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Nov 06,2021

trends wholesale clothing
fashion trends wholesale clothing
new trends women's fashion wholesale clothing



Fashion styles are constantly evolving, but certain trends appear over and over again. Thus, are you looking for fashion trends wholesale clothing that can attract your customers to increase your sales? Come to learn more about the different styles of wholesale clothing and take trend notes




1. Wholesale Activewear



Wholesale activewear, also known as sports wholesale wear, holds the elements such as leggings, bicycle shorts and oversized sweatshirts to do sports.



Activewear is one of the hottest trends in women's fashion. In addition to being a great option for pairing with T-shirts, tanks, sweaters and other tops, many women like to wear sports activewear while working out.



FondMart offers activewear wholesale for ladies who want a comfortable feel and a flattering style no matter where they are. We offer wholesale women's activewear in solid colors as well as wholesale printed activewear with colorful and unique patterns. You can definitely sell it online with many profits.



2. Wholesale Streetwear



Streetwear is a casual fashion style that first became popular in the 1990s, which incorporates comfortable and stylish clothing such as T-shirts wholesale, hoodies wholesale, sweatpants wholesale. Streetwear has added intentionally scarce elements, which attracts many young people. Many people spare no effort to purchase these latest fashion wholesale women’s streetwear.



3. Wholesale Bohemian Clothing



Also known as "Bohemian" or "Bohemian", the Bohemian style draws on the festival culture of the 1960s. This style combines earth tones, natural fabrics and dyes, as well as prints and accessories from all over the world, which are new trends women's fashion wholesale clothing.



Bohemian style has various cuts and silhouettes, as well as huge changes in patterns, techniques and types used. This style involves long hair and bright clothing made of free-flowing fabrics, including bold patterns and exotic prints and bell bottoms.



At the same time, the design is influenced by a little artistic atmosphere, some traditional ethnic and folk elements, and floral patterns. Typical fabrics commonly used for the most popular and iconic patterns and prints include lace, denim, crochet, leather, suede, turquoise, wood, and rattan.



 The modern version of this style is a bohemian chic style that uses handmade clothes made of natural materials. This style is known for its free-flowing and relaxed nature, and you can see this in almost all clothing of this style. The choppy long skirt is an example of this style. You can purchase bohemian wholesale clothing for your boutique online or offline.



4. Wholesale Preppy Style Clothing



In the 1920s, children from wealthy families attended the best private schools in the country. These institutions were inspired by the traditional English dress code and incorporated uniforms in block colours with shields. After graduating from middle school and university, the alumni continued to wear preppy clothes.



Preppy style usually draws inspiration from high-end sports such as polo, sailing, tennis, and horseback riding. Preppy is known for wearing polo shirts, Oxford shirts, diamond sweaters and socks, cloth headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans and khaki pants.



5. Wholesale Artsy Fashion Style



Artsy is a style trend that caught people’s attention and attention. It's great to see women who like to wear things that express their style. The idea is to create something unconventional, away from traditional shapes. This may involve some very bold and bright colors with exaggerated prints.



Artsy is a style that places great emphasis on creativity. It can be a piece of clothing you can think of, and it can be made quickly from a piece of fabric you already own. Or you can simply wear some art designer creativity. These clothes usually have unusual contours and some strange unique shapes. Wholesale clothing trends are changing, but arty fashion style is always popular.



6. Wholesale Casual Wear



Casual wear is not a specific set of specifications, and the real definition of casual wear is anything that is traditionally considered by many people to be inappropriate or unsuitable for regular occasions that require formal clothes. Think of casual wear as a specific set of clothes that people can wear to make themselves feel relaxed, but at the same time maintain an elegant level, so that people can comfortably use it as their daily outfit.



For those who like to express their true personal style to the public, casual clothing may be one of the best opportunities. Casual wear allows people to find the balance you want between comfort, personal style and personality, instead of focusing all their attention on form, so they can wear fashion while wearing functional clothing.



7. Wholesale Hip Hop Clothing



Hip-hop is both the voice of alienated, frustrated youth and a multibillion-dollar cultural industry packaged and marketed on a global scale.



Hip hop as a music genre has become so popular in the last few decades, that fans copy their favorite singers and musicians like crazy. The hip hop fashion wardrobe includes bomber jackets, baseball jerseys, jeans, etc..



8. Wholesale Vintage Clothing



Vintage clothing refers to clothing that imitates the style popular in the previous era. Because fashion trends to return back, you might know that vintage clothing is popular one day. However, the difference in vintage clothing is that although it can refer to any decade in the past, it usually draws its appearance from between the 1920s and the 1970s, such as patterned clothing, round skirts, wide-leg pants and so on.


Now, you may have some ideas about fashion trends wholesale clothing. You can start your business and enter FondMart to purchase your clothes according to wholesale clothing trends. We can also teach you how to sell wholesale clothing.





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