How to Buy Clothing Wholesale without Minimum Purchase?

Nov 02,2021

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It is important to consider the minimum order quantity while buying wholesale clothing to fit your budget. Especially for small clothing wholesale businesses, the question of how to buy clothing wholesale without minimum purchase can be very important as it can significantly reduce investment costs during the process. You can check out this page for the best answer to the question of how to purchase clothing wholesale without a MOQ.






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What is No MOQ?


MOQ is the minimum order quantity, which sellers generally meet when looking for suppliers to purchase products. This is a term often used when we are involved in Internet sales, as suppliers usually set a minimum number of quantities from which they agree to prepare an order.





The minimum order quantity generally depends on the cost of the supplier's production, which includes not only labor and material costs, but also the cost of opening the machine, and even other special costs. It is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also the overall cost. higher.



Because the production volume is large, the cost of a single product will be reduced, so the unit price provided by the supplier is usually the most favorable. The minimum order quantity for each order is usually at least thousands, or even as high as 10,000. For an order, the supplier is only willing to start production if the order quantity exceeds MOQ.



The minimum order quantity refers to the minimum quantity that can be ordered from a wholesaler supplier. For example, if your MOQ is 100 pieces or $100, your customers must be able to buy at least 100 pieces or spend $100 to buy from you. ( There comes a term " unit price", you can also take a look!)



In most cases, B2B suppliers have higher MOQ because their customers are not ordinary small sellers, but large companies with stronger purchasing power. Such suppliers are not suitable for small sellers. Thus, it is important for you to buy clothing wholesale without minimum purchase?



The Benefits of MOQ


For Buyers:



The benefits of the minimum order quantity are how to make a lot of money! The reason why no minimum order quantity becomes a favorable policy is that it helps wholesalers or distributors manage their inventory in a more effective way by letting them know the minimum order quantity of any product that the company needs to own. There are many benefits to buy clothing wholesale without minimum purchase.



Safe cash flow


Companies can not only ensure cash flow, but they can also improve cash flow by setting the order quantity. However, the minimum order quantity of the manufacturing business must be balanced with the customer's needs.





Always profitable


By finding a balance between demand and inventory holding costs, you will be able to purchase what you need and predict high profits by satisfying retailers. Since No MOQ can help you save your investment cost of stocking and purchasing, you will get more profits once you buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase.



Low cost of delivery


Compared with the freight cost of goods, ordering raw materials often leads to higher transportation costs, which also incur special handling costs. When the MOQ is set to the optimal level, the supplier's lower shipping fee can be obtained.



For buyers, the MOQ is important because they can use it to filter out low-quality buyers and people who are not serious about starting a business or developing a business. Suppliers also use their minimum order quantities to ensure that the products they produce do not lose money.





Buying the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase means lower barriers to entry and they don't need to spend too much money on inventory. So once the supplier is proven to be untrustworthy, the buyers can test the product and reduce the risk of ordering a large number of defective products. So before submitting a large order, you can slow down and ensure that suppliers can cooperate well.



For suppliers:



Attract more customers


The main reason suppliers offer buying the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase is that they want to attract more customers to purchase at their platform, especially for these wholesale clothing online. If a supplier is willing to set the MOQ to 1, then they are likely to be a new supplier and are trying to create a business. However, this is not for sure, as more and more suppliers have devoted to helping overseas merchants to benefit from the No MOQ.



Websites without MOQ


If you're just starting wholesale women’s clothing as a new business, finding vendors is difficult while purchasing with MOQ can be more frustrating. Oftentimes as a new business, you only need a small number of units produced and can't meet the MOQ requirements of many manufacturers. If this is the situation you're in, your best option is to purchase with the following websites.








FondMart has integrated more than 2000 suppliers and manufacturers in China and every week FondMart releases new styles for wholesale women's boutique clothing, so your boutique will always keep up with the trend. There are also special trending of for typical holidays like wholesale Christmas clothing .  FondMart not only provides regular women’s fashion clothing wholesale but also plus size women’s clothing wholesale and sizes are from L to 5XL.



Besides, you can just buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase, thus you can save a lot of money in stocking and also you can purchase more categories with the same money. In addition, you can enjoy private label service at FondMart, which will assist you in building your own brand. FondMart also provides dropshipping services.



FondMart can offer both quality products and excellent service, from sourcing to producing, from packing to shipping, from general to customized service. The only thing you need to do is selling products to your customers and forward orders to us. Then FondMart will perform all the following steps and provide after-sales service. Let’s be your partner to release your energy and time, and the most important thing is to make your big money! You can aslo get tips at FondMart about selling wholesale clothing online.



1. Simplee




Simplee is a popular wholesale supplier that provides a wide range of products, including fashion clothing.



If you need reliable and legal manufacturers and distributors, then Simplee can meet your business needs and increase your sales. Besides, you can also purchase without MOQ at Nihaojewelry. You can buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase at wholesale prices.



2. DrivingStrong




With DrivingStrong, You can find a variety of products, not only clothes but also electronics, gardening supplies, household goods, and so on.



Buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase for DrivingStrong is zero, so you can purchase just one product here. If you want, you can also contact the seller and ask them to brand your clothing. You can negotiate with the seller on the website. This allows you to purchase different products at an affordable price.







SUSAN works with highly skilled designers to create wholesale clothing. Besides, they will launch new women's clothing wholesale styles to ensure that you always get clothes in fashion.



SUSAN provides different body shapes and sizes, and their designers encourage this by introducing the same excitement in plus size women's clothing, which you can also buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase.







GLAMOUR produces women's  fashion clothing. Here, you can buy bodysuits, tops, dresses and plus size clothing. The clothing collections here are part of the fashion industry, which you can buy the clothing wholesale without minimum purchase.




Why FondMart Is Your First Choice?



The main and most common reason for sourcing products from China is the lowest price. You just need to be good at negotiating, because there are many suppliers online. China is known as the world's factory, so you have many opportunities to find quality products at wholesale prices without MOQ. When you wholesale your products without minimum purchase, a substantial profit margin is available here.



FondMart only works with the best suppliers and manufacturers, you can be sure to get women’s clothing wholesale that meets your high standards. With various clothes without MOQ at FondMart, you don’t have to worry about the question of how to buy clothing wholesale without minimum purchase.




Get start to shop women clothing wholesale from the hot categories right now!






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