How to Add Your Own Labels to Wholesale Clothing

Nov 29,2021

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When you want to put your own tag on wholesale clothing, you may wonder how to add your own labels to wholesale clothing. Here we will introduce you some ways to add your own label and you can choose the methods you like.



The Way to Add Your Own Label


1. Sewing by Hand


There are two options available to you, but the methods may differ between them. As long as you obey specfic rules, you will be able to add your own labels to wholesale clothing like sweaters wholesale, shorts wholesale, pants wholesale, shirts wholesale, T-shirts wholesale, dresses wholesale, as well as any other type of clothing wholesale we plan to offer: hand sewing and machine sewing.



The best thing you can do if you have plenty of patience and time to spare is to hand sew labels. Nevertheless, there is a strong recommendation that not a large number of clothing articles should be labeled. If this is the case, go directly to the next step of sewing.



2. Sewing with Machine



Today, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of affordable sewing machines to suit your needs. As an alternative, you can also automate the process by using an embroidery machine or a special label sewing machine to add your own labels to wholesale clothing.



Although you are able to sew the labels with a machine, you will not be able to finish a lot of wholesale clothing by yourself in order to add your own logos to them. In that case, you will need to find wholesale suppliers and manufacturers that will be able to replace the label for you. You can, for example, take a look at FondMart's private label service, which help you to add your own labels to wholesale clothing with free sew-on service!



With the use of fabric glue or double-sided hot pressing tape, it is possible to affix the fabric to the fabric without sewing.



There are other ways to add your own labels, however, depending on the type of surface you use as well as the type of backing of the label or patch.


3. Use Iron-on Backing


Depending on what type of surface that you use and what type of backing you use for the label, there are other ways in which to add your own labels to wholesale clothing. You can iron on fabric tags and they will adhere well to your clothes and can be easily positioned on clothes.



Besides the two methods mentioned above, you can combine them by ironing them first, and then sewing them in place. If your wholesale clothing is made from heat-sensitive materials, you should ensure that it is not damaged by the heat of the iron.



It is recommended that you first set the iron to cotton mode or adjust the heat level of the iron to a medium setting when ironing clothes tags. After this, if the label needs to be pinned in place, remove the back of the label. The iron should be heated for another 10 seconds, then let it rest and check the label as many times as necessary to ensure a strong bond will form. We recommend that you let your clothes cool down and then let them air dry for 24 hours before putting them in the washer and dryer.



4. Try Stick-on Backing


The peel and stick labels, also known as self-adhesive labels, have a thin glue film attached to the back of the labels that makes them adhere instantly to any fabric surface. With this method, you do not have to use any iron, all you have to do is peel and stick!  



Where Can You Choose to Put Your Own Labels?



Woven Label


In most cases, a collar mark is an embroidered mark affixed to the neckline or waistband of wholesale clothing that indicates the brand and size of the garment.



It is sewn on the collar and the label is attached to it. It can either be stitched along one end or folded in half and stitched along the other. Cotton, nylon, white satin, black satin, ribbons, synthetic tape, etc are some of the materials used for the project. The content of a collar label can be either text or English, Chinese characters or a LOGO. It is also possible for you to customize your own clothing name or trademark.



Hang Tags


A hang tag is a large paper label attached to clothing, usually with the brand name on it. Make sure you check with your supplier whether or not you can remove the hang tags that are attached to the items that you purchase. If you are permitted to do so, you can add your own labels to wholesale clothing. This will enable you to develop a more mature brand that will be trusted. By utilizing them, you are able to convey more information than is contained on the label. Hang tag allows you to display information regarding your brand in a more prominent manner.



Packing Bags


Packaging bags refer to bags used to pack various supplies, which are widely used in daily life and industrial production. The commercial nature of the packaging itself is becoming more and more significant. It has become a special product that is no longer attached to the production of commodities, a widely used product that all commodities cannot do without.




Price Tags


Depending on the type of tag, you can include the price on the tag or use a separate label for the price indication. In the event that you include the price on the tag, you are likely to include a price on the label. You could also write or stamp the price on the label, but it will not look as professional as it should.



Additionally, if the amount you order is large enough, the clothing manufacturer or supplier may attach a price tag to the order. There is also a price tag in addition to the tag that allows you to print the price and any other information you wish to include.



Thank You Card


If you write your thank you notes with the intention of expressing your gratitude to that person, they will be elevated from a simple social obligation to a beautiful token of appreciation.



Thank you cards are a great way to express your gratitude to your customers when it is not possible to thank them personally. Thank you messages give you the opportunity to express your appreciation for your customers who purchase your clothing wholesale.



The Benefits to Add Your Own Labels


It is important to consider custom label printing if you are running a successful clothing business.



The first thing that it does is make your brand look more professional. With this type of clothing, you will be able to display your brand clearly on the clothes you sell, and your customers will notice even the smallest details that you have thought about. There is no better way to present yourself to your potential customers by adding your own labels to wholesale clothing.



In addition to this, it can help you to stand out from your competitors. Creating a brand that stands out from the competition is possible by customizing labels for your products, and by doing so creating a brand that is unique and stands out from other brands. The customers are likely to forget all the stores from which they purchased the product once they have received it. As long as the clothes wholesale you sell are durable, they will keep your brand in their view as long as the label is durable on the clothes you sell.



As well as conveying information to your customers, you may also communicate your own messages on your labels.



If you want to add your own labels to wholesale clothing from experienced manufacturers and suppliers, FondMart is your best choice. So don’t hesitate and grab the opportunity to put your own labels.



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