Is FondMart Legit or not?

May 27,2021


As many of us start shopping online, we often feel afraid there is a scam: our card information might be disclosed, or goods ordered won’t arrive. For business entities, security issues are even a priority. 


It’s normal that you feel unsafe. A quick check on a website legivity is sensible and smart. 


You may have doubts whether FondMart is a legit website. This blog aims to explain it and show you some tips on safe surfing and shopping. 


What you will get from this blog:


  • How to know if a website is legit and safe to shop?
  • Why should I use an Ecommerce product-sourcing platform?
  • How to level up my business by combining Ecommerce platforms to my business affairs?



How to know if a website is legit and safe to shop?


There are basically 2 ways to find out if it’s safe to make payments on a website. 


Firstly, you can check the URL. URL is the website link you see on your address bar. Most fraud websites expose themselves in its URL. When you spot a well-known name but it is not the official website, look out for frauds! For example, a domain like “” (if it exists) is potentially a dangerous website. A Domain ending with “.com” is recognized as the first choice for an online shopping site. “.net” as the domain tail is cheaper and more affordable so it always falls as a choice for one-time users.


Alternatively, you can use google safe browsing. It’s a service that Google built to notify its users of unsafe websites and potential harms. Here is the link:



Why should I use an Ecommerce product-sourcing platform?


A product sourcing platform is there to help you streamline the back end jobs: for example, product sourcing, inventory management and shipping. What may take you hours and days to complete is now assigned to the platform. With a computer system designed to process your orders, everything is handled more efficiently and effectively. Thus, you can spend more time on other areas of your business, like optimizing your website and marketing.


Take a “peek” at FondMart services:


Fondmart Main Page Functions click the picture below to watch 






How to import products from FondMart to your store






Fondmart factory mechanized work method with the highest efficiency




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Fondmart quality checking process, make sure you get the highest quality product






Fondmart label customization service, the best choice to make your own brand!




me service Label customizati


Fondmart carefully pack your shipping orders!






Social media of FondMart


Since its establishment, FondMart has tried to expand its avenue to customers globally. By doing this, we aim to listen to you more and serve you more responsively! Here are a few social media platforms where you could reach us, 24 hours, 7days!










About FondMart 


- Meet us!


Meet us! Introduction of FondMart




99% Guaranteed In-stock Availability'




FondMart is a global clothing supply platform with the largest number of products  in stock, top professional services and the most powerful app in the industry, who at the same time offers convenient and intelligent supply chain solutions to both wholesalers and dropshippers. Till now, we have provided services for more than 100,000 global sellers.




On FondMart, we are the leading global wholesale clothing supplier with the largest number of products in stock. Till now, we have provided services to more than 100,000 apparel wholesale clients globally. We supply a wide range of nifty and beautifully crafted dresses, skirts, tops, two-piece outfits, jumpsuits/rompers, yogawear, lounge wear, lingerie and swimwear, plus size available. Located in the city of eCommerce paradise Hangzhou, we have been connected closely with clothing manufactures, designers and wholesalers worldwide since 2012, skillfully processing 8000+ parcels daily to 190 countries across the globe. Our supply chain has grown rapidly thus you can find over 500 professional suppliers now on FondMart.



Customer feedback on FondMart


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FondMart is totally legit, now if you have more questions, click "Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes: Everything You Need to Know" to find your answer.




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