How to Pitch Wholesale Clothing

Dec 02,2021

how to pitch wholesale clothing
pitch wholesale clothing



It is always important to know your ideal customers and your unique selling point when pitching wholesale clothing. Once you have made it clear, how to pitch wholesale clothing becomes easy as long as you follow some specific rules.



Determine Your Target Customers



Understanding your target market also means understanding the marketplace, so you have to understand your customers as well as your target market. A comprehensive vision to pitch wholesale clothing of your market  is provided by tools like Quora and Google Trends, which analysis tools allow you to identify and assess competitors, find new customers and determine ways to improve your business.



Having an understanding of your target market is different from making assumptions about it. You should try to understand their motivations and needs rather than making assumptions about them. If you include demographic data, such as age, gender, education level, occupation, family status, and what your customers are willing to spend, you can anticipate what they need and how much they are willing to spend.



Check the Categories to Sell


In order to find the trends of your target customers, you will need to identify your target market first. For example, when you have decided to sell wholesale women’s clothing, you should pay close attention to the best selling items which are always based on the latest trends. Only if you sell out the wholesale clothing can you make profits.



If you are thinking about choosing some categories with the lowest competitiveness, it might make more sense to do so. In general, however, the absence of competition can be even more troublesome than the opposite. If there is no competition in your niche, it could be much more difficult to get retail shops to buy your items.



Clarify Your Unique Selling Point


Make sure you have all the details ready about how well your wholesale clothing has sold already, who is buying into it (or who is interested), what styles are selling well, as well as whether or not there has been any public interest in particular styles.




All these details will become your USP (unique selling point), which is useful to pitch wholesale clothing. You need to know your unique selling point completely well so you can tell your story and show the wholesale clothes you sell by emphasizing your personality. Make sure you are prepared by knowing what the main selling point of your brand (if you have) and the styles of your wholesale clothing.



There are two methods we recommend you use in order to clarify your unique selling point.



1. Build Your Own Brand


One of the best ways to get your product noticed is to have your own brand. Taking control of your personal brand, on the other hand, puts you in the driver's seat. Thus, you get to control the narrative and show your target customers what you want them to see. You can choose to make your wholesale clothes with the idea of fashion, stylish, cute or sexy. In this way, you are expressing aspects of your own personality and presenting yourself in the best possible light to achieve your goals to pitch your wholesale clothing.





2. Major on the Mission


For example, some people who focus on plus size clothing wholesale say that they want to liberate the mind of a slim figure. They believe that all women deserve to look and feel absolutely beautiful no matter the size of the body figure. They are devoted to helping more plus size women, which they regard as their own missions. As a matter of fact, it is a great way to pitch wholesale clothing.




Embrace the Power of Social Media


A social media platform is a method of interacting among people which can be used in order to create, share, and/or exchange ideas and information in online communities and networks, which is important while pitching wholesale clothing The main social media accounts that you can find are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.




With the development of the Internet, most people think social media is a hot method for finding target customers, and it is also helpful to attract the attention of wholesale clothing buyers. You can search for a specific topic such as "how to buy wholesale clothing" and you should pay attention to finding your customers.



Use the Name of the Right Contact


If you are pitching a new B2B (business to business) customer, you have to figure out what works and what doesn't work, which is one of the biggest problems that you will have to overcome.



As there are many new brands contacting wholesale buyers each week, the more personal you can make the relationship with the buyer, the more likely you are to become successful. By using the person's name you will be more likely to make your approach more personal and thoughtful. If you have already been in touch with them and found a connection with them, you can refer to social media to remind them of you in the future.



There is nothing better than contacting the owners of small independent businesses since they are often the ones who purchase the products. If their website does not list their name, you can usually find their name through a simple search on Google or LinkedIn.



When you enter their pages, you can use Email Finder, Hunter to find their emails, and in Linkedin uing Kendo.


Send Samples


It is now time for you to contact the customers you wish to work with. To pitch your wholesale clothing, make sure you are prepared to briefly explain your story, your brand, and your categories.



1. E-mail


There are two central mistakes in how designers sell to wholesale retail buyers. The first is to frame Emails, which means they don’t understand what buyers want to hear. The second is unique which means you have to write the e-mail yourself. Since the cost of e-mail marketing to potential buyers is very low compared to traditional editorials or advertisements, designers overuse copies and artworks that do not meet their goals.




You should use Email because it is the most suitable method for beginners and it takes the least time and can be copied easily. Besides, your customers can’t always be on site so they can view information at their convenience.



When you are writing the Email, you should keep it as simple as possible, because this is not the time to be overwhelmed by information. Two or three short paragraphs are enough.



Besides, you’d better be as personal as possible. You should work together to find the buyer's name and use it in your email. Don’t forget to include the store name.



In addition, you should Include your wholesale clothing pictures.

• Small image size (250 KB or less)

• Up to 2-3 images

• Direct in your email, unattached.



Last but not the least, you should check it carefully when before you click the magical "Send" button. You should carefully pay attention to grammar and out-of-line text. If you are using an informal template, it is absolutely certain to eliminate any traces or references to previous courses.



Dear xxx,


Greetings from xxx!

My name is Brittney, and I'm the sales manager for xxx wholesale clothing. I'm writing because I think you'll agree that we're a great fit for your store. Our customers are xxx, living in xxx. Judging by your xxx, as well as xxx, our styles will match perfectly!

For further reading, here's a direct link to our wholesale clothing website: xxx

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this email, and I'll check in again in a week!


Very best,




2. Trade Shows


Trade shows can be your golden ticket. That's because buyers show off their skills at trade shows and are always looking for new and next ones.



However, it is important to pitch your wholesale clothing carefully, as it can require a significant investment of time and money. You should consider the same principles that people use in department store window displays, which are specifically designed to make people stop and take a look.




Though the trade shows can be expensive to attend, this is a traditional method for wholesale businesses to make connections. Thus, you’d better grab the opportunity to attend the trade shows.



Focus on Visuals rather than Words


Having a beautiful product and images that demonstrate your personality is the best way to set yourself apart from the competition.  



Make your emails visually appealing by including key images from your wholesale clothing or a recent show. You can attach a PDF or some photos to an email, but be aware that not everyone will open it; adding some beautiful images to the email may help.




The priority should be grabbing attention with amazing visuals which represent your wholesale clothing well no matter you are pitching in-person or at a trade show.



Pay Attention to the Dates



If you are clever about it, in October and November there is still some money to be won if you are able to take advantage of it. Normally, retailers will have completed the bulk of their buying and ordering, but they may still be looking for a few small quantities of characterful products that compliment their larger collection.



The holiday season is pretty much over by the end of December. There are plenty of retailers eager to sell the products they already have, and they're likely too stressed, busy at this time. Therefore, you’d better pay attention to the peak holiday and pitch your wholesale clothing before it.



Therefore, grab the opportunity to pitch your wholesale clothing and before that, why not pick your favorite wholesale clothing at FondMart at competitive prices.






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