What Is Private Label Clothing Wholesale?

Nov 24,2021

private label clothing wholesale
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If you have ever heard about private label clothing, you may ask what is private label clothing wholesale. Private Label Clothing is the way to go if you are considering starting your own brand but don't have methods of design or sewing.



The Differences between Wholesale and Private Label Clothing Wholesale


Private label clothing can be defined as the act of purchasing clothing with no brand name and then branding it as your own. I'm sure you are wondering if it is legal or not, and to answer that, we'll tell you that it is if you follow some rules.





Private label clothing is a type of clothing that is made directly by the manufacturer instead of being sourced from a wholesaler in most cases. There could be a well-known manufacturer who produces your clothing, but you would use your own label to brand it.



It is common for retailers and wholesalers to deal directly with the manufacturer when it comes to dealing with wholesale clothing. It's true that many boutiques throughout the world sell a lot of the stock they've acquired through wholesale. There are many reasons behind this, the primary reason being that the manufacturer provides the seller with a standardized catalog.





As an alternative, Private Label clothing can be tailor-made according to the specific needs and desires of your target market and be an extremely effective way to reach out to new customers. Depending on the brand you want to promote, labels can be created according to the needs of your business.



How Is Private Label Clothing Working?


It has been mentioned above that private labeling involves creating clothes, which are then sold under another brand's name. The manufacturers can switch the brand according to your requirements. The products that are sold under this category are often generic clothes that are easily customized with brand logos and labels.



Are There Any Risks to Private Label Clothing?



It is important that you are aware of the risks involved when you buy wholesale clothing. As a first step, you should make sure you understand your responsibilities under the law. It may result in legal proceedings if you do not follow the rules regarding the trade, the trademarks, and the patents related to your business. You should be careful not to use well-known products and brands.



Why You Should Choose Private Label Clothing?


You can design your own brand of clothing using private label clothing production despite not having to design everything from scratch. It is beneficial to create your own clothing brand since it allows you to stock your boutique or website with clothing that is specifically designed and manufactured for you. In addition, your logo will appear so your private label clothing wholesale is easy to be recognized.





It is true that both wholesale clothing and private label clothing are able to offer cheaper prices than retail clothing, which makes it a good option for anyone who is looking to purchase apparel on a budget. In some cases, buying privately labeled clothing may be less expensive upfront since you are buying directly from the manufacturer.







In terms of selling private label clothing, one of the advantages is that your brand is displayed, not that of someone else. In other words, basically, your name appears on the clothing that you sell.  By having your own brand, you will create a lot of brand recognition in the community and set yourself apart from smaller boutiques that sell a variety of brands, but don't have their own.





When you manufacture your own brand of clothing, you have a lot more control over it than if you bought it wholesale. Moreover, you are able to create items that are not currently available anywhere else, such as styles, colors, etc. Your customers will not be able to find these clothes in any other store but yours, if you decide to add brands and other features to your clothes.







Furthermore, having your own clothing brand allows you to set your own prices on your products. Due to the fact that there are no other brands like yours, you are able to set your prices however you want. It is always true that a branded item will always sell for more money than a generic unbranded item, even if your brand is unknown.




Branding gives your business identity and gives you a chance to grow your business. Private labeling has often been a strategy used by brands that have found success at first, but all brands have started small.



What to Look for When Selecting Private Label Clothing Wholesale?





Private label clothing manufacturers need to be experienced and able to make your clothing products with the required capabilities. A prime market for both domestic and foreign clothing brands is China, for example, which has a long tradition in textiles and clothing as well as relatively low labor costs.



Because of the rise of private label clothing brands, China will always be a good choice for you. Thanks to their skilled and experienced workers, there are hundreds of manufacturers in this region who are willing to work with you and who can certainly meet your specific needs for your clothes.







There's no doubt that quality is one of the most important factors to consider when buying private label clothing. In this day and age, it is best to avoid being associated with clothes of such poor quality. As a private clothing wholesaler, you must ensure that the quality of your products meets the standards your customers expect. Whenever possible, you need to work with someone who has a good reputation so that you can avoid this from happening.



Clothing Price




No one can guarantee that the cheapest item will be the best. Similarly, the most expensive item cannot be guaranteed to be the best either. You should always pay attention to the price of the clothing and try your best to find private clothing wholesale with a reasonable price and high quality, thus saving you money.






When buying private label clothing wholesale, it is also the wholesale clothing market, which means that it is very important to be aware of the minimum order quantity that you need to buy. Due to the above reason, the supplier will not deliver the goods if the order quantity is relatively low or does not meet the minimum order quantity. It is true that the volume of orders is relatively high, which may cause you to have a higher inventory than you might expect. Therefore, under most circumstances, you will need to maintain a balance between the two in order to accomplish this.



Most of the time, there is a strong correlation between the minimum order quantity and the supplier's cost. Depending on the production situation and the cost control but also depending on the size and quantity of the order from the customer, the supplier will determine the minimum order quantity required. If the supplier ships above the minimum order quantity, then there may be an additional delivery charge.





Shipping time


For a business owner, it is extremely important to ask for a shipping time before purchasing wholesale clothing in case you miss a busy season such as Black Friday. It is generally recommended that you pay attention to the shipping time of any private clothing wholesale purchased from overseas. Buying overseas private clothing wholesale is now easier than ever before with the strong logistical support available in today's world.



Sew-on Service Cost


It should be noted that not all manufacturers offer sewing-on services. This price includes wholesale clothing as well as the cost of sew-on services in addition to wholesale clothing and private labels. However, there are some manufacturers who offer free sew-on services, such as FondMart, which may be of interest to you.



If the manufacturers of private-label clothing brands are reliable, the brands will be able to succeed. Finding manufacturers who have an understanding of your objectives and are capable of meeting them is the only way to obtain high-quality clothes. The search for the right private label clothing manufacturer for your brand can be rewarding if you do the right research and plan well.



We are proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase wholesale clothing from us at FondMart. As soon as you place your order, we will get started on creating your own private label clothing. It will be necessary for you to upload your logo or material, after which we will send you the concept image. When you are satisfied with the design, we will proceed to the production process.



We begin production as soon as we receive your order confirmation and the entire process takes about 7-9 days. While your order is in the manufacturing phase, you can still check to see how it is progressing with your customer service manager.




Once your order has been placed, we will remove the manufacturer's tag, stitch on your private label, carefully check for stitches, and attach your hang tags at no extra charge. We also cover further finishing services including folding and bagging to keep the clothes clean and organized.



FondMart is able to distribute rebranded clothing directly to your consumers or to your address. No additional effort is required on your part!

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