50 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors and How to Find Them Easily

Oct 21,2021

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Finding the right wholesale clothing vendor has never been an easy task. If you are still worried about not knowing how to find a wholesale apparel supplier, don't worry, you are not alone.







This article will give you a list of the top suppliers and this article will save you 65% of the time it takes to get your inventory. And, this article will show you how to go about finding the right supplier.







Firstly, you need to know, what is an apparel wholesaler. An apparel wholesaler is a business that manages wholesale orders from manufacturers of goods.






How to Find Those Wholesale Clothing Suppliers?




1. Understand the Distribution Channels in the Apparel Industry




Before you can target the right distributors for you, you first need to find out what distribution channels are specific to the apparel industry.






Distribution channels for wholesale apparel generally fall into these categories:



Importers/Exclusive Distributors



They tend to have a strong presence and if you want to find some of the more unique designs you can choose this channel to obtain stock. However, it is important to note that these dealers tend to offer higher prices.




Wholesalers/Regional Distributors



Wholesalers or regional distributors often work directly with manufacturers or have their own factories, they have first-hand access to stock and you can get the cheapest wholesale clothing from them.







Retailers usually only sell a single item of clothing and often buy from wholesalers. As a middleman, retailers will also offer a higher price.




2. How Do You Locate the Supplier You Are Looking For?



After understanding the common distribution channels for wholesale clothing, you should know which one is more suitable for you. Obviously, clothing wholesalers are more suitable for you.So, how do you pick out the right clothing wholesaler for you? Why not think about the following 12 dimensions.





Contrast and compare



Always pick a website that offers more possibilities than its rivals. Customers may now choose from a broader variety of colours, sizes, and patterns thanks to this. Additionally, it enables them to choose the ideal wardrobe for each of their clients.







Unless a wholesaler is focused on a specific type of clothing, generally a quality wholesaler platform tends to choose as many clothing categories as possible to increase their advantage as well as their customer base.





e.g. kidswholesale is a wholesale clothing website specializing in children's clothing.



If the website you are browsing does not have a wide variety of clothing, then you need to carefully determine if there are better options available.







The quality of the clothing itself is very important, and a quality clothing wholesaler platform will do serious quality testing of its wholesalers' products.



You can also ask the supplier if they can provide samples as a way to judge the quality of the platform wholesalers.Only consider websites with a dedicated quality assurance team checking the accuracy of their listings.







The MOQ is supposed to be one of the biggest concerns of buyers, especially those who don't have a big budget. Good supplier platforms will often have a uniform or clear starting order quantity.



Many platforms will use this factor as a highlight to attract customers. So, don't forget the knowledge of what you need to be clear about when buying an item.No minimum order quantity means you can get a sample at wholesale price. You don't have to worry about being forced to buy a bunch of clothes and then not being able to sell any of them.







Each wholesale clothing supplier has its own different style, and when judging a niche, you should understand which style your customer base prefers.



Picking a supplier that suits your customer's style will also better help you sell wholesale clothes.




Location & Logistics Services



The location of the wholesaler is very important. Is he an overseas distributor or is he from the local area? Does he prefer to work online or can you deal with him face-to-face offline?It is important to note that when you are judging the suitability of your supplier, don't forget to also calculate whether it is worth the cost of your time and money to go to another country to get your stock.


Logistics service is not an absolute criterion for judging, but if you can provide more logistics options or more timely logistics tracking services, then it will undoubtedly facilitate your purchase of inventory.





e.g. FondMart can provide customers with these logistics services.



Pre-shipment Photo Service



This service is not available on all sites, but the more attentive or have enough confidence in the quality of their goods sites can provide free pre-shipment photo services.




Additional Discount 



A quality website tends to plan its marketing campaigns carefully. The most direct manifestation of this is actively contacting vendors to offer discounts on a regular basis.Knowing the timing and rules of these events well in advance can also save you a great deal of money.You can also quickly find different advantagesbetween this wholesale vendors websites.



For example, here are the strengths of the FondMart platform.









Perhaps with the concept of FMCG, not everyone cares about the quality of the garments. But if you are looking for the right clothes for your boutique. Then you need to carefully judge the quality of the clothes offered by these wholesale clothing suppliers.



You can analyse the clothing in terms of production processing or material. Doing some knowledge gathering in advance will also help you to get a better stock.






Opening a shop, no matter what type of clothing shop it is, your main concern must be how to make a profit. Plan your budget range in advance and base your selection of vendors on the budget you have planned ahead. Avoid a situation where you end up losing money by having too much cost invested in inventory.




Commercial Partners



It is important to maintain a long term relationship with a quality supplier if you want to have a stable inventory for a long time. Pick wholesalers who can act as commercial partners, this will give you a steady stream of customers.






Another criterion to judge the suitability of a wholesaler is to go and see if these wholesalers have their own brands. If you want to act as a retailer, it doesn't matter if the wholesale clothing is branded or not, you can just sell wholesale products. If you have your own brand and the supplier doesn't have one, or if you want to remove the supplier's label. You can refer to this article to create your own label.




3. What Methods Are Available to Find Suitable Suppliers?



Search by Internet



The easiest way is to go through the Google search engine and search for keywords. However, it is important to note that if you only search for "vendors" then Google will not understand you very well. Try to add some adjectives that match your requirements to help Google understand you. For example, "wholesale+jeans+clothing" or "boho clothing vendors".



Take "plus size clothing vendors" for example, when you put it into the search engine you will get a great list of vendors that meet your requirements.





Not only that, but when you click in you will also find a platform —— FondMart of very high quality suppliers.






Use Similar Interest Groups, Forums and Other Social Media



In addition to searching directly through Google engines, you can also go to relevant groups, wholesaler forums or social media accounts run by wholesalers. Wholesalers often exchange ideas on these platforms and you can connect with them directly on them. You can also use social media accounts such as IG or Twitter to see the latest products from suppliers.




Subscribe to Local Trade Publications & Find Online Catalogue Sites



person using macbook pro on black table



Subscribing to local trade publications is also a good option, as you can get the contact details of many wholesalers.



Alternatively, you can look for online catalogues that bring together wholesalers from all over the world.



If you want to learn more about how to go about finding wholesale clothing suppliers, you can read this article. "How to Buy Wholesale Clothes: Everything You Need to Know".



4.Choose Websites Domestic or Overseas?



No matter you run a brick-and-mortar business or e-commerce store, finding a suitable wholesaler plays an important role in developing your business. You also have to confirm to purchase clothing wholesale domestic or overseas. You can take a quick look below to find out the pros and cons of wholesale domestic and overseas.




Domestic Wholesale



Since the wholesaler is located in the country, using domestic wholesale to purchase your products will greatly shorten the shipping time. Communication between wholesalers and business owners will also become easier, because there are no language barriers in each transaction.



All these advantages mean fewer possible errors while improving manufacturing quality.



wholesale clothing with latest drops



Overseas Wholesale



Overseas manufacturing and wholesale usually have lower manufacturing costs, but unfortunately, this may result in lower labor standards and even lower product quality. Since the items are located overseas, this method may also require a longer shipping time. However, there are also many platforms overseas like FondMart supplying verified manufactures and fast delivery.



Just like the above method, domestic and overseas wholesale both have advantages and disadvantages. For more details, you can also read our blog Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes: Everything You Need to Know.




The following is a list of the top clothing wholesalers:




50 Best Wholesale Vendors for Clothing




1. Berrygo







Berrygo is committed to supplying the TRENDIEST PASTORAL STYLE womenswear. Its UNIQUE FLORAL PRINTS & COMFORT SUNDRESSES are deeply loved by customers. It aims to offer the most COST-EFFECTIVE products, Its style diversity, Boho & Vacation style is the most famous.











TAJA was established in 2005 and has 15 years experience of in cross-border business. TAJA specializes in developing women's clothing in Europe and the United States. With design, production, sales, and integration all under one roof, it is an extremely powerful supplier. In this factory of more than 3000 square meters, 1 million pieces are produced each month.




3. Simplee







Simplee is a vogue, wild and young vendor that is dedicated to the hottest trends, the highest quality and Independent design.



In the global fast fashion e-commerce online store, you can find hundreds and thousands of quality products at reasonable prices. Also, Simplee has extensive experience in manufacturing and selling wholesale clothing for women. With its high-quality clothes, Simplee has been able to gain the trust of customers over the years. With over 2 million fans globally, it is available in English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese markets across five continents.











SHARK is the source factory, who can develop popular high-quality clothes for cross-border. More than 70% of sales are for these new styles. Using a professional design team and a complete production line, SHARK can provide a sufficient supply of stock and offer a wide range of customization options. There have been more than 50 million transactions per year, and the production value is over 5 million on a monthly basis.











LISLOW primarily targets American and European markets, and its casual and sexy style is well received by customers. Experts create online best-sellers that are well received by customers. Meanwhile, the factory has a mature scale and sufficient supply, which can ensure continuous supplies throughout the year. Due to its extremely high cost performance, LISLOW has garnered the trust and respect of its customers.




6. Sugarlips Wholesale





Sugarlips is a wholesale clothing site that deals with some high-quality apparel, particularly for women. They upload new arrivals based on seasons and occasions. The pieces are handpicked and you can go through their extensive catalog.



Sugarlips offers free shipping for orders of more than $49, and destinations should be within the United States. They are charging shipping fees based on the destination, size, and carrier rates for international customers. Sugarlips offers a 30-day return policy from the shipping date.




7. Bloom Wholesale





It's a women's wholesale distributor from Los Angeles. It generally focuses on offering skirts, dresses, pants, joggers, activewear, sweater, blouses and jackets. 



They offer plus sizes and diverse sizes of fashion wholesale clothing, which is something good to show variety and attract customers to your boutiques. They stock pieces so that you can have a variety in your collection.



Remember, you should notify Bloom Wholesale within 3 days from the date of receipt of products if you hope to return the products or are unsatisfied with the quality, color, or size.  By the way, you have to also bear 5% as a restocking fee and the respective freight charges.




8. Wholesale Fashion Square





Wholesale Fashion Square is designed simply. Wholesale Fashion Square offers clothes, accessories, and makeup kits exclusively for women.Apart from the clothes in different sizes, they also offer the special category “plus sizes” in their catalog.



The dropshipping service is also being provided at Wholesale Fashion Square, an essential one for online boutiques.



They have to be notified within 3 days of receipt of products if you are unsatisfied with that one and want to return it. Orders above $200 are shipped free of cost, whereas orders less than $200 are charged wisely.




9. Tasha Apparel





Tasha Apparel can provide some fashion styles and qualified materials. You can buy specially designed and handpicked swimwear from this boutique swimsuit supplier to make your boutique unique and special.  Besides, You can get plus sized clothes on their website.



They offer a free shipping facility for orders above $300. They carry things at a low price, so you can purchase according to your preference and requirements.




10. LAShowRoom





LAShowroom is a true wholesale marketplace where you can find different brands that sell women's clothing. They have a collection of men's wear and accessories sections as well. If you have some requirements, just order what you want. LAShowroom acts like an agency between the buyers and the multiple designers, apparel manufacturers.









OFASHION is focusing on the creation of plus size clothing that can be integrated with the complete process of development, design, production, and processing. One of the strengths of OFASHION is their support for customization and their high level of quality.



Customers with plus size bodies often complain that there isn't enough variety in the clothing offered by an offline store, whereas OFASHION could offer them a sufficient choice with its wholesale clothing for women of all sizes.




12. Ladys 





Ladys provides a diverse selection of fashionable and high-quality wholesale summer dresses for ladies on vacation. The fact that it has a distinguishing look allows it to compete in both the European and American markets.



Customers have learnt to trust Ladys because of its own factory, which regulates production speed and quality to an extremely high degree of precision. Customers have learned to trust SUSAN because of affordable pricing and large sales.









YIMAIL is a well-known supplier of summer dresses wholesale for women. Their attention is focused on the opinions of their customers, and they endeavor to continually supply high-quality wholesale summer dresses.



Because they are so fairly priced, there is a lot to admire about YIMAIL's range of summer dresses.




14. HoneyBadger 





With their vast selection of seasonal dresses wholesaleHoneyBadger is the place to go if you're wanting to get the ideal wholesale summer dresses for your store.



Customers at HoneyBadger can be certain that they're obtaining a high-quality wholesale summer dresses at a reasonable price, which is why the supplier has become a popular destination for wholesale buyers.




15. Pincha





Pincha is yet another excellent choice for buying affordable summer dresses online, since they have a vast inventory of summer sequin dresses available for purchase.



Additionally, they keep an eye on the price of their products and work hard to provide wholesalers a fair deal on a high-quality wholesale summer dresses at a competitive price.




16. CKK





There is a large assortment of boho dresses wholesale available on CKK, in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. By using wholesale and dropshipping methods, it is feasible to purchase large quantities of boho dresses wholesale and dropship it at a discounted price.




17. Susan





SUSAN has a wide selection of boho fashion dress wholesale of the greatest quality and creativity. Boho dresses wholesale that is both high-quality and long-lasting can be purchased at any time, which specializes in bohemian wear for many years. 



You may get boho dresses wholesale in quantity at a discounted price. They provide exceptional customer service, and collaborate with some of the most reputable shipping companies in the business.




18. Timespool





There is a large selection of boho dresses whosale to pick from at Timespool, an Chinese wholesale fashion supplier that specializes in ethnic wear. They specialize in a wide range of brightly colored summer boho dresses wholesale for the Europen and American market, as well as colorful festive and everyday wear. You can assume that your target customers appreciates wearing clothing that is relaxed and colorful.




19. Dee





Dee is a boho dresses wholesale based in China, but always aim to Europen and Australian market.  As one of the leading boho dress supplier, Dee lists different types of boho dress wholesale at competitive prices. Wholesale boho dresses are in different fabrics and sizes.




20. Xuyun





A large part of the emphasis of Xuyun , focuses on fashionable women's boho dress wholesale that are all embroidered and stylish boho in design. The fact that your consumers are lured to plain, inexpensive clothing that nonetheless stands out is achievable. You can take use of Xuyun, where they can get a big quantity of them at an affordable price.




21. Yiskiss





Yiskiss is a wholesale fashion supplier for manufacturers and the best wholesale women's clothing vendors who are looking to be inspired by the combination of trendy styles and contemporary designs.



Yiskiss is based in the Chinese city of Dongguan, in the province of Guangzhou. Over 1,500 square feet of factory space are available for lease. In addition to offering 40 new styles every month, all Yiskiss products are designed, manufactured, and photographed by the company's in-house team.



Because it is the epicenter of the international trade apparel industry, it offers the latest fashions, high-quality workmanship, cost-effectiveness, and a quick turnaround.









With 20 years of manufacturing experienceMINDA is a brand known for its plus size clothing wholesale for women. Additionally, they constantly look for new ways to innovate their products and keep up with the fashion trend of plus size clothing wholesale. More importantly, they worked together to create a space that would be accessible to people of all sizes, with a special focus on those with plus size.




23. DrivingStrong





DrivingStrong's primary specialties are women's swimming and yoga clothing wholesale, and the company is well-known for the high quality of its products. This online wholesale clothing vendors is able to maintain an inventory of millions of units as a result of its well-honed manufacturing process.



The hottest swimwear wholesale trends of the season are all represented in their extensive collection, which includes high-quality clothing in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate women of all body types.



Because they place a high value on quality control, all clothing at DrivingStrong is thoroughly inspected before it is packed and placed in storage. DrivingStrong has been in business for over a decade, building relationships with tens of thousands of customers over time.









PLUSGIRL is one of the leading wholesalers of plus size women's clothing in Europe and the United States. In addition to fast delivery and competitive prices, the quality of the clothing is also guaranteed. Our business mission is to provide you with the latest and most fashionable plus size wholesale clothing that is both affordable and stylish so that you will be able to make profits and grow your business.









BAGIISA is also one of the best online wholesale clothing vendors, that has been manufacturing knitted women's clothing wholesale for six years and has its own manufacturing facility. with an array of eye-catching aesthetics to choose from.



Furthermore, BAGIISA has a long-standing partnership with major platforms, which has resulted in high sales from a wide range of the most popular fashions available at the time of writing. To summarize, BAGIISA is an excellent vendor to work with if you're looking for a high-quality product for your boutique or store.




26. Bazzi





In the market of women's swimwear wholesale, Bazzi is a highly competitive supplier who offers women's bikinis wholesale with rhinestones. Their own design team at Bazzi focuses on updating their clothing styles on a continuous basis.



Thus, you’re able to work with the most trusted e-commerce platforms to bring you the best online shopping experience. Bazzi firmly believes that there is no better source of providing customers with the best service than to produce high-quality women's bikinis wholesale at reasonable prices.









SFEELSONITE is dedicated to women's denim wear and is competitive in JEANS, supplying both REGULAR and PLUS SIZES. S is strictly controlled in size. Its cost-effective products are trustworthy.




28. Doubleout





You can find a variety of the latest fashion trends all under DOUBLEOUT. Among the swimwear wholesale, you can find bikinis wholesale, one-piece wholesale and many other types to choose from. It is important to mention that when it comes to their product line, DOUBLEOUT offers a wide variety of swimwear bikinis, which will please both beach lovers and vacation enthusiasts alike.




29. Bianco 





Among the many swimsuits available through Bianco, all of them can be purchased at wholesale prices. Bianco will assist you with all your needs, providing everything interest to you.



If you cater to wholesale swimwear suppliers, you can’t miss Bianco. Since it has been around for some time now, it has earned a reputation as one of the top supliiers. At the same time, they provide you an quite affordable price compared to other competitors.




30. Withwind





WithWind’s main focus is creating sexy, high-end women's swimwear wholesale that sells in the online market, in particular, bikinis wholesale. WithWind's team of highly trained experts can update 400-600 new styles every year, and the hottest item can reach a sales figure of over 78000 USD every year.



Withwind has high quality dyeing processes which are really competitive featuring in bright color, clear printing. WithWind is dedicated to our customers to provide them with the best possible services.




31. Fantastic





Fantastic is a woman's swimwear vendor who offers women's swimwear that has both a sexy and a unique style. It can be said that this established vendor has been deeply recognized by customers, and that the highest sales quantity for their best seller can be counted at over 800,000 units every year.



The workmanship of this product integrates nylon fabrics and mesh fabrics made of high-quality, as well as exquisite hardware accessories to offer customers a unique shopping experience.









There is no doubt that SUNSHINE is one of the best suppliers in the wholesale clothing industry. They are committed to deliver the hottest styles possible, since the fashion trend changes all the time.



By supplying the source vendor with the latest styles as soon as they release them, SUNSHINE can also ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors by updating your styles before they even know about them.



By doing this, you will be able to attract customers who are interested in fashion and new trends, thereby increasing sales. Their products are able to sell well, and SUNSHINE is able to manufacture a number of best-sellers.




33. Blank Style





Established in 2004, it is a wholesale blank clothing supplier, who provides T-shirts, polo shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatpants, masks, bags and hats for men, women, children, toddlers and babies. They also provide clothing from 100% cotton to 100% polyester.



The company is located in Irvine, California, the shipping cost of the order depends on the optimal warehouse location.



Shipments over US$99 are eligible for free shipping, and in some cases can be delivered on the same day. Unless you work with a US freight forwarder, blank orders do not support international shipping.




34. Zaya





Founded in 1992, Zaya has many years of experience as a manufacturer. The established vendor has its own factory and has enough space to store 2700 m2 of stock and can replenish it within a short period of time. 



While taking care of quality, Zaya also pays attention to the continuous updating of clothing styles, which gives it the chance to work with some of the most prestigious e-commerce platforms in the industry. 



The idea of urban clothing can be interpreted as clothing that embodies urban culture by borrowing from trends and fashions that are based on urban culture. This could be interpreted as clothing that is characterized by trends and fashions that are based on urban culture.









You can notice HIYOUNGIRL to provide urban women's clothing wholesale developing from a small part of culture that is associated with music or sports.



Here you can find a variety of free logos for you to print, which are often centered around urban fashion trends.




36. Yibed





Yibed knows well that the idea of urban women's clothing wholesale is associated with urban culture, particularly among urban youth involved in hip-hop and rap music. Different kinds of urban women's clothing wholesale may be seen in different parts of the world, and different countries may not always possess the same types of clothing.




37. YUGI





YUGI specializing in plus size jeans wholesale. The supplier Yugi has over 21 years of experience in producing denim, and as a result, there is always sufficient inventory on hand and a standing inventory of 300,000 pieces.









SHIQIN is a professional women's clothing vendor with development, production, sales and wholesale as one of its own production and sales. SHIQIN has a professional, high-quality team, mainly design, production, sales of high-grade series of fashionable women's clothing, large size women's clothing, bohemian dresses, tops, women's dress pants and other clothing, novel style, excellent workmanship, with the world trend synchronization.



As a first step in determining what styles are considered generically urban, it is recommended ti take a closer look at the youth of several large cities to determine what characteristics they have in common. CAIJUN can provide  urban women's clothing wholesale that urban youth like.



It is not hard to imagine that urban women's clothing wholesale consists of items such as pants, printed t-shirts and so forth, which are designed to complement certain outfits. It is necessary for urban clothing to convey the idea of casual clothing by expressing an attitude.




39. Akaba





Founded in 2008, Akaba is a high fashion underwear factory with over 14 years of experience. The company provides more than 500K garments to major foreign trade platforms every year. Akaba will provide you many exclusive designs with latest fashion trends, so you can directly purchase without effort.







WAYUU plus size lingerie wholesale vendor, specializing in sexy lingerie,the warehouse has 1 million pieces ready stocks with guaranteed quality. WAYUU plus size lingerie wholesale is designed to fit any women regardless of size and shape.



Their category covers all lines of sexy undergarments such as teddies, chemises, and bodysuits. Plus size lingerie provides just enough room to make the garment comfortable to wear while highlighting plus size women’s body such as the chest and hips.




41. Ohyeah





Ohyeah has created a delectable range of plus size lingerie wholesale for women, available in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes which is available in the Ohyeah brand. You can be assured of impeccable quality and outstanding customer service when you choose Ohyeah. Plus size women are considered to be beautiful and stylish by Ohyeah.



Additionally, Ohyeah as a plus size lingerie wholesale vendor, do wholesale plus size lingerie for wholesalers, retailers, and even individuals. Check out our wholesale plus size lingerie page for more information. We are inviting anyone and everyone to experience the lusciousness and sexiness that our wholesale plus size lingerie has to offer.









It is the goal of MEDUSA to make sure that all women feel and look beautiful, and the responsibility to provide this to all women comes with their responsibility. It has been more than 15 years since MEDUSA has been manufacturing plus size women clothing products for the wholesale market. The company currently has 7 million pieces in stock. In their opinion, the business of plus size lingerie wholesale should cater to the needs of these women by providing simple but stylish wholesale plus size lingerie for these female consumers.










Clothing from Plus size wholesale vendor SHEILA is more towards the style of Casual & Street ;Elegant ;Office, if your customer group is partial to this style, then you can go to know the 









RAINTIME is a young fashion brand with a unique model that allows us to combine design, production, and sales all under one roof. RAINTIME's main focus is producing sexy lingerie that is wholesale for women of all sizes, including plus size women.



It is also a great vendor to check out if you are looking to buy plus size lingerie wholesale in a wide range of styles and colors. Their reputation for providing excellent service and quality to their customers has earned them a reputation as a leading wholesaler of plus size clothing.









The GLAMOUR, a plus size lingerie wholesale vendor, is devoted to the production of plus size sexy lingerie wholesale, with a 60 year history of being involved in this production for more than twenty years with adequate stock on hand.



Glamour is committed to providing fashion-forward apparel that is of a high quality and allows people to feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. Their main goal of striving for perfection has been their goal and they have had no problems achieving that goal.









Providing the biggest selection of women's plus size clothing at a very competitive price, ORANGEOH, one of the best plus size clothing vendors in china, promises fast and reliable delivery at a very competitive price.



Women with heavy weight can look stylish even with their weight by wearing plus size dresses wholesale of ORANGEOH, who is ready to help women who want to put the latest clothing in their wardrobes find a wide variety of trendy plus size wholesale clothing.









MICROUT is a brand of plus size clothing for women with its own independent research and development team. MICROUT, one of the best plus size clothing vendors in china, is a brand that is well known for its good quality and unique styles which is able to offer plus size clothing wholesale ranging from plus size tops to plus size dresses to stylish and trendy plus size bottoms.




48. Aselin





Founded in 2003, Aselin specializes in plus size women's clothing wholesale, doing research and development as well as production. Aselin's delivery time is reliable, and its quality is guaranteed. If you're looking for plus size clothing vendor in china, Aselin offers the most affordable clothing wholesale with high quality, so you don't have to worry about it being expensive.









AMOUR is also one of the best plus size clothing vendors in china, which also has its own factory and mature production lines. The reason for the success of AMOUR is the fact that it has the capability to provide high quality plus-size clothing at a reasonable cost. Additionally, they have the best-in-class customer service that will assist you with any question you may have.




50. WA





With a capacity of 2000 square metres, supplying enough stock and specializing in plus size clothing, WA specializes in plus size clothing. As a matter of fact, they are committed to bringing the latest designs out as soon as the fashion magazines publish them, in order to cater to the needs and wants of their customers. If you are looking for best plus size clothing vendors in china, why not choose WA to have a try!







When it comes to the boutique business, it is quite important to find a trustworthy boutique clothing supplier. To ensure the long-term success of your online or offline boutique, you should find the best wholesale apparel supplier. This article lists the top fifty wholesale apparel suppliers for you and gives some practical ways to find them.We hope this will be helpful for you to find wholesale clothing suppliers.




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