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Dec 07,2021

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The contemporary trend of clothing changes so quickly in modern society, but it is still very important to keep up the pace of trends to find the potential best selling to maximize the profits. For fashion clothing wholesale business owners, you may ask "where can I buy trendy wholesale basic clothing". As we all know, it takes time and energy to evaluate the trend of clothes, so here we will recommend you 10 best websites to buy trendy wholesale basic clothing.



The wholesale fashion clothing industry is becoming popular in the USA. Generally, many people go to the LA Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles to purchase trendy wholesale clothing. However, nowadays with the coronavirus and the development of the Internet, you should try to purchase your trendy wholesale basic clothing online with the following websites. By the way, you can also take a look at wholesale fashion clothing China at FondMart.





The FondMart platform is a well-known trendy wholesale clothing platform that stocks an impressively large number of trendy fashion clothing wholesale, even with plus size women clothing wholesale. FondMart is also well known all over the world for No MOQ and large selections. Furthermore, FundMart can also provide you showroom online to select exclusive styles.



Abundant Categories


Due to the fact that there are more than 2000 qualified suppliers on the platform, you will be exposed to potentially the largest quantity of plus sized clothing that you could ever find from Chinese suppliers. In general, the stock is available almost all the time. You can find everything you want here.





All the trendy women clothing wholesale is strictly qualified by our professional designers to meet your high standard, so you never make a mistake choosing FondMart when it comes to quality. We can even send you a testing sample, in this case, a clothing item to determine for yourself the degree of quality.



Customized Service


Nothing is much better than building your own brand with our trendy wholesale basic clothing. You can choose our private label service or logo printing service to put your own labels or logos to expand the reputation of your clothes. Branding makes your trendy women clothing wholesale unique and identifiable. When buyers open their boxes, they know this is the brand under which these products were bought.



FondShow-- New Online Showroom


FondMart will upgrade your clothing business with our 100+ exclusive styles every week to expand your sales and profits. FondMart has launched the FondShow--a new online showroom program of women's clothing to help you pick your trendy wholesale basic clothing. The women’s clothing of FondShow combines the elements of the first-line brand and famous fashion shows, which keeps up with the latest trends.



We’ve also set up an elimination mechanism to ensure that all styles you see in the ODM marketplace have strong market potential, which is very likely to be the best selling.







With Simplee, you'll find trendy wholesale basic clothing for women. Simplee is a vogue, wild and young vendor that is dedicated to the hottest trends, the highest quality and Independent design. There are hundreds and thousands of quality products available in the global fast fashion e-commerce online store at reasonable prices for you to choose from.


Moreover, Simplee has a lot of experience in producing and selling women’s clothing wholesale. Over these years, Simplee has been able to build trust among customers with its high-quality clothes. It has spread over English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese markets from five continents and has over 2 million fans globally.







Shark is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in China with lots of new arrivals. There are a lot of categories of trendy wholesale basic clothing for you to choose from.



SHARK is the source factory, who can develop popular high-quality clothes for cross-border. The new styles on the shelves have reached 70% of sales. There is a professional design team and a complete production line at SHARK, which helps to provide sufficient stock, strong customization services. The annual transaction volume has exceeded 50 million, and monthly production value is over 5 million.







NESHA has been specializing in specializing in the production and processing of yoga clothes, yoga pants, fitness suits and other products for more than 15 years. The factory area is more than 2,000 square meter with annual inventory of 350w+, and the qualified rate of finished product is more than 99.8%, repeat purchase rate of 47.58%







Yiskiss is an online business-to-business fashion vendor with whom you can find a huge variety of trendy wholesale basic clothing and fashion women's apparel wholesale, with wholesale vendors and retail buyers from all over the world efficiently integrated.



Yiskiss is one of the best wholesale clothing vendors but also simple to purchase fashion wholesale women clothing at affordable prices.







TAJA is a wholesale clothing vendor that provide the most recent trendy wholesale basic clothing and stylish clothing. With the help of TAJA, you can easily buy wholesale stylish and fashionable women's clothing. You may place orders with many sellers through one handy account in their online stores once you've enrolled.







Zaya is known for carrying the world's most prestigious brands as well as a large selection of trendy wholesale basic clothing.


Zaya is an experienced manufacturer with 20 years of brand history. The established vendor has its own factory of more than 2700 m², so it has Sufficient Inventory and Quick Replenishment. While paying attention to quality, Zaya also focuses on the continuous updating of clothing styles, which makes it have the chance to cooperate with the top e-commerce platforms.









LISLOW can give stylish women's trendy wholesale basic clothing to the clothing business. There are plenty of things to pick from with no minimum order quantity. 



LISLOW mainly engaged in European and American markets, and its Casual and Sexy Style is well received by customers. Professional teams are good at creating online best-sellers. Meanwhile, the factory has mature scale and sufficient supply, which can provide long-term supply throughout the year. LISLOW's extremely high cost performance has won the support and trust of customers.







WEYII offers a wide range of legging fashion at wholesale prices as one of the world's largest suppliers of leggings wholesale.  


As well as providing leggings wholesale to businesses that specialize in niche markets, they also provide leggings to businessmen who don't specialize in fashion, but would like to add leggings wholesale to their product lineup.




In the clothing industry, keeping up with new trends is a fun way for people to dress fashionably and express themselves. However, as Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, "In fashion one day you're in and the next day you're out." To help you make a successful business while purchasing trendy wholesale clothing, we have some tips over here that will help you to sell your wholesale clothing.


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