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May 13,2021

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Why yoga products?

The market of yoga products has increased through the popularity of yoga. You do not even have to argue about this indisputable fact that more and more women begin to wear yoga pants as casual everyday dress. They are the go-to pants choice everywhere and are socially acceptable. Statically shown in recent study, Americans spend $16.8 billion on yoga classes and accessories each year.



Of course, people love yoga products for many different reasons. For example, leggings are great and especially efficient for the female traveler. Pair them with sneakers makes the perfect, most comfortable travel outfit. Most people love yoga pants because they are comfortable to wear and make people feel skinny. This has provided a great opportunity for online entrepreneurs to start a promising business. You can easily ship products such apparel, straps, mats, and other accessories to a global market.






How to find yoga products?

The most efficient way is to source online. In this way, you have access to thousands of different vendors and you can easily find the style you want and compare prices. It takes some time and requires great patient if you want to find the best products that fits your need. The choices are unlimited and this process can be quite overwhelming.



The team behind FondMart has over 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry, we help you pick out the most trending products from trustworthy vendors.






How to find customers?

As you build up a loyal audience, you should occasionally promote products in your social feeds and blog posts. Be sure to add links for the product pages to maximize the chances of your readers turning into buyers.



Instagram marketing is also a great option to make money. Even if you are on shoestring budget, you will still be able to find Instagram influencers to help you promote your products.



It is also wise to use digital tools to help you promote sales. Using hype-targeted ads is a good example. Platforms like Facebook allow you to target very specific attributes or behaviors.



Dropshipping tips

If you decide to dropship through FondMart, there are a few tips can help you achieve future success.



1. Connect your store to FondMart.

It is highly recommended to finish authorization process on our side to ensure a smooth auto-sync service. Our powerful app can save you huge amount of time from importing products, establishing orders and inventory adjustment.



2. Choose the right shipping method.

It is important to choose an affordable but fast shipping method to ensure a satisfactory purchase experience for your customers. If you ship to the US, you are recommended to use USPS.



3. Do your competitor product research.

Look at possible competitors and do a research on their products. Think twice about their pricing strategy or possibly forecast potential new products that they will sell. By being one step ahead of them you can remain competitive. If they are selling a product you are considering and you can source this product at a lower price, you get a competitive advantage.



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