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Jun 07,2022

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Regarding the latest news in the dropshipping industry, Oberlo, the largest dropshipping  platform, announced that it will shut down forever!


Oberlo Is Shutting Down


Oberlo is one of the most successful Shopify apps with over 100,000 active installs. Merchants are using the app to complete their dropshipping business through AliExpress. You can add Chinese market products to your store in just a few clicks and let the original seller fulfill the order.




In 2017, Shopify bought it from a Lithuanian startup for about $15 million. That's why many users are surprised when they can't find it on the App Store.


Users who already have accounts for the app will still be able to access it until June 15. After that date, the app will be uninstalled and historical data will be lost. Why the app was shut down is unclear, but a blog post from Oberlo said: This product deprecation is routine and designed to provide merchants with the best solution to reach them wherever they are,customer of.




If you are now looking for a platform that can improve the efficiency of your dropshipping business, you can import orders from your independent station with one click. Or maybe you are already an existing user of oberlo, then you should immediately consider importing store orders for your dropshipping business.


What Is the Best Alternative to Oberlo?





On Oberlo's official FAQ page, Oberlo recommends that users migrate to DSers, a trusted Shopify partner.





Dsers is an instrumental platform similar to Oberlo. It is made for businessmen who do dropshipping business exclusively through AliExpress. You can use it to manage most dropshipping platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and Woocommerce.


Just like Oberlo can sync orders from your store to shopify, DSers allow you to sync orders from your store to AliExpress and then help you fulfill them in a more convenient way.



·Pros of DSers


What are the advantages of using DSers? Let's explore the advantages of DSers!


DSers is the official direct selling tool designated by AliExpress.

This means that AliExpress will have a commercial partnership with DSers. This not only shows that AliExpress has fully recognized the practicality and convenience of DSers, but also that after the cooperation between the two parties, there will be further optimizations specifically for the operation of the AliExpress platform.


This is a win-win move!





Because of this, AliExpress will be able to obtain more direct sellers through the function of DSers, thereby bringing more activity and sales to the platform. For tool platforms like DSers, there are still many other trustworthy platforms that are more conducive to direct selling business.


Therefore, they can only choose the AliExpress platform, which aims to provide the lowest price for C-end consumers, as the source platform for their direct selling business.


Therefore, the cooperation between DSers and AliExpress will undoubtedly bring a lot of traffic and profits to DSers.



DSers support import of legacy orders on Oberlo

If you have used Oberlo tools before, there is a high probability that you have other orders in the transaction that will be stuck in the Oberlo backend. But since these orders are still in the process of being traded, when Oberlo is about to be discontinued, you can't just ignore them, you have to do something to fix that.


However, if you manually import order information to an independent site, it will cost you a lot of time and effort. If you have a large number of orders, then you even need to pay a worker to do these things for you.


But DSers solve this problem for you. DSers can be used to transfer data from Oberlo. If you wish to migrate your Oberlo account data to Dsers, you can do so directly on the Oberlo admin home page.







One-click import support for Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix

You'll be able to use DSers with dropshipping stores on Shopify, WooCommerce and even Wix!


This is a huge pro for those using WooCommerce or Wix platforms for dropshipping, as Oberlo is only available for Shopify stores.

So, if you choose to do dropshipping business on AliExpress, you can work through DSers and import more stores than just the previous one.



·Cons of DSers

After looking at the advantages of DSers, you also need to know about some disadvantages of DSers.



Only some basic functions are free to use.


Unlike Oberlo, DSers include most of its features in all plans.


For example, you'll get bulk orders, the DSers Chrome extension, and automatic order and tracking number synchronization for free! These features will be completely free from start to finish!


But on top of that, DSers also offer a "Premium" plan for $19.99 a month, a "Pro" plan for $49.90 a month, or an "Enterprise" plan for $499 a month.


DSers offers four pricing plans for users to access direct selling services. Here are the details of the four plans:






·Basic plan: The basic plan is free for all users. It includes all the standard features needed to run an online business. Key features include Chrome extensions, automatic pricing, bulk orders, and automatic tracking.


·Premium Plan: The DSers Premium plan is priced at $19.9 per month or $190.8 per year. The main goal of the program is to allow users to manage up to 10 online stores. Users can manage all online stores from one account.


·Professional Plan: This plan is available to users for $49.9 per month or $478.8 per year. This program is suitable for large enterprises. It allows shippers to manage up to 25 online stores. The product limit on the Professional plan is set at 75,000 products per account.

This means that if you want better and more efficient functionality, you have to increase your business costs.But it is clear that reducing costs and increasing profits are essential in business.


You'll experience the most significant improvements when you upgrade from a free plan to a "premium" plan, which unlocks automatic inventory updates, automatic pricing rules, variant mapping, and buy-one-get-one (BOGO)/bundle mapping.



Only available through AliExpress


Since DSers has reached a cooperation with AliExpress, this means that if you choose to use DSers, you can only be forced to choose AliExpress for the purchase of goods on your independent station. Therefore, since the original intention of AliExpress is to provide an affordable purchasing platform for C-end consumers.





So the price you get on AliExpress is likely to be the price of the same B-end merchant as you.But that is not your porpuse to find the suppliers. In addition, the AliExpress platform will also charge merchants' entry fees, you may not be able to get the goods at a price closer to the supplier.


In this way, for the same product, your competitors sell the same price as you, but because your competitors can obtain lower purchasing costs on other platforms, they can earn higher profits than you. Even your competitors can set relatively low prices due to low supply costs, resulting in small profits but quick turnover.









FondMart is a wholesale and direct sales platform for B-end merchants in women's clothing business to provide high-quality products from trusted clothing suppliers. FondMart provides smart solutions for cross-border e-commerce businesses that connect buying and selling in the fashion industry.


·Pros of FondMart


One-click import function is all free






FondMart has similar one-click import features as DSers and Oberlo, and these features are free for direct sellers from start to finish. Of course, these features include those that are only available to premium members on DSers for a fee.


This means that you don't have to increase any business costs while enjoying the advanced features to provide good service to your store.


All-in-one platform for procurement and import tools






FondMart is more than just a platform that supports one-click import orders and other direct selling tools. You can also directly purchase women's clothing directly on FondMart.


Since the original intention of the establishment of the FondMart platform is to provide direct sellers of women's clothing on the B side, you will find that the same women's clothing, the same material, you need to spend more money to buy on AliExpress.



·Cons of FondMart


Unable to implement fast import of previous orders from Oberlo


Since FondMart is an independent platform that provides a full set of direct sales services for women's clothing, the previous orders on Oberlo may not be able to be imported with one click. This may cause you to spend some effort on manual order import if you are a previous Oberlo user. This might annoy you.


Currently only supports Shopify and WooCommerce stores






FondMart currently supports a large number of one-click imports for Shopify and WooCommerce stores. Of course, the platform is now making continuous efforts to develop the one-click import function of stores on other platforms.





If you haven't used Oberlo before, or have used it but don't have many orders in progress right now.


Your best bet is obviously FondMart.


If you have used Oberlo before and still have a lot of orders to process.


You'd better use DSers to import your orders that were previously stuck on the Oberlo platform into DSers. At the same time,

you can download FondMart to save the cost of your future business.




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