How To Get Swimwear/Bathing suits For Under $10?

May 11,2021

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Finding items to sell can be challenging for all wholesalers and drop shippers, particularly if you own a new shop and just started your inventory management. After all, you must stock your shop with high-quality products that you can deliver at a reasonable price to your buyers.


Finding a reliable provider that offers a one-stop solution for your wholesaling and dropshipping company is one of the best ways to accomplish this. There is no limit on how much profit you can earn as you add high-quality and fashionable products to your shop with stock that is constantly refreshed!








Why is swimwear a great choice for wholesaling & dropshipping?




Summer is a popular time for people to buy swimsuits. Embracing the upcoming hot season, girls will purchase several swimsuits in various styles at once so that they can wear different outfits to the swimming pool, the ocean, or on holiday.


Because of the high demand, companies will take advantage of the situation and raise the price of swimsuits to make a higher profit. Invisibly, the price of girls' swimsuits would be even higher than in the off-season.


Nothing beats a refreshing dip in the shower on a humid day or diving in the beach with the family on a relaxing weekend.


As a result, it is not surprising that the swimwear industry is poised to grow by USD 6.74 billion from 2020 to 2024. 


With a good supply chain backup, selling swimwear and associated swimming equipment will easily turn into a profitable niche shop.



How to Discover the Top Swimwear Supplies



For so massive global markets, it's no joke that you have a plethora of vendors to choose from.


However, high price, minimum order requirement, easily out of stock, risks of poor quality are all the pain points every new business suffers. 


FondMart allows it simple to quickly stock your specialty swimwear shop. Not only can you buy high-quality swimwear at a lower-than-Aliexpress price without MOQ, but you will be able to create your brand (Tap here to see FondMart private label service video). FondMart also offers a variety of shipping services as well as accurate arrival period estimates so that shipping management would be a breeze for you.



Choosing Swimsuit/Bathing suits Material: The Best Swimsuit Fabric to Pamper your Customers









It's soft and squishy. It provides a good stretch and fits snugly around your body.


A standard blend contains approximately 80% nylon and 20% stretchy spandex. The bit is named LYCRA® whether it is manufactured by The LYCRA Company, although it may also be called spandex (SP) or elastane (EA) based on where you are in the world and whether it is marketed or not. The same thing. This 20% is intended to have excellent elasticity for your bikinis and swimsuits. 


Nylon may also be known by various terms, such as Polyamide (PA), and is exactly the same thing. Nylon is the generic term for a class of Polyamides. 


Nylons can not be written on, or the results would be blurry.



Softness: Very soft

Stretch: Excellent

Longevity: Good

Dry: Fast 

Printable: No

UV resistance: On occasion

Water repellent: Yes

Care: Hand-wash and air-dry







Polyester blends are often used in athletic swimwear. 




It's soft but tough, and it's chlorine and UV tolerant. 


Polyester blends often have the advantage of absorbing ink. This ensures it can be dyed and printed with rich, crisp results. 



Softness: Soft

Stretch: Good

Longevity: Very good

Dry: Very fast 

Printable: Yes

UV resistance: Yes

Water repellent: Yes

Care: Hand-wash and air-dry





Traditionally, swimwear has been made using materials that are harmful to the climate. However, as technology advances, both nylon and polyester can be recycled and regenerated and successfully reused in the apparel industry. 



Wrap up


As consumers become more aware of sustainable shopping, enterprises should also shift to a model that embraces the green trend. 


Indeed, the fast fashion industry generates considerable pollution and a sizeable negative impact on climate change. 


As society becomes more familiar with the hazards associated with sending old textiles to the landfill, and as new recycling technologies develop, sustainable fashion is bound to grow. Business entities who choose clothing that lasts longer and demonstrates a commitment to reducing climate change impact will attract more customers.



FondMart Hot-sale Swimsuits


Swimwear of the highest standard, at the most attractive price, and with the most fashionable theme on FondMart:








Body-hugging asymmetrical cuts are bringing things to a whole new dimension this season. They not only accentuate the body's curves, but they also transform your boring swimsuit into a trendy new look. 












Although purchasing new swimwear in vibrant colours and unusual prints is still exciting, this season returns to the appeal of the basics. A finely made triangle bikini, on the other hand, is anything but bland. And the great thing of this straightforward silhouette? It goes great with FondMart's cover-up suits for sun protection. 








This pastel collection in the spring of 2021 has been our strongest collection to date with retailers. Retailers have loved the neutral pastel color palette, which is timeless and pairs with the rest of consumers' closets. Pastel florals are flattering on all skin tones."










As the US has loosened its restrictions for outdoor activities and EU plans to open its border to international visitors, a boom in the travel industry will come sooner or later. What will happen next? Those who are so bored of social isolating at home can't wait to become a traveller again, and buying traveller suits like must-have swimwear is the first step. 










An animal print swimwear/bathing suit brings the wilderness to people's life. Having been locked home for months, who don't want to enjoy wild life close to nature again? This summer, animal prints will become one of the top choices for nature lovers!



Get hot-sale swimwear wholesale to boost your business in the coming summer!






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