Ep.2 How to build your dropshipping shop/website?

May 13,2021

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Last time we talked about how to find your niche for dropshipping clothing. The next step will be to build your shop or website. In this article, I will provide some tools to build your shop.


Before deciding which system to use to build a store, let's first compare the advantages and disadvantages of Magento, Opencart, Shopify, and WordPress. Those tools are the most common tools.



The Magento function is the most powerful open source mall system among all the systems. The expansion and marketing functions are excellent. You can continue to add your own suitable functions in the later stage. These are not problems.


Therefore, it is especially suitable for those who feel that they will do better on their own independent stations in the future, the traffic is relatively large, and they will be further expanded in the future, and if they have certain technical support, they can choose Magento.



Magento is also the most complicated in all systems, both in terms of installation and use.

Because Magento has strong scalability, it consumes a lot of performance, and compared to other systems, Magento's speed will be slow.


In addition, there are many operational problems in the background, which require programmers with certain professional knowledge to solve them. Another is that the background of Magento requires operators to spend time to operate and familiarize themselves. The background operation is more difficult than others.


From this point of view, it is very difficult for ordinary small sellers, especially those who switch from platforms to independent stations. Since independent stations are basically blank, it is not recommended to use magento.


However, if your company is going to be big and has a certain strength, in the future you will have to work on an independent station. In the long run, magento is suitable for such a company





Opencart is a relatively lightweight mall system. In terms of development, the process is simple and clear, the operation is relatively simple, and it is easy to get started, which can meet the needs of most sellers.


Therefore, Opencart is more suitable for small to medium-sized e-commerce companies with little changes.



Compared with Magento, Opencart's later expansion is relatively poor.






Prestashop is a system that is simple to use in the backend and relatively simple to install, with many plugins. Suitable for most user needs.



Compared with Magento, Prestashop has poorer scalability in the later stage.




WordPress actually has nothing to say, his genes are blogs, and wordpress is the best way to do blogs.


Many people use wordpress as shopping malls. In fact, I don't really agree with this. However, some B2B use Wordpress, as long as there are not many products, it is still possible to display.


Many B2B websites choose wordpress+Woocommerce to match, I think there is nothing wrong with it.


However, if it is B2C order shopping, I really don't recommend using wordpress to build it. If you want to do it for a long time, if you have a little idea, you will not use WP to do order shopping.




I wrote a blog about Shopify before in details, if you are interested, plz go and check. Shopify is a third-party system. Users only need to choose the template they like and add their own plug-ins. It is very simple and basically does not require programmers. It is suitable for small users who want to save time.



In Summary:

In fact, various mall building systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose the one that suits you according to your own situation:

◎ If you have a professional team, strong technical support, and independent stations who want to develop in the long term, you can consider using Mangeto

◎ If it is a B2B factory, and now want to do a simple stand-alone ordering, the function does not need to be too complicated, you can consider WordPress+Woocommence

◎ If there are few products, a small team recommends, and I personally recommend Opencart

◎ If you feel afraid of being scammed by others, and you feel that there is no traffic in the early stage, you can always pay for shopify, and you don’t care whether the future website source code is in your own hands, you can consider shopify

◎ If soho, there are more products, and the server or space configuration is moderate. Still recommend using Prestashop

Besides, once you have decided the platform you want to use, you can take a look at droshippping clothing at FondMart.



Thanks for reading. If you want to read more about dropshipping information, please read more:

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