Ep.3 How to optimize your web/shop?

May 13,2021

website optimization
how to optimize website

Last time we discussed about how to build your website/shop. Today I want to talk more in details about optimize your web/shop.


Let's find a case on Shopify. There is an online store called colourpop, this is an online cosmetic store located in Los Angeles that started in 2014. It started from YouTube and Ins at the beginning with a very fast expansion. Only on Ins colourpop has nearly 6 million fans. Colourpop has his own factory, production R & D shooting promotion team. Things are cheap and of good quality, the most important thing is the amazing speed of new products. The main eyeshadows and lipsticks have a wide selection of types and colors.



Let's analyse colourpop in three differents aspect:

1.Website traffic value

2.Analysis of website internal structure

3.Tools used by the website



1.Website Traffic Value

First let's check the traffic sourcing and value.

The value of this website is as high as $77.25 million, with daily revenue of more than $20,000, monthly revenue of $750,000, and annual revenue of more than $9 million.

Of course, these data are only for reference, but the time from 14 years to 4 years has developed into this very powerful.

From the perspective of this traffic distribution, through the early YouTube, Ins celebrity marketing, and the SEO optimization of the website itself, now the brand word "colourpop" has been done, and everyone is more directly searching for brand words, or collecting.



Although this brand was established in 2014, it had already applied for this domain name in 2012. The longer the registration, the higher the weight of the website.

After analyzing the domain name, let's analyze the keywords. This website has optimized 27462 keywords, but from here we can see that the main traffic is the brand word colourpop. The resulting traffic accounted for 65.41% of the total traffic. The remaining keywords like colourpop cosmetics and colourpop lipstick bring less than 1% of traffic. Because the brand already has a certain influence, it is enough to focus on the brand word itself.



After analyzing the keywords, let’s analyze the external links of this website. There are as many as 75,543 external links. The traffic brought by these external links to the website is also very considerable.


It can also be seen from this report that xpareto.com has the most external traffic to colourpop. If we are a company that is selecting products, we can also refer to this website.



2.Internal Structure

First look at the homepage structure of the website, which consists of the following 8 sections: Discount advertising, BEST SELLERS, SHOP BY COLLECTION Limited Edition Featured Products, About us, The celebrities on ins recommend makeup product portfolio, Ins Hot topics, newsletter subscription, Social link.



This category is particularly clear at a glance, glance, lip gloss, eye shadow, facial highlighter, blush, makeup lotion, etc., makeup tools, combination purchase, celebrity recommendation module, skin quality test matching, how to use, discount products, etc., I want to know which aspect can be found at once.



I think the better thing is the "how to" module in this, there are detailed YouTube video tutorials, including every step of the makeup tutorial and all the items needed for makeup. This is not just for making beauty, I think it can also be used for other industries. I think it's okay to use video and product stories. More arousing users' desire to buy can also make users understand your product better.



FAQ is also an aspect of this website worth learning:

It contains very detailed orders, payments, promotions, and gift vouchers, express delivery, return and refund policies, product introduction blogs and instructions, technical emails, and common questions. All aspects that users care about are considered in advance, which not only facilitates users but also reduces a lot of work for their customer service team.



Video tutorials and social sharing buttons have also been added to the product details page. Every small detail will increase the user’s chance of a purchase. Even if you don’t buy the product and think it’s good, you can share it directly on your social platform!



3.Tools Used by the Website

Analyze which plugins your competitors use, then the Commerce Inspector tool is a must. Try this tool and you will find which plugins are important for you. Choose the best plugins for your store will be a great idea.





In this article, we have made analyses from three aspects: the value of website traffic, the website itself, and the tools the website uses.

This store is very complete from the perspective of SEO or social marketing including data analysis and has formed its own brand. The website opens quickly, the product classification is simple and clear, the page color is comfortable, the price is cheap, and the after-sales and FAQ are very good, detailed.



Know how to use the influence of social platforms such as YouTube and Ins. Good use of tools to analyze website data targeted optimization of the website and advertising. These are all places that we are worth learning. Hope this article could help you! More info on https://fondmart.com/



Thanks for reading. If you want to read more about dropshipping information, please read more:

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