Clothing Wholesale & Dropshipping

You can pay with:

1. Paypal. You can check out with PayPal on FondMart. Please note that PayPal will charge you a 4.4% fee from the total amount of each payment that is received from overseas. In addition, there is also a $0.30 flat fee on each transaction.

2. Credit Card. As a response to our many clients' request, FondMart now integrate this third payment method to our websites. Fees of paying by credit card is variable. You can consult your card issuer for more details. If you would like to pay by credit card, please turn to your sales manager. He/she will guide you through the whole process. Payment amount, your name, email, province, and nation are all details required during the payment phase.

3. Balance of FondMart Account. We HIGHLY recommend you to deposit funds into your personal account before making any purchase. It is a safe and convenient way to shop with us. You can add value on our website by yourself through PayPal. You can also contact our sales manager to make a deposit using payoneer/Alipay/Bank account/Credit Card. Remaining balance of your FondMart account can be withdrawn at any time(no strings attached).

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