Trends Forecast of Wholesale Clothing for Upcoming Spring/Summer 2022

Jan 25,2022

trends forecast of wholesale clothing
upcoming spring/summer 2022



2022 is coming now! FondMart wants to grab the opportunity to inform you the gorgeous spring/summer trends of wholesale clothing that you can anticipate to see all over the place, from runways to stores and boutiques!




Following current trends is usually a good idea for wholesale businesswomen because it gives you an indication of what sorts of wholesale clothes are likely to be popular in the future, which increases your chances of generating sales and increasing your bottom line.




The ability to identify and profit on these trends will be available to you no matter what business you're in. More to the point, in this blog, we'll show you exactly how you can put each of these trends into action right now, utilizing products that are now available for you to sell on your website. Don't hesitate and keep reading!





Many people have a great desire to work in the garment industry, which is understandable given that garments are a vital component of people's everyday lives. Many people, on the other hand, have expressed dissatisfaction with the rapidity with which fashion changes.



In order to be successful today, you must be able to keep up with the current fashion trends. In accordance with FondMart's research, our professional team has created a list of the four most popular trends of wholesale clothing for the forthcoming season, which we hope will be of use to you.







Garden Party






There is a growing popularity of outdoor living, which may be attributed to the return of the day party. Casual partywear, which can be worn for any occasion, has grown in popularity as customers look for new ways to celebrate their special occasions. When it comes to dressing for work and play, flowery dresses and light-colored jackets are a popular choice for the majority of people.









The Y2K trend from last year was a clear example of a trend of wholesale clothing that elicited feelings of nostalgia. Contrary to the fashion of the 1990s and early 2000s, which stressed neutral tones such as black, white, camel, and gray, the fashion of the 1990s and early 2000s is more acceptable now. Stylish tailoring knitwear, let's party short skirts, large coats, and leather jackets are some of the characteristics of nostalgia style.










Spring and summer have returned, and we can once again celebrate their arrival. A strong desire to go out of the home and have some fun fuels the creation of summer tales. The vibrantvacation trend perfectly blends with tropical themes by using vivid colors and patterns, as well as elaborate filler designs. The result is gorgeous characteristics that improve the mood of clients all around the world.










As seen mostly by outdoor activities and day-to-day activities, the comfort-first approach has maintained throughout the current season and into the next. With the recent increase in searches for the phrase "leggings," according to statistics from Google Trends, there is no doubt that everyone needs at least one pair of leggings. Cotton shirts and cozy hoodies are also fantastic choices for teaming with jeans or leggings.










Because of the uncertainty surrounding the economy, print has not had a significant influence on the fashion industry in recent seasons. The growing desire of consumers to express their Joy Expression via their purchases and clothes was evident on the 2022 S/S runways, which showcased a diverse range of printing patterns. You'll have to put some money into it right away. FondMart has developed a list of four of the most popular and helpful printing patterns in order to make things easier for you.





Design for Digital





The growth in interest in the Metaverse should lead us to anticipate to see digital fashion trends influence real-world fashion. The use of digitally filtered patterns in hyper-bright hues, such as tie dye and ombré strokes, as well as blurred flowers, is becoming more popular among rising designers and youth-oriented companies.



Go to The Wild






The arrival of a new generation of animal skins that are bigger, bolder, and more colourful than ever before is heralded. Bold variations of conventional animal designs, such as leopard, provide a unique take on the pattern's appearance and feel. In addition to the typical leopard and snake patterns, Fondmart recommends experimenting with something unexpected, such as patchwork designs.





Optical Patterns





There's no denying that womenswear is witnessing a checkerboard craze. The Milan catwalks prove this trend is here to stay for S/S 22 and beyond. The newest iteration comes in the form of distorted patterns and optical illusions. This kind of patterns mostly used by Vibrant Vacation style which we have mentioned in FondMart trends earlier, creating a unique and sexy style beloved by young girls.





Back to Baroque





Baroque style originated in the middle ages, using contrast, movement, rich details, dark color, grandeur and surprise to achieve a sense of awe. However, the style of Baroque clothing is more like metal chain or printing to show a delicate feeling, which is mostly used in shirts or blazers. This look is suitable for both work and everyday wear, so it has always been popular on FondMart.




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