How to Find Plus Size Clothing Vendors

Nov 01,2021

how to find plus size clothing vendors
where can I buy plus size clothes wholesale
where to buy wholesale plus size clothing




Plus-size clothing is a trendy item among women of all ages, so if you have decided to sell these clothes to your customers, the first thing you should do is to find the right plus size wholesale vendors. As for how to find plus size clothing vendors, we will try our best to figure it out with the following suggestions.



Why Sell Plus Size Clothing Wholesale?


There are more than 2 billion people who has obesity in the world. Due to the overweight and obesity of the population, the growth in global demand is the most critical factor driving the growth of the market. Different from the fierce fighting in the small women's clothing category, the fat cuties in real life usually find it difficult to find suitable clothes when shopping on the street, and they are disgusted by the eyes of others, prompting them to put their eyes on the line.



No matter which platform, women's clothing has always been a category sought after by many sellers, and it is also a red sea field where competition is fierce. Although the plus size women's clothing belongs to it, it has its own unique advantages.



We have found out that the search trending of “plus-size” shopping fashion has been increasing since 2004, showed by Google Trends. According to the global plus size clothing market report, the market was valued at $480,991.8 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $696,712.1 million by 2027, registering a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% from 2021 to 2027. Thus, we can see the demand for plus-size clothes is increasing, and more and more women are looking for plus-size apparel that can cater to their needs. Where to buy plus size clothing wholesale also becomes a popular question.



Due to strong fashion advertising and promotional activities, the upward trend in the body enthusiasm and confidence of plus-size women has further promoted the demand for the plus-size clothing market. In addition, the public awareness of large-size individuals supported by celebrities has increased and consumers are encouraged to accept their image, which in turn drives market demand. Some major influencers like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj help to lead this trend to a higher level.



Plus-size customers now need large-size fashionable and modern clothing. In addition, they expect attractive, durable, and high-quality clothing that is value for money. In 2019, the casual wear plus size clothing segment accounted for the highest share in the plus size clothing market. The peak sales season for plus-size women's clothing is from March to May and gradually declines after May.



Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing Wholesale






FondMart is a global legit clothing supply platform with the largest number of products in stock to offer the one-stop service for wholesalers, retailers and dropshippers.



FondMart has integrated more than 5,000 superior manufacturers in China and updated more than 1000 products daily with 200,000+ exclusive clothes. FondMart can offer you both regular and plus size clothing, including women's clothing, skirts, tops, two-piece suits, jumpsuits and leggings and etc.. from a variety of types and sizes, which can help you attract more customers.



Partnering with 40+ global carriers, FondMart can offer you the most affordable and reliable delivery options to 195+ countries/areas. Till now, we have provided services for over 10,000 global sellers, including some well-known overseas apparel brands.



FondMart is always focusing on facilitating small and micro businessmen's purchasing activities worldwide with a new trading model of 7-15 days delivery.



Besides, FondMart is devoted to helping more overseas merchants benefit from no MOQ and a rich selection of goods with our tips on clothing wholesale



2.Wholesale 7



Wholesale 7 cooperates with many clothing wholesale suppliers, with abundant clothing styles and sufficient inventory, also serving more than 20,000 wholesalers, retailers and distributors. Since 2013, Wholesale 7 has supplied a variety of cheap and high-quality wholesale fashion clothing to the world, which also includes men's clothing, children's clothing, accessories and so on. , providing the lowest-priced bulk sales clothing in the fast fashion industry.



Wholesale 7 adds Hundreds of new products every day, and your customers can buy the latest fashion clothing of plus size for each season.



3. Wholesale Fashion Square



Wholesale Fashion Square is a large-size clothing wholesale supplier headquartered in the United States, which are in Vernon, California.



Wholesale Fashion Square is a wholesale supplier of women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics and fashion products, allowing them to find the size and favorite style they need.



Their selections are updated regularly and provide a wide range of products for boutiques across the United States, all of which are provided by manufacturers and importers in Los Angeles.



Wholesale Fashion Plaza can always provide their customers with the best prices, ensuring that  the customers will not overpay for the clothes they like.



4.Bloom Wholesale



Bloom Wholesale is regular womenswear and plus size fashion wholesaler located in California. Bloom Wholesale does not have a minimum order quantity. When your order exceeds $400, free shipping is available and a refund will be provided within three days of purchase. Their inventory changes every week, and many new products will be added. Their prices are also relatively affordable, saving a lot of money for high-quality clothes.



5.Tasha Apparel


Tasha Apparel has been in this industry since 2005 and has more than ten years of work experience in fashion hotbeds in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, which owns big brands like ZOJ and Uziel. Low cost is one of the major attributes of Tasha Apparel, which is one of the few suppliers who carry the latest fashion. Tasha Apparel has a lot of fun, sexy and fashionable clothing.



One of the main advantages of Tasha Apparel is its low price. They are one of the few suppliers that offer the latest fashions below 50%-80% wholesale prices.



They also provide plus size women's clothing, which contains a variety of categories for you to choose from.



6.Curvy Fashion USA




Curvy Fashion USA provides high-quality and styled clothes for plus-size women and men. They can adapt to the latest trends at any time and never fall behind in fashion.


The quality of Curvy Fashion USA products is guaranteed, and they can immediately adapt to changing and evolving situations.


At Curvy Fashion USA you will find the latest Plus Size Trends right out of the heart of the Fashion city Amsterdam. Need that special print or design for your shop, you can find it at Curvy Fashion USA




Why You Should Choose FondMart


Divided by type, the casual plus-size clothing segment dominated the market in 2019, accounting for 30.8% of the plus-size clothing market share, due to the increase in consumer adoption and acceptance of casual wear in social situations. In addition, due to the increase in the population of large-size millennials, the demand for comfortable and fashionable casual clothing has gained great appeal.



Though the market of plus size wholesale clothing is on the trend and many people want to have  a try. With the influx of more and more new participants, the plus-size womenswear track is leading to increasingly fierce competition. And there are some difficulties many beginners will meet.



For example, large-size clothing will bring high prices to retailers because most retailers cannot afford stock sizes that fit everyone. Besides, one of the biggest problems customers have with large-size fashions is that there are never enough varieties.



In addition, large-size garments lead to manufacturing complexity, as larger sizes involve more materials and therefore increase the cost of the garment item. These factors hinder the growth of the plus size apparel market.



As for the question of "where can I buy plus size clothes wholesale", at FondMart, you will solve these tough problems easily, because you can purchase plus size clothing with the following advantages.



Diverse Types



With such a wide and ever-changing collection of plus-size fashions, you can easily make your store a one-stop shop that meets all customers' plus-size fashion needs at FondMart. Whether your customers want casual basic home outfits or sexy loungewear, we can provide you the products suitable for all styles and tastes, even for boutique clothing wholesale. Perfectly fitting large-size dresses, a large selection of large-size jeans, fashionable selection of large-size tops, and so on, which are from L to 5XL.



Not to mention, our huge collection of dresses is easy to sell, which you can purchase no matter the season. With FondMart, your clothing store will become an absolute leader in plus-size fashion.



With changes in people’s tastes and preferences, it is expected that the demand for sports and leisure sportswear plus-size apparel will grow at a higher compound annual growth rate during the forecast period, which you can also purchase without hesitation.



Low Cost with High Quality


Good quality doesn't have to mean higher costs as long as you can purchase  at suitable platform.



Offering products at the lowest prices in the market sounds like a reliable way to attract customers and gain an advantage over the competition. FondMart cooperates with many verified suppliers and manufacturers in China, you can have confidence in the clothes we offer, which are with great quality.





There is no MOQ of all the plus size clothing wholesale and all products at FondMart can be dropshipped. For certain customized products, such as labels, tags, plastic bags and other similar products, some suppliers may require a MOQ, but the price is also very low.



Private Label Service


If you want to build your own brand with a private label service, FondMart can be your first selection. You can just place an order and get started on your private label clothing. You will need to upload your logo or material, and we will send you the concept image. Once you are pleased with the design, we will arrange the production.



Fashion is for everyone, which is why FondMart covers all body types with our stylish plus size wholesale clothing collection. We know that your customers come in all shapes and sizes, so we will stock wholesale large-size clothing accordingly so that you can stock for physical stores and online stores.



At FondMart, we are committed to providing the inclusive size you need to make your customers look unique. Don't hesitate and start plus size wholesale clothing business right now.



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