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Dec 02,2021

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Why Does FondMart Add Trending?


In the clothing industry, keeping up with new trends is a fun way for people to dress fashionably and express themselves. However, as Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, "In fashion one day you're in and the next day you're out." Fashion trends change so quickly that it can be difficult for you to keep up with that fast-paced world.



For this reason, we've put together a list of recent popular trends of clothes to help you stay ahead of the most important trends in fashion. With our introduction of trending, you can quickly capture the market trends of clothes and find relevant popular categories or elements, which helps you keep up with the latest fashion trends. Besides, you can directly find and purchase the products you want at FondMart!



Where Can You Enter Fashion Trend Forecasting?


1. Click the trending button on the navigation bar of the homepage



2. Selection of Trending part



From these two entrances, you'll always be the most informed of the clothing trends which tend to be popular.



3. Enter with hot words at the bottom of the search box



The hot words displayed at the bottom of the search box are selected according to the hottest trends right now, so you can purchase the hottest trends with a simple click.



When you enter Trending, you will see our recommended trends with the same form of our weekly magazine, which will be updated periodically. On this page, we will summarize and explain the popular categories, silhouettes, styles, elements, fabrics, occasions, etc. in the recent clothing market.









How Do We Select the Trending?


1. Authoritative Website


We have referred to authoritative websites like WGSN, WHO WHAT WEAR, WWD and other organizations that are the global authorities on consumer and design trends. These websites help us better understand the expert forecasting trends by combining them with data science.



Through these websites which serve as trustworthy sources of consumer insight and clothing design direction, the professional fashion team at FondMart is capable of providing you with the latest fashion and outfit tips from their fashion expert team.



2. Global Top Fashion E-commerce Platforms


Furthermore, we also analyzed some of the top fashion e-commerce platforms around the world, and even delved into their trending lists and best selling lists to better understand their performance. After we have integrated the lists from hundreds of fashion e-commerce platforms, we classify and select the most likely trends which are acquired by the companies in the top fashion e-commerce platforms. As a result of this, you can be sure that the trends we provide correspond absolutely with the fashion industry today.



3. Fashion Shows and Magazines


Fashion shows and magazines are excellent ways to get a glimpse into what kinds of things designers will be showcasing during contemporary times. For example, we can keep up to date with large fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, in which you can find a great selection of the newest runway collections as well as style previews for the upcoming seasons.



In addition to that, we get inspiration from famous fashion magazines, such as Vogue, InStyle, ELLE and so on, where famous designers usually post advertisements featuring their newest products and designs. Besides, we study the special content such as interviews with top designers, which is very valuable in spotting the latest fashion trends.



The magazines mentioned above have always held high reputations for expressing stylish and distinctive fashion trends, so you can truly rely on our fashion trends based on their opinions and advice.



The Benefits of Fashion Trend Forecasting


1. Keep up with Latest Trends without Effort


There is a professional fashion team together with hundreds of top-selling wholesalers at FondMart, who will hold regular seminars to discuss the clothing trends. With our professional designers, you dont have to invest millions of dollars or time into research and the development of clothing trends, because our professional team is ready to give you exclusive trends in time. The only thing you need to do is click the button and add the clothes into your cart.



2. Forecast Your Top-Selling in the Near Future


The best part of our trending is that you can find the newest trends when your competitors even don’t notice the new fashions. However, at this time, you can purchase unbelievably chic outfits always incorporating the latest trends at FondMart. Even if you do not plan on buying any of the trends you see, you are now informed of the newest styles and what types of clothes you should pay attention to.



The other importance of the trend prediction is that you can significantly improve your clothing to sell in advance. We’ve also set up an elimination mechanism to ensure that all trends you see in the homepage have strong market potential, which is very likely to be the best selling in the near future. So don’t hesitate and grab the opportunity to display the best selling to your target customers.



3. Increase Sales to Maximize Profits


According to the statistics from authoritative websites, in October 2021, sales of apparel in the United States grew by 47.5 percent compared to the same month of 2020. Besides, it shows that 88% of consumers prefer shopping for fashion. From the statistics above, you can see that the fashion clothing market is a great place to make a fortune.


Fashion is focusing more and more on simplicity, convenience, affordability, and accessibility than ever before. Purchasing new and fashionable clothing every week is what consumers tend to do nowadays. For some people, fashion is a high priority. They like to follow fashion styles to keep up with the latest trends in the modern world, they all want to look stylish and fashionable.  



Fast fashion has a tremendous impact on the economy. The large variety of choices and product availability are very appealing to consumers. As long as you can provide with latest fashion trends of clothes, you will always have your target customers and earn the money.



But fast fashion is notorious for using cheap materials and cutting corners in production. Higher quality clothing also lasts longer, which will save money and resources in the long run. At FondMart, we can provide you with the most qualified clothing from trustworthy suppliers. So what are you waiting for? Come and take a look!


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