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Oct 29,2021

unbranded clothing wholesale
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In recent years, with the fast-growing women's clothing wholesale apparel business, buying unbranded high-quality clothes at low prices has been quite popular. For a person who just started the wholesale apparel business, it may strike you that "where to buy unbranded clothing wholesale". Here, FondMart will give you the best choice of unbranded clothing wholesale.


where to buy unbranded clothing wholesale


The Advantages of Unbranded Clothing Wholesale


Unbranded wholesale clothing business is different from branded apparel industry companies and retail businesses. Clothing companies design and produce the clothes they sell to retailers, including department stores, specialty stores, and discount stores.


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Generally, a company has a license to produce specific branded goods and will market and advertise these product lines. One license can cover multiple products. In some cases, clothing companies may only have the right to produce certain products under a certain brand, such as ties and shirts, while excluding other product lines, such as pants or underwear. Production is usually outsourced to developing countries, where labor costs are low compared to the United States and Europe.


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Brands with a good reputation for quality, style, or value, are very popular among shoppers. A clothing company with many well-known brands has a competitive advantage in the industry. However, this is not always the case. During difficult economic times or financial crises, customers may turn to similar products to save money.



In most cases, wholesale unbranded clothing is cheaper than branded clothes, which means they are often more profitable for sellers. Branded products and private label products compete with each other for shelf space throughout the business cycle. With unbranded women's clothing wholesale, you have more choices to do with your clothes even with private label services. However, if you purchase the branded clothing wholesale, you can’t put your private label on because the certain design is under the protection of the patent.



Considerations of Unbranded Clothing Wholesale


When you choose to buy unbranded clothing wholesale, there are three things to consider when wholesale unbranded products.



In any business, you must consider certain factors to handle the business successfully. Here are three things you must take into consideration when you make orders at unbranded clothing wholesale:



1. Product quality


You must make sure to deal with reliable suppliers for your unbranded business. If you can’t provide high-quality clothes to your customers, how can you attract them to come to buy your clothes later? So you have to find suppliers who have quality products to ensure that customers are satisfied with the clothes you deliver. The quality of the clothes is the first thing to think about if you want to operate your business very well. You should choose clothes with as high-quality clothes as possible, but your budget is also very important.





2. The price of the product


When choosing a trustworthy supplier, the price of the clothes is another important thing for you to take into consideration. As you aim to make profits at a low cost, you want to purchase the clothes wholesale at the lowest price. The suppliers you choose must have quality products and competitive prices, which are beneficial to your business. Some suppliers offer huge discounts for their products, which can provide you with an affordable price.




3. Excellent service


Some suppliers will try their best to provide you with high-quality service for your business. They help you provide logistics and other services to ensure that you have enough time to promote your business. For example, FondMart can provide you the fast delivery and private label service. You should look for a supplier that you can easily contact and who is not only willing but also has the resources to help you succeed.



Online Unbranded Clothing Wholesale


Under the background of global economic integration and the fast growth of the Internet, we sincerely recommend you purchase unbranded clothing wholesale online.






FondMart has integrated more than 2000 suppliers and manufacturers in China, which are through strict investigation. So you can choose every clothes with sufficient confidence. Besides, you will find a lot of types of unbranded clothes at FondMart, which helps you to attract your target customers.



For example, if you are looking for comfortable and also elastic clothing, you can buy from our cotton blend clothes. For durability and managing moisture, you can pick from polyester sets that are excellent and long-lasting. We have thousands of clothes of acetate, and nylon, made of 100% cotton, wool blend, fur, and lace for you to select from.



Besides, our wholesale women’s blazers allow people to transition between the seasons while maintaining a smart, stylish appearance. The perfect light jacket, women’s blazers are a versatile design to take your collection from day to night effortlessly. With so many different styles to choose from, such as checked wool, boyfriend, and longline, you’ll find quality wholesale women’s blazers here.



As for activewear, we stock a fabulous range of sportswear wholesale for athletics, cricket, football, tennis, training, basketball, outdoor activities, and winter pursuits, which can meet most people's needs.


best-sellers of yoga wholesale clothing.



In summary, FondMart offers both quality products and excellent service, from sourcing to producing, from packing to shipping, and from general to customized service. The only thing you need to do is sell products to your customers and forward orders to us. Then FondMart will perform all the following steps and provide after-sales service. Let’s be your partner to release your energy and time, and the most important thing is to make your big money!



For example, you can buy unbranded clothing at FondMart with SUMIDAOne hottest cotton-padded coat sold by Sumida has a capacity of 450K in a month, as it has been producing its jackets for 6 years. A single style is stocked with 1,000+ pieces a year, and there is an independent production facility.





Besides, you can take a look at MENICCIO. For more than a decade, MENICCIO has been supplying women's clothing to countries across the border. In particular, it specializes in vests, hoodies, and dresses, among other knitted clothing for women. Its dresses are distinctively styled and of excellent quality.





For more unbranded wholesale clothing, you can enter FondMart to pick your favorite unbranded wholesale clothing.



Our Recommendation: Private Label Service


For unbranded clothing wholesale, you can choose to put on a private label to build your brand, which FondMart can offer.



Private label service is a rebranding process when you put your labels onto the clothing.  Private label service offers a more professional look. You want to leave a lasting impression on your customers when your customers open their packages. You want them to remember that this is the brand that I purchased these items from.



If you choose private label service, branding makes your products unique and identifiable. When buyers open their boxes, they know this is the brand under which these products were bought.


what are the benefits of private label service



As you can see, consumers are willing to pay more for branded products if the price is not too high. Thus, selling high-quality goods branded generates more revenue than those without.



Besides, for old clients, knowing products of the same brand are of similar qualities, they shop with less hesitation. You can see that consumers choose branded products for their consistent quality and credibility.



According to relevant data, 50% of Amazon sellers now participate in private brands. Therefore, a successful brand can not only establish a good impression in the minds of customers but also bring endless wealth and status.



So where can I buy unbranded high-quality clothing and put my brand on it?

private label service



FondMart exactly offers you high-quality unbranded clothing wholesale and helps you put your brand on it. Usually, most manufacturers need 2 weeks to just make you a sample. However, our whole manufacturing process will only take up to 7- 9 business days


how to add your own labels to wholesale clothing



You may worry about the cost, but we provide you with free sew-on and other services. Once an order is made, we will remove the manufacturer’s tag, sew on your private label, carefully check for stitches and attach your hang tags. We also cover further finishing services including folding and bagging to keep the garments clean and organized.



Establishing a private label can help you form a lasting impression in the hearts of your customers. Our labels are sewn neatly, done by our experienced workers. You will get your best-unbranded clothing wholesale and your private label service here.



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