Queen Elizabeth II, Always Embracing The Fashion Trend

Apr 29,2021

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Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip: The Story Of Their Marriage






Philip and Elizabeth met for the first time in 1934 at a royal family wedding, and then again five years later in 1939, when she was 13 and he was 18 – the first time she said she recalled seeing him. The princess had followed her parents to the Royal Naval College in the United Kingdom, where he was a cadet. 



Their upbringings were vastly different. 



Philip was handsome and athletic, and he had resided in Paris, Germany, and the United Kingdom until his own royal family was compelled to leave Greece, where he was born. He lived most of his youth away from his parents before going on to fight in World War II in the Mediterranean and Pacific. 



In the meantime, Elizabeth received her education at home and never travelled outside of the United Kingdom. In preparation for her accession to the throne, she studied political history and law. 



She and Philip were able to spend time together during the war while he was serving at a naval officers school and she was able to spend weekends and a long break with her relatives, according to a letter she wrote in 1947.



In July 1947, Elizabeth and Philip declared their engagement, and just over four months later, they wed, with the future queen beaming broadly in pictures with her new spouse. Elizabeth, like many other brides in the years after WWII, had to use ration coupons to purchase the fabrics for her wedding gown.



The pair had children shortly after their wedding, with Prince Charles coming a year after the wedding and Princess Anne arriving two years later.



Philip was very much her companion both at home and in the monarchy, including the fact that he was often photographed standing or walking a pace behind his wife. 




Coronation Gown Of Elizabeth II With Floral 





On the 2nd of June, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. The gown, which was ordered in October 1952 and took eight months to complete, required extensive study, architecture, craftsmanship, and intricate embroidery. The English Tudor rose, Scots thistle, Welsh leek, Irish shamrock, Canadian maple leaf, Australian wattle, New Zealand silver fern, South African protea, Indian lotus flower for India, Ceylon's Lotus flower, and Pakistan's maize, cotton, and jute were among the floral emblems included.



The gown was to be a historical beauty befitting the moment, and therefore one that will be remembered.  It was  Norman Hartnell who designed the costume as well as her wedding gown.




Norman Hartnell, The Fashion Designer Behind Princess Beatrice’s Vintage Wedding Dress





Norman Hartnell is one of the few couturiers who has worked for the British royal family. Born in Streatham to a pair of wine merchants, he developed an interest in design as a child whilst attending musicals in London's West End, spending his days in watercolour paint recreating the costumes he had seen at home. Hartnell famously said at the height of his career, "I hate simplicity; it is the negation of everything that is good," demonstrating his flair for sartorial drama.




Floral Dresses, Queen's Lifelong Love





The Queen's fondness for florals, including her passion for corgis and her go-to handbag, has been well known. The Queen never misses a chance to introduce a few flowers to her wardrobe, whether it's in formal floral gowns for tiara-worthy occasions or colourful printed dresses for more informal occasions. 



To act as outfit inspiration this spring and beyond, we've rounded up the most chic representations of Queen Elizabeth's lifelong love of florals.




Latest And Attractive Floral Print Dresses For Ladies In Fashion



Simplee Knee Length Off-Shoulder Floral Dress





This is one such look for all those ladies who enjoy trendy and edgy vibes. Simplee's knee-length dress exudes futuristic vibes while still appearing to be current. It's all inspired by the latest millennial fashion wave. This design is suitable for both young women and girls.



Commoto Two Piece Wrap Midi Dress





Conmoto's two-piece dresses are a recent addition to the industry. Although most of women aren't exactly how it would look on their bodies, this cover floral print dress is totally on trend. This is a good trend to pursue if consumers are adventurous and want to get a special sense of style. 




Simplee Floral V Neck Maxi Dress





When we think about flower dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is full-length outfits. They are retro and timeless in style, and will never go out of style. Here's an example of a version. The V-neck looks best with these skirts, giving them a graceful and charming appearance. These long flower dresses are ideal for any woman who wants to look like an old-fashioned gem.



Long Sleeve Floral Dress





These days, long sleeve wear is all the rage. While most of us would not consider a look with flower patterns and prints, this style has become common as a result of its inspiration from the western fashion industry. It is ideal for winter fashion and will make someone who wears it appear sophisticated and fashionable. Why wait, if you think your customers like this style, don't skip out and get them now!



Plus Size Midi Sleeve V Neck Wrap Dress




Ruffles at the hem and fluttery sleeves provide a special touch to this flattering cover outfit. If replacing the shoes with boots or flat sandals, ladies may dress this look down even more.


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