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Jan 03,2022

private label dropshipping clothing
private label dropshipping
private label
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Are you thinking about adding a private label to your dropshipping clothing? As a matter of fact, one strategy drop shippers use to maximize profits is to brand their dropshipping clothing as their own in order to increase sales. If you are looking for private label dropshipping clothing, don’t miss your opportunity at FondMart.







What Is Dropshipping Clothing?




The term 'dropshipping' refers to a method of order fulfillment in which a retailer does not hold stock of the goods it sells. Rather than buying the clothing from the shop itself, you can buy it from a third-party vendor and has it shipped to the consumer. In this way, you are relieved of dealing directly with the consumer.



Besides, under private label dropshipping clothing, dropshipping is essentially a direct-to-consumer business model, meaning you can sell products straight to customers without having to go through the normal middlemen.






Dropshipping clothing has a number of advantages that can be briefly summarized as follows:



Upon receiving a sale, a dropshipping clothing can be shipped directly to your customers.



In this case, there is no need to manage inventory, which means buying and selling without storing them.



If you work with a reliable dropshipping clothing platform like FondMart, the process of fulfilling orders is done in a timely manner. FondMart is capable of shipping your goods quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.



Why Dropship Private Label Clothing?


Private label service is basically a rebranding process when you put your own labels onto the clothing. To build a successful and long-lasting dropshipping clothing business you need to keep healthy margins. Private Label dropshipping clothing helps increase the perceived value of your dropping clothes and build brand awareness: consequently, they help grow your margins and your returning customer’s rate.






Here are the top benefits of private labeling:



Creating More Visibility for Your Brand


If your brand cannot be seen by your target audience, how can they spread the word about your company? As a way to stand out from the competition, you should create your own brand with a private label so that you will be able to stand out with your private label dropshipping clothing.






Opportunities for Profit Grow with Your Own Brand


You may wish to include your brand's name and/or logo on the product. The perception of its value may be reduced if the product does not contain your brand's name or logo. Consequently, it is very likely that you will have to adjust your pricing strategy and reduce your selling price. In other words, private labeled products can actually be sold at a higher price because of their private label!



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Increasing the Loyalty of Your Customers


A great product speaks directly to the target audience you are trying to reach. The company that solves a customer's problem and brings them value is probably the brand that attracts the most customers.







There Will No Longer Being Any Copycats


Generally, dropshipping can be described as a method in which anyone can copy your website in order to sell your products. Dropshipping under a private label means that you are the only one who can sell the exact product you want to sell.



Create your own Brand with Private Label Dropshipping at FondMart



As you can see, private label dropshipping clothing has a lot of benefits. If you’re still excited to start a private label dropshipping business, you will obviously need to find a private label dropshipping supplier. And FondMart is here to help you.



FondMart helps dropshippers to build their brand by offering on-demand private label dropshipping services.



Free Photos for Your Store


For many online stores, you may need beautiful photos to attract your target customers. Besides, if you need to advertise on FB, you may also need some clear and qualified pictures of clothing to do your business. Thus, FondMart will offer you free high-quality pictures of clothing that you don’t have to worry about copyright, which will alleviate your pressure.



Free Sew-on and Other Services


Once you have placed an order, we will take off the manufacturer's tag, sew on your private label, carefully inspect the stitching and attach your hang tags. Furthermore, we offer additional finishing services such as folding and bagging in order to maintain a clean and organized appearance of the garments.





Direct Integration with Your Store


With a single click, you will be able to upload intelligent goods. Besides, with one account, you can manage several shops at the same time. It is possible to automatically generate a quote based on the unmber of goods along with the shipping process.




There is an automatic synchronization between the order number and the tracking number. Throughout the entire process, everything is transparent and controllable. We will provide you with service recommendations tailored to your needs, as well as lower price alerts.



Fast Shipping


Our warehouse stores your private label products for free. Not only does this save you money, but it also shortens processing time.


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Over the past few years, FondMart has been helping hundreds of WooCommerce and Shopify sellers to build their own private label brands. The capabilities are totally proven and our customers always have good comments on our private label dropshipping clothing.








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