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May 13,2021

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Ep.1 Fondmart warehouses look like.





Ep.2 FondMart mechanized operation method.





Ep.3 Fondmart quality checking process.




Ep.4 Fondmart label customization service.




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Ep.6 Fondmart lower your cost by reducing your shipping volume.







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Brand Your Clothing With FondMart Private Label Services


FondMart.com offers you the best private labeling solution

FondMart is a wholesale & dropshipping marketplace with a large selection of wholesalers and merchandise available. When you buy clothing from us, we also offer the entire private labeling solution with a reasonable price. Our one-stop service makes private labeling easy and brings great benefits especially to those who do dropshipping.


What is private labeling?


Private labeling is basically a rebranding process when you put your own labels onto the clothing. Many retailers use multiple fashion sourcing strategies to stock their boutique inventory. Hence, private labeling becomes an important step in building a distinguished brand of one’s own.



The re-branding could be something as simple as packaging in a specific bag, a hang tag or a special thank you card, which are associated with your own logo, name and/or any contact details like social media.



Enhance Brand Recognition





Why are custom labels important?


The tiniest detail is going to take your business up another level. Private labeling offers a more professional look. You want to leave a lasting impression on your customers. When your customers  open their package. You want them to remember that this is the brand that I purchased these items from.



Private labels and hang tags are not simply for brand information purposes. Custom hang tags also add value to your clothing by strongly identifying your brand and products on display in a sophisticated and professional way. It improves the brand recognition and helps people associate your clothing directly to your brand, set you apart from your competitors. You can increase your retail profit margins and build brand loyalty of your customers.



You will also have some sort of return policy with your customers. If your customers want to get an exchange or return, the item needs to have its original hang tag attached.






Why choose FondMart?



Doing private labeling by yourself is not easy. Luckily, we can help!



FondMart is a wholesale & dropshipping marketplace with a large selection of wholesalers and merchandise available. When you buy clothing from us, we also offer the entire private labeling solution with a reasonable price. Our one-stop service makes private labeling easy and brings great benefits especially to those who do dropshipping.



FondMart is online platform connecting buyers and sellers in the fashion industry



  • Free Sew-on and Other Services

When you order labels, tags or other items from us, we will remove the manufacturer’s tag, sew on your private label, carefully check for stitches and attach your hang tags for free. We also cover further finishing services including folding and bagging to keep the garments clean and organized.


  • Save Time and Money

Most people choose to change the labels by themselves to save money. We don’t recommend you to sit there and stitch your labels. It is extremely time-consuming, especially when you are a solopreneur and you are just starting out. Your time is too important to be wasted in sewing labels. You need to be productive and invest your valuable time in marketing and customer service.


More importantly, you could potentially damage your product if you don’t know how to properly use a sewing machine. You do not want to damage your products that you invested inventory budget into.


  • Short Production Time

If you outsource a local label manufacturer on the market. Usually, most manufacturers need 2 weeks to just make you a sample. However, our whole manufacturing process will only take up to 7- 9 business days. We start the label replacement process once your labels are finished.



How it works?


Doing private labeling is very simple with FondMart. All you need to do is to send us your artwork and place an order on our website. We will do the rest for you! Please refer to the following chart to find out more details about our private labeling process.






  • To use our private labeling service, you will have to purchase clothing from us first.



1. Does FondMart accept custom label orders without artwork?

Yes. We can help you produce an artwork. However, we don’t provide logo design service which means customers are required to have a ready logo for any order or inquiry. Please contact info@fondmart.com for more information.


2. Do you offer other custom items?

Yes. You can customize woven labels, hang tags, plastic packaging bags(crystal zipper bags or flap seal bags), shipping bags and thank you cards on FondMart.com.


3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)?

We require a minimum 1000 pieces for most items. However, we only require 500 for thank you cards.


4. How to place an order for private labeling?

Go to My account > Label customization > click “start to customize my label”, choose items you want, type in brand name and size information, upload your artwork and confirm your order. We recommend you to contact your personal sales manager first before you place an order.


5. What is the standard production time for custom labels?

For quantity below 10,000 pcs, it takes about 7-9 business days for production.


6. What size of label do you offer?

Normally, we would recommend a size that fits your design and your product. You can also customize other sizes you want by contacting your personal sales manager for further requests. Please kindly refer to the following chart for standard sizes.



Woven Label 3cm*6cm
Hang Tag 4cm*9cm
Plastic Packaging Bag 55cm*40cm
Shipping Bag 60cm*40cm
Thank You Card 8cm*12cm




7. In which file formats can I submit my artwork?

We prefer jpg, jpeg, pdf, png or any vector format.  If you have a raster file (eg. a JPG), we recommend a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (300 pixels per inch).


Watch the following video to find out more:





Payment Guidance on FondMart


How to place and pay for orders?

What payment methods does FondMart accept?

How to use FondMart wallet and enjoy a deposit bonus?


Place Order and Pay





Step 1: Add products to your shopping cart

Step 2: click the icon(on the top right of the screen), Go to shopping cart

Step 3: Tick the items you want and click Place Order on the right






Step 4: Write down some notes on the top if you have any. Complete your shipping information and choose the correct shipping method. Then, check out with PayPal or your FondMart Balance.






Your order details will be saved in your account for further use. You can view your order and finish your payment under the order page in your account. Go to my account > Wholesale orders / Dropshipping orders > Order (click black button on the right to continue to pay).







  • Wholesale orders = when you purchase directly from our website
  • Dropshipping orders = when you connect your stores to our website, you customers purchase from you and the orders in your store will automatically synchronized to your FondMart account


Tip - How to connect your store with FondMart:




Payment Methods


You can pay with:


1. PayPal.

You can check out with PayPal on FondMart. Please note that PayPal will charge you an extra fee involving a base rate of 4.4% of the total amount plus $0.30 flat fee per transaction for each oversea payment.

For example, if your order sums up to $100, you will be charge a transaction fee by PayPal of $4.7 (calculation: $4.7=$100*4.4%+0.30, this fee goes directly to PayPal ). You will have to pay for $104.7 in total.


2. Balance of FondMart Account.

We HIGHLY recommend you to deposit funds into your personal account before making any purchase. It is a safe and convenient way to shop with us. You can add value on our website by yourself through PayPal. You can also contact our sales manager to make a deposit using Payoneer/Alipay/Bank account/Credit Card. Remaining balance of your FondMart account can be withdrawn at any time(no strings attached).



Another great benefit of using FondMart balance to purchase is that you can enjoy ZERO transaction fee using Payoneer balance or Alipay. When using credit card, transaction fee is 3%, which is still lower than PayPal. Please refer to the following chart for more detailed information.







If you are using credit card to add value to your account balance, you need to provide email, account, name, country, province, amount and product to your personal sales manager. We will send payments directly to your bank account via bank transfer using Payoneer.



FondMart Wallet


1. My wallet

Go to My account > My wallet (you can find My wallet on the left-side menu on My account page)






2. Deposit

To top up your wallet balance, you can use PayPal to add value to your account on your own on our website. Please kindly note that PayPal will charge you extra 4.4%+$0.3 transaction fee. If you want to save transaction fee by using other payment method, please contact your personal sales manager to top up your balance to save more:

  • Whatsapp: +1 5714890103
  • Email: info@fondmart
  • Wechat: N287702738



3. Bonus

Using FondMart Wallet, you will get extra bonus when you deposit funds to your account balance.

For example, if you top up $2,000 to FondMart account, you will get a bonus of $10. Thus, Your final account balance will be $2,010 in total. The more you deposit, the more bonus you get! Please kindly refer to the following chart for our bonus plan.



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