How to Maximize Profits in the Clothing Business?

May 13,2022

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As you are engaged in the clothing industry, the most important concern should be how to maximize profits.


Doing a clothing business is, frankly speaking, the process of buying and selling clothes and earning the difference from it, but it also involves a lot of learning.


The wholesale amount of clothing, quality, when to restock and how to determine the restock amount are all things that need to be carefully analyzed and should be understood, not just randomly. This is the secret behind the success of successful merchant of Wholesale Clothing .





Now, as wholesalers sell women's clothing directly from China, it has become more common, and competition among wholesalers has become fiercer. Therefore, how to stand out in the fierce competition and obtain more lucrative profits has become an important issue that every wholesaler who wants to make a difference in the women's clothing business has to think about.


Jenny is a clothing retailer and her work has become easier since she found a suitable online wholesale women's clothing platform. How did she do that?



This article will explain in detail why and how to solve the problem of profit by solving the problem of sourcing.



1. A Long-term Stable Suppliers Gives You Security


If you are a clothing retailer or clothing wholesaler, go ahead and pinpoint one or a few Stable Apparel Suppliers.



A large number of clothing retailers and clothing wholesalers in the market will worry about how to choose a good supplier. A good supplier needs enough advantages in terms of stability, which will give you the most support in your retail clothing business. A good supplier can bring clothing retailer and clothing wholesaler a stable price, stable lead time, stable service, while a bad supply can bring you price adjustment frequently and delivery times can not be guaranteed, which will bring you disaster on your business. 



More and more clothing retailers awared that and are looking for excellent online clothing platform to develop their e-commerce or offline retail business, one customer from us said: I’ve been cooperating with FondMart since January this year, and I’ve placed 3 orders so far. Generally speaking, if you are in the business of women's fashion wear, this is a company worthy of cooperation. As for me, what I care most when establishing a new long-term cooperation is the quality, cost & delivery time, and after-sales service.



Luckily, FondMart just meet most of my expectations, they treated their business and customers with honesty and high standard.Especially in the selection and control of suppliers, FondMart will select high-quality service providers for me in advance. At the same time, my account manager will recommend the most suitable suppliers for me according to my needs. 





FondMart allows suppliers to settle in free of charge. It is involved in the entire transaction process, including listing, display, procurement, quality inspection, delivery and after-sales, and earns income through services, and promises with buyers that the wrong products will be borne by FondMart.


FondMart takes after-sales risk by personally participating in the whole process of the transaction, which means that it has the motivation to strictly examine suppliers and the products they provide. The commission model pays more attention to the number of suppliers, the number of products released by suppliers, and the promotion of transactions, thus reducing the motivation to control transaction risks.



Only with a stable clothing supply system, your business can continue to flow and gain more profits.



2.Lower Cost for Testing the Market Response


Many people in the clothing business face the biggest problem: how many clothes I need to wholesale to maximize my own profits? They are worried about if wholesale more clothes, it will cause the risk of inventory, if less, may find it a problem to restock. What’s more, they even may be forced to accept a high minimum order quantity, because you know under the traditional model, there is no doubt that there is a requirements for a minimum quantity of goods as factory also needs you to be able to bring him long-term benefits.


So you may run the risk of inventory or missed opportunities for profit from Fast-Selling Clothing!



Not everyone has a pair of eyes of gold to predict 100% how many pieces of clothes they can sell. Means there is a high probability that costs will increase or sales will decrease.


In this environment, clothing retailers and clothing wholesalers are seeking online platform to develop supply resources, compared to traditional offline factories there are not so many restrictions on purchasing requirements, such as the minimum order amount of this issue.



The advantage of this platform is that there is no minimum order amount required, whether you want to purchase a few pieces to test the market response or buy multiple pieces at once, FondMart can  meet your order quantity requirements with wholesale prices. 


Perhaps the original a style starting order quantity of 100 pieces, and FondMart can allow you use the same or even lower cost to wholesale 100 styles. More styles you retail, the competitiveness will naturally have, and thus more profit.






3. Unique Give You More Turnover


Another issue related to your business profits is your choice of clothing styles and tracking and grasping women's fashion trends.



The first is about the choice of clothing style. You need to have more choices than your competitors, because then you will be unique among the many merchants. No client likes to look indistinguishable from others. As a result, you will be welcomed by more customers, which will bring you more turnover.



FondMart has combined with over 5000 Chinese clothing factory resources to give you the greatest clothing support, FondMart to maintain a continuous daily update of 500 + clothing, existing 20,000 clothing types. In the massive clothing types of resources to support, your business will be more competitive in the market!







Of course, among these many styles of clothes, there are many styles and designs that are FondMart original.FondMart has cooperated with more than 15,000 designers. Also they are all market-proven designers. These designers will grasp the fashion hotspots and trends of women's clothing at the first time, and launch the clothing styles that follow the hotspots at the first time. These latest news about fashion trends will also be the first to prompt in your subscription news. In addition, if you have the need to customize exclusive graphics, they will also provide you with related services.



This way, your store will stand out and become the most popular store for your customers with the latest and greatest clothing and one-of-a-kind clothes that are exclusive to your store. In this way, your earnings will naturally grow rapidly.



4.Save Your Time by Fast Supply 


Clothing wholesalers and retailers who have some experience with wholesale clothing from Chinese suppliers find that the lead time can be very long. Indeed, in the traditional trade, the lead time for bulk clothing orders is about two to three months, and by the time you get the clothes, they are out of season. So they have to stock up for the next season in the current season, move in circles.




In such a wholesale model, you miss a lot of opportunities to sell the current burst of clothing, the profits will be wasted away. With the establishment of global logistics network for decades and the construction of China's ultra-fast response supply chain in recent ten years. FondMart takes advantage of this new infrastructure to gain a greater competitive advantage for wholesalers.



At the same time, FondMart is also testing a 45-day global door-to-door delivery Sourcing service, that is to say, it takes only 45 days to place orders, arrange production and ship products to the United States, which depends on the 10-year supply chain precipitation of the group company.






5.Special Logistics Services You Have Never Seen


FondMart will arrange all the clothing you buy from different suppliers into the same package.So you don not have to spend a lot of time to chat with different suppliers and waste your time in receiving different express parcels.


At the same time, FondMart cooperates with more than 40 logistics providers around the world, covering postal parcels, line logistics, commercial express delivery and shipping, covering 220 countries and regions around the world, that is why they can complete your order and deliver it to you in as fast as 15 days.To the United States, for example, they have the richest routes and logistic suppliers.


There are routes at various prices, and they have selected 1-2 suppliers for each type. The fastest commercial express DHL can be delivered in 3 business days.These greatly supply will save your time and costs.




Since FondMart has a large number of orders that need to be delivered every day, the logistics companies are very willing to cooperate with such large customers. Therefore, they can get the biggest logistics discounts from different logistics companies.


What's even more exciting: they won't make any penny from the wholesaler through logistics discounts! They give all the profits in logistics to the wholesalers.Therefore, your profit will be improved due to the reduction of logistics costs and the reduction of labor time costs for warehouse receipt.






We are sure that after reading the above, and if you are the one who concerns how to maximize profits in wholesale clothing you will be excited and interested in contacting us and trying to work with us for the first time, so Sign Up your account here!


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