The general MOQ of each SKC(stock keeping color or single monochrome) is 108 pcs, and you should purchase with the quantity ratio of S:M:L=1:1:1, which means the lowest quantity of each size is 36.

If your order reaches 108 pcs of each SKC, congratulations, you can directly place your private order and we will immediately arrange the production of the sample after the payment.


E.g. You want to purchase the red dress of women's clothing showroom with solo buying, you should buy at least

36 red dresses of size S,

36 red dresses of size M,

36 red dresses of size L,

or more than 36 of each size but with the quantity ratio of S:M:L=1:1:1.


By the way, you CAN NOT purchase the mixed colors of the same style because we only offer MOQ of each SKC.


For example, you cant purchase with

36 red dresses of size S,        36 red dresses of size S,    36 red dresses of size S

36 red dresses of size M,  or   36 red dresses of size S  or  42 red dresses of size M

36 blue dresses of size L,       36 red dresses of size L      30 red dresses of size L




The final amount of showroom women’s clothing will up and down 20% of the amount you purchased.


E.g. If you order 300 pcs, the factory may make 240-360 pieces. We will refund you if the amount is less than you ordered, on the contrary, we will charge more.