Free Compression Service to Reduce Shipping Cost at FondMart

Dec 08,2021

free compression service to reduce shipping cost at fondmart


Why We Offer Free Compression Service?


As we all know, the shipping fee is based upon the dimensional weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater.



Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package, while actual weight is exactly what the product weighs including packaging.



Generally, in winter, the dimensional weight of the clothes like sweaters and outerwear are generally greater than their actual weight, so we usually take dimensional weight to calculate the shipping cost.



Since shipping cost accounts for a considerable part of the total cross-border clothing transaction costs, FondMart now offers FREE compression service to help reduce the volume of packages when dealing with volumetric weights so that you can reduce your freight rate and save money.



How Do We Deal with Sweaters and Outerwear to Help Reduce Shipping Cost?


At FondMart, we provide free service for product compression when dealing with this kind of packages. There will be two different compression methods.


Option 1: Compressed Independently with a Clothes Vacuum Pump Machine



Each product will be compressed independently with a clothes vacuum pump machine if there are no accessories like buttons, zipper, etc.



Besides, each product will be packed in specific compressing packing bags and compressed with a clothes vacuum pump machine.



Check out the comparison effect based on the 6 pieces of sweaters we tested.





Option 2: Compressed in Large Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric Air Pump




Regarding special products, for example, that have buttons and zippers, we provide the other solution, compressed in large vacuum storage bags with electric air pump since they might be damaged during the transporting process if we choose the first method.



Check out the comparison effect based on a carton of coats we tested.




Who Can Enjoy Our Free Compression Service?


1. If you purchase the clothing wholesale at FondMart and directly place the order with the logistics we offer, you definitely enjoy our free compression service when dealing with volumetric weights so that you can reduce your freight rate and save money.



2. If you choose to purchase the clothing wholesale at FondMart, but you have a logistics company that you often work with, we can also help you reduce the volume of packages for free when dealing with volumetric weights.



In total, FondMart is devoted to helping every customer to benefit from our free compression service. We try our best to help you reduce your investment cost and maximize your profits!



Watch the Video about Our Free Compression Service


For more details, please watch our video to discover how we deal with wholesale packages in volumetric weight to reduce your freight cost.




If you have any other specific requests, feel free to contact your private sales manager.


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