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May 13,2021

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Hello, everyone! Today I would like to introduce you about some main Chinese logistics, background, price and timeliness. I think you may be interested in knowing that, either you are a retailer or a wholesaler. Maybe you are confused when you buy things from China, on Aliexpress, Amazon,eBay or other platforms, why I can’t see the tracking information, why I still haven’t received my package even after two months passed. So this post may be just like a common sense you need to know.



We have to admit that many things we buy from online platforms are from China or have some connections with Chinese suppliers as Chinese products’ are really competitive considering its quality. You may be willing to wait 90 days to buy things from China than buy from your local store as the gap of price is high, but actually they are the similar things. Once I talked with one of my customers, who comes from Sweden, and he told me that he willing to buy things from China, and it’s worth to waiting a long time considering its price. The local price of LED string is almost 3 times higher than that of Aliexpress. Nowadays, cross border logistics methods are becoming richer and faster. The delivery time is greatly improved. However, there will be great differences between different logistics channels.



There are many large cross-border e-commerce logistics companies in China each has one or several competitive logistics channels. I will introduce you the main Chinese e-commerce logistics companies, then about the channels.



1. Cross-border e-commerce logistics companies

(1)4PX Express

4PX Express was founded in June 2004. Relying on ten years of rich industry experience and technological innovation ability, the company has created three categories and more than 20 kinds of logistics services, which can meet all the logistics needs of Transnational E-commerce, including DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/Aramex, postal service(Singapore Post,China Post,Hongkong Post's air parcel,surface mail,registration, EMS, etc.),private brand service (overseas warehouse order treasure service, United mail service, special line service, etc.).The annual sales volume is about 10 billion US dollars. Many sellers will use 4PX’s overseas warehouse service, that is, they ship goods abroad first to store them in 4PX’s overseas warehouse. When there are buyers buy from their online store, then they just send goods from their local warehouse, so the buyers can receive packages very quickly, just like buy from their own local stores. That will bring the customers better shopping experience.



(2) YANWEN Express

YANWEN Express operates more than 100 cross-border logistics routes to 214 countries and regions around the world. It takes helping China's exports as its own responsibility and shortens the world's distance as its vision. It builds a scientific and technological logistics system with independent research and development operating system and advanced intelligent logistics equipment. It focuses on the improvement of service quality, continuously invests in the construction of logistics infrastructure, rapidly expands the global network, and is committed to creating an intermediary A global e-commerce logistics service network suitable for the development of global e-commerce between the international commercial express network and the Universal Postal Union Network. Now YANWEN Express cooperates with most online platforms, such as Alibaba, eBay, wish, Amazon,Aliexpress, Dhgate,Shopee,Joom and so on.



(3) China Post

You may be familiar with China Post. It’s a comprehensive express logistics service provider with the longest operation history, the largest scale, the widest network coverage and the most abundant business varieties in China. The China Postal Express and Logistics Company owns the national well-known brands EMS and CNPL and its services reach more than 200 countries and regions. Postal surface mail is a very cheap logistics service launched by China Post. It can’t be traced when your package are out of China, so it’s easy to be lost. Some sellers may choose to send via Postal surface mail when you buy a very cheap thing, like things below $3, as the tracking information will cost near another $1.5. Sellers will be in a totally big loss if they send via logistics channel with tracking information for such a cheap thing.



(4) YunExpress

Zongteng group was established in Fuzhou,China in 2007. It is the first enterprise in this industry to open overseas warehouse, and it is also a leading enterprise in operation scale. In 2014, it began business transformation and developed cross-border e-commerce logistics business. YunExpress is one of its well-known service brands. At present, the main business focuses on overseas warehouses, dedicated special line logistics services and related value-added services of cross-border e-commerce.

YunExpress has its own operated special lines, like American special line,European special line DDP, British special line,Australia special line, Japan Special line,New Zealand special line, Middle East speical line and so on. These special lines are its advantageous lines.



(5) CNE Express

CNE Express is founded in 2003 and specialized in express delivery. CNE is mainly through self-employed channels, including air express service and CNE global package service in Europe, America and Australia, CNE global express, CNE global special offer, etc. With its high cost performance, stable timeliness and efficient customs clearance rate, CNE has become the preferred channel for many cross-border e-commerce sellers, reaching the mainstream countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Brazil and Australia.



(6) Four major international express companies

It’s the general name of the four famous international express delivery in the world, namely DHL,UPS,TNT and FedEx.



DHL is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, a world-famous postal and logistics group. DHL's business covers 220 countries and regions around the world, which is one of the most internationalized companies in the world. It’s one of the largest delivery networks in the world,  providing professional transportation and logistics services with nearly 34 sales offices and 44 mail processing centers on five continents. DHL international express has the advantages of fast speed, complete track, safety and reliability through the transportation network covering more than 120000 destinations (major cities) in more than 220 countries and regions, and has a strong customs clearance capacity in the United States and Western Europe. DHL provides professional services in express delivery, air and sea transportation, land transportation, contract logistics solutions and international mail.



UPS (United Parcel Service) was established as a courier company in Seattle,Washington,USA in 1907.It is a global company, and its trademark is one of the most famous and admirable trademarks in the world. As the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company, UPS is also a leading provider of professional transportation, logistics, capital and e-commerce services. Through the combination of cargo logistics, information flow and capital flow, UPS has continuously developed new fields of supply chain management, logistics and e-commerce. Now UPS has developed into a large company with 30 billion US dollars of assets.



TNT group,headquartered in the Netherlands,provides express and postal services for enterprises and individuals,provides efficient delivery network in Europe and Asia, and optimizes the efficiency of network domain name registration and query by expanding its operation distribution around the world. Provide safe and punctual delivery of packages, documents and freight items worldwide. TNT express operates air and road transport networks in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. TNT express's operating revenue in 2012 was 7.3 billion euro.



FedEx provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses,including transportation, e-commerce and business operations.Through the operation mode of competition and coordination management,FedEx group provides a set of comprehensive business application solutions,making its annual revenue as high as 32 billion US dollars.As an international express delivery group, it provides overnight express, ground express, heavy cargo delivery, document copying and logistics services. Its headquarters are located in Tennessee, USA. Its brand name FedEx is a combination of the company's original English name, Federal Express. In March 2014, FedEx was selected as the 8th most respected company in the world and ranked first in the transportation industry in a survey published by Fortune magazine.



2. Cross-border e-commerce logistics channels

Here I will introduce some main logistics channels.

(1) China Post Registered Air Mail

China Post Registered Air Mail is the most used logistics channel in the early days as it covers the widest range of countries. Its price is based on weight plus registration fee.Registration fee usually costs $2 for tracking information and there will be a little difference for different countries. Usually it will take 30-45 days to arrive. For some countries, like Brazil, it sometimes will take 90 days or so. Postal surface mail is also provided by China Post as I mentioned above. The difference between China Post Registered Air Mail and Post surface mail is whether there is tracking information or not. So packages sent via Post surface mail are easy lost.




Generally, the timeliness of ePacket is better than China Post Registered Air Mail and the price is almost the same. But it doesn’t cover that many countries. The timeliness of ePacket is very unstable. In the past, it will just take 10-15 days to arrive the Untied States, so it’s popular used. But recently, it may take more than 60 days to arrive or even you can’t receive the package to USA. To other countries, like Japan, United Kingdom,Ukraine,Russia,New Zealand,Spain and other common countries, the shipping time is 25-45 days and the shipping cost is near $10 for a ordinary skirt.



(3) Yun Express

With the continuous improvement of cross-border, the special line channels are becoming more and more competitive. Yun Express is a special line channel.Usually it will take 20-30 days to arrive in United States, Spain and even less to Germany,Poland,Austria, about 14-20 days and the price is almost the same with ePacket.



(4) CNE Express

CNE Express is another special line channel just like Yun Express, but quicker than Yun Express. Of course, the price is also expensive than Yun Express. The shipping time to United States,Australia,Spain,France,Germany,Sweden via CNE Express is about 10-15 days to arrive and the timeliness is relatively stable.



(5) Yanwen Special Line

Yanwen Special Line is also a special line channel. Sellers usually choose this special line channel when they need to send the package to European countries, like Ukraine, Russia, Spain,Germany, Sweden,Portugal, and the shipping time is 15-40 days.



(6) DHL

Among the four major international express, I will mainly introduce the DHL as its timeliness is more stable and the price is more reasonable. It’s generally delivery time is 3-5 days. Really fast. Some big suppliers have their own DHL account, and usually they can get a cheaper price from DHL company. But for most sellers, they can only send DHL via agents, so they will ask more from buyers. Recently, DHL’s capacity is very tight. If you want to transport through DHL, you have to queue up. You can compare with the price from different suppliers. Maybe you can find a big supplier just according to the price of DHL. The bigger the cheaper.



I will not introduce other logistics channels here. If you want to ask, just leave me a message. Generally you can see the tracking information. Sometimes it will take 1-2 days after the seller sending the packages to the logistics agents. If you can’t see any tracking information, usually it means your seller haven’t sent the package out and you need to urge our supplier. If you can see the tracking information, but still haven’t received after the promised time, then your package may be lost. You need to contact your seller and ask him to send another package for you or just ask a refund.



Hope this post will offer help. Still if you have any problem, just feel free to contact me. I’m very glad to help.



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