What Does Unit Price Mean in Wholesale Clothing?

Jan 12,2022

wholesale clothing price
unit price

When purchase clothing wholeslae, you may find a term " unit price", so what does unit price mean in wholesale clothing?


As a rule, unit price can assist consumers when they don't have the option of comparing the prices of packaged goods that are not sold in equal quantities. If you think about it, a unit price tells you how much you have to pay for each basic unit of whatever product you are buying. For example, for paper towels, there is a price per square foot. In the case of toilet paper, it might be the price per sheet.





People tend to buy many pieces of wholesale clothing when it comes to wholesale clothing.


  ➷  As a result, unit price here refers to the number of items per unit.


By comparing a unit price with the price of each individual piece of clothing, you can easily find the best price. Using unit pricing allows shoppers to determine exactly how much they're going to pay for each item that's included in the package.



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Once you understand this, then it will be simpler for you to learn how to determine price and value in general. You need to pay a lower price per unit in exchange for buying much larger quantities of wholesale clothing Through this approach, the consumer is able to acquire more use value per dollar spent, which enables them to satisfy more demands for a lower total cost.


It is important to pay attention to unit price because many wholesalers require you to buy with a minimum order quantity. The good news is that at FondMart, you can easily purchase exclusive new arrivals without the requirement of purchasing a minimum quantity of products










It's important to note that FondMart does not include a minimum number of orders, so you can just select what you want to offer, giving you the opportunity to choose from a wider range of wholesale clothing styles. In this way, you can save a lot money while purchasing a lot of diverse styles.




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Diverse exclusive new arrivals


FondMart provides you with the advantage of selecting from over 200,000 items offered by more than 2,000 high fashion suppliers! Having such a wide range of wholesale clothes allows you to get almost any style that you want at FondMart.





High quality


FondMart guarantees that you will be satisfied with the products we provide because we have a professional team dedicating to quality.



For a long time our company has been committed to providing our customers with top quality clothing wholesale at the best prices. It is our goal to provide all of our customers with the most comfort and style possible with each piece of women;s clothing ordered in bulk. In order to keep in mind that we want our beautiful ladies to feel comfortable in their own skin, the fabric as well as the stitching on all of our wholesale women’s clothing is of the highest quality.



》》》》It is possible to test the quality of the women’s clothing wholesale by watching our video or by looking at our real photos.





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