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Oct 28,2021

how to brand wholesale clothing
brand wholesale clothing



People who start wholesale clothing may be interested in building their own brand but are concerned about the specific steps. Here, we will give you the best answer of how to brand wholesale clothing at FondMart.



Is It Legal to Rebrand Wholesale Clothing?



Before you start, you may ask yourself "can I brand wholesale clothing" and worry about "is it legal to rebrand wholesale clothing".



Rebrand may seem unethical at first look, but it is a common practice in the wholesale clothing industry. It is totally legal if you do it the right way!



In the apparel industry, there is a term called a white label. It is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser. 



But can you brand whatever you want?



Obviously, there are some restrictions. You can't just remove the labels from all the clothes and rebrand them.



You have to take the following condition into consideration:



That garment is from a wholesaler/wholesale brand.



The design and nature of the product must be very basic.



Products must not contain any patterns or designs that are famous or protected by patent.



It is not possible to rebrand the clothing that looks like another brand or is created to look like a brand.





Find High-Quality Wholesale Clothing Suppliers


If you want to build your own brand, you also have to make sure the wholesale clothing is of good quality. It does take some time and effort to find the right wholesaler, but once you work with a trusted supplier, you can establish a long-term relationship. As a business owner, your store always needs new clothes. You need to replace the sold-out wholesale clothing and keep up with the trends of each season. Working with a trusted supplier means that when you need to buy a new item for your online or physical store, you will always know where to turn for help.




To launch a high-quality fashion brand, you must first find a high-quality clothing manufacturer. There are some tips to judge high-quality suppliers, such as:



1.Product innovation


The e-commerce platform sells goods, and consumer demand upgrades very quickly. Suppliers who can update the wholesale clothing are good



2.Quality reliability



The product quality directly determines the buyer's evaluation to absorb the return rate after the sale. It is not only directly linked to the profit, but also determines whether the product can go to the top of the market. The quality is not good, the bad reviews continue, and the new product links are soon scrapped. Thus, the financial resources spent on product selection, planning, testing, burning cars, and checking orders are all in vain.





This contains product features, page planning, customer service, after-sales maintenance, return to the factory and other services. Don’t forget to negotiate at the beginning. If you have a contract, it must be written in the contract.



4.Degree of willingness to cooperate


The willingness to cooperate can affect the smoothness of all processes such as price negotiation, after-sales service and so on. Before the cooperation, you should directly pass away the manufacturers who are not willing to cooperate.  Even if their prices are low, you can’t choose them, otherwise they will not work with you and affect the following procedure.



The advantage of purchasing goods offline in the wholesale market is that you can have direct dialogue with suppliers to understand the situation of the market. However, the disadvantage is that the data is not transparent. It requires good experience to distinguish and strong bargaining power. To establish a good relationship with the wholesaler, you can also set some rules for the exchange of wholesale clothing, so as to avoid future disputes or pressure on the goods. We will recommend you purchase online in order to avoid some annoyance.



Create your Own Wholesale Clothing Brand



To create your own clothing brand, you can do this:



1. First of all, you need to decide which you want to create your own clothing brand. Because there are many types of wholesale clothing, such as men's clothing, women's clothing or children’s clothing. If you want to create a clothing brand, you cannot make clothing suitable for everyone. The current wholesale clothing must be single, which is helpful.





2. A good brand should give people a very clear product style as soon as they are mentioned. For example, some brands give people a sophisticated and comfortable suit, some give people a very orthodox suit, some give people a relaxing jacket, and other brands give people a formal jacket.



White-collar workers need high-quality business women's clothing, and so on, your own brand also needs to be positioned.



3. Establish a solid and clear business plan. Your business plan needs to work out how you plan to manage your clothing brand. Be as realistic as possible when writing. Remember, it's better to underestimate your profits to get the surprise of realization, rather than overestimating your abilities and ultimately being disappointed.



In particular, think about the following: executive summary. The executive summary is not only a description of the company's mission statement and future plans, but also a way to attract potential investors. This is necessary for all businesses, especially in the clothing industry, which often requires external investment.




The description of the company can let others know what your clothing brand is, what is the difference between you and your competitors, and what kind of market you want to enter.



As for producing your own products:



(1) OEM, that is, some clothing design and development companies. They design a series of samples, and then you choose products, order a certain amount of goods, and bring your trademark registration certificate, business license, tax registration certificate. All other documents, such as code certificates, are handled by the design company.




(2) It is more complicated to produce by yourself. It involves hiring designers, pattern makers, lathes, and also involves fabrics, accessories, and production. It is flexible and convenient, strong autonomy, but the management is troublesome, and investment is large.



(3) Produce part of it by ourselves, and choose OEM Later. Currently, this method is adopted by many big brands.



What is the private label?



Private label service is useful when you brand your wholesale clothing.



Relabeling is the act of removing a label from a piece of clothing and putting a different label in it, which is to use wholesaler clothing and sell them as your own products.



For many years, apparel printers have used this technology for companies looking for branded goods. What is most commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises in wholesale clothing. 




When you choose private label clothing, you are working directly with the manufacturer rather than the wholesaler. The clothing may be produced by a well-known manufacturer, but it will be labeled with your own private label.



The advantages of private label clothing:​​


The main benefit of private label clothing is that it enables you to store clothing designed and manufactured specifically for your business on your fashion boutique or website. It will not carry a label with another brand's logo, but with your brand, even with special holidays like Chirstmas wholesale clothing. You can also fully control clothing styles, colors, and more, and can create works for your store that buyers can't find anywhere else. 



Both wholesale and private label wholesale clothing have their own advantages. Both wholesale and private label clothing is sold at lower prices than retail, so when it comes to buying clothing on a budget, either option is a good choice. In some cases, it may be cheaper to buy private label clothing because it involves buying directly from the manufacturer instead of buying through a wholesaler.



But keep in mind that in order to get a lot of clothing directly from the manufacturer, you need to buy in bulk. If you only need 20 shirts of a specific style for a store, it may be cheaper to buy from a wholesaler with a lower minimum order quantity.



Choose Private Label Service at FondMart


After purchasing the garment from the manufacturer, it becomes yours and you can do whatever you want. When choosing labels and tags, always choose the one that best suits your brand. If you need custom clothing labels, please ask a professional for help.



A good label will help you stand out and develop your brand, thereby enhancing your business. Always choose a label company that is recognized for providing high-quality customized labels, tags, patches, etc. FondMart can exactly help you build your own brand with private label service.



You may want to ask:



1. What is your Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) for custom private labels?



Our MOQ for thank you cards is 500pcs; For the others, MOQ is 1000 pcs. We also provide free service to keep the remainders for your future use.



2. How long it will take to make clothes labels, and how much does it cost?



Our production time for private labels is from 7 to 9 days. You can customize your labels with multiple color options for hang tags, woven labels and thank you cards. Extra fees will apply. Please contact your personal sales manager for further information.



3. Does FondMart offer digital proof before production?



Yes, of course. After receiving your order, our personal sales manager will contact you by email and send digital proof to get your approval before production.



4. What are the standard production time and delivery time for personalized labels order?



Our production time for private labels is from 7 to 9 days; private-labeled clothes is from 11 to 15 days.  FondMart provides you with the most economical and flexible shipping packages. There are different options of shipping to choose from depending on your location. You can pick the one that fits you based on cost and delivery time. Consolidated shipping is available. You can find out more here.



5. Does FondMart accept custom label orders without artwork?



Yes. We can help you produce artwork. You can send an inquiry to us by clicking the contact buttons on the right or send us an email for help.



6. Does FondMart  accept custom size garment label that is not listed on the site?



Yes. You can send an inquiry to us by clicking the contact buttons on the right or send us an email for help.



7. In which file formats can I submit my artwork?



Cdr, eps, pdf, ai or any vector format.



If you have a raster file, we recommend a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (300 pixels per inch).



8. What is the standard production time for custom labels?



For a quantity below 10,000 pcs, it takes about 7-9 business days for production.



9. What size of label do you offer?



Normally, we would recommend a size that fits your design and your product. You can also customize other sizes you want by contacting your personal sales manager for further requests. Please kindly refer to the following chart for standard sizes.


The purpose of relabeling is to expand your brand awareness and visibility. By doing so, you can create a better impression of your brand and improve the level of professionalism related to your business. Don't hesitate and start at FondMart for free!



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