels onto the clothing. FondMart can be your best choice.


FondMart's headquarter is located in the ideal manufacturing ecosystem in China from which in-depth cooperation with suppliers becomes possible. Our quotes never fail to surprise our clients and increase the profitability of your businesses. Usually, most manufacturers need 2 weeks to just make you a sample. However, our whole manufacturing process will only take up to 7- 9 business days. Once an order is made, we will remove the manufacturer’s tag, sew on your private label, carefully check for stitches and attach your hang tags. We also cover further finishing services including folding and bagging to keep the garments clean and organized, which is totally free!



So what are you waiting for? Come to relabel wholesale clothing with your own brand!



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