How To Find Clothing Vendors For Your Boutique Stores

May 13,2021

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What is Vendor List?

A vendor list is a group of people or companies that a business uses to purchase items and services from. It is one of the essentials for people who do apparel business. Finding trustworthy and good quality vendors is not an easy thing. Vendors are like part of the business secrets and most people are not willing to share their wholesale vendors.



Search for Online Wholesaler

If you have trouble finding clothing suppliers offline, sourcing online is another great option. There are many benefits of using online wholesale clothing marketplaces.



You do not need to visit various wholesalers in person in order to find stock for your store.


2. Low MOQ

Many online wholesale clothing often set a very low purchase limit for their customers. In this way, it minimize your risk of overstocking inventories.


3. update your product line more often

For online customers, suppliers should always have high-quality photos, videos or product descriptions to help you select products. Some vendors even allow you to use their professional pictures which can save you lots of money.



Find Sellable Product

With so many suppliers available, it can be hard to decide which supplier is the right fit for your needs. Therefore we would recommend some common practices to help you find your fit.


1. Do Your Own Research

Search for reviews on a supplier online and see what other merchants are saying about them. Type “[supplier name] + scam” into Google to check if there are any negative reports on a particular supplier.


2. Ask Questions

Make sure to inquire about shipment and payment terms, shipping costs and delivery time, as well as any other information you might need.


3. Search for Suppliers With Great Customer Support

Evaluating a supplier about their customer support is very easy. Just reach out to reach their customer support team and see how fast they respond. You can also check whether they available on multiple channels, like email, instant messages, phone and live chat?


4. Prioritize Reliable Shipping

Deliver the products on time is extremely important. Late shipments can result in a loss of sales, an increased number of refund requests and bad customer reviews for your business.



Explore the exclusive vendors on FondMart

FondMart have 6 exclusive vendors, Simplee, Glamaker, Conmoto, Bikinix, Berrygo and Sollinarry. With different product lines, products from those vendors all target on fashion styles that are popular in American and European countries.


Exclusive suppliers can help you minimize competitive influence and generate greater sales and profits. 


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