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Jun 21,2021

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FondMart offers you rich choices of private labeling products which include common hang tags and woven labels. Our price for hang tags is $0.07/pc, woven labels $0.05/pc. 




In addition, we provide you with customized packaging bags and shipping bags. It costs $0.3/pc to get your product a branded packaging bag, and $0.6/pc to get a branded shipping bag. FondMart is one of few suppliers for tailored packages. Here, we will let you in a little secret - there are still few mid-end clothing wholesalers and dropshippers that elaborate their product packaging. If you do, you are bound to stand out from the crowd. You can rest assured that the outcome is worth your input. 




What's more, to make your customers more impressed about your products, putting thank you cards in the packages is a cheap and easy way. FondMart price is merely $0.1/pc so it's a good investment for your business. 




Our production time for private labeling products is from 7 to 9 days. For mess orders over 20,000, the period will be longer. 




Please be aware that the time is for producing private products only. We have a few clients that expected us to send out their customized goods with labels woven in one week after the order is placed. The total lead time should be 11 - 16 working days. 







Why should you choose FondMart to customize your apparel labels?











label anks car YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO hang tag packing & shipping bag WHAT WE OFFER FONDMART







Materials for woven private labels on FondMart 




FondMart woven labels are done on a loom and require more attention, therefore they are more expensive than printed labels, and the materials tend to be of a more long-lasting quality. 



Product: Woven label with logo


Dimensions: Customizable


Our woven labels are constructed of 100% damask woven polyester, making them colorfast and machine washable at all temperatures.


The label edges will not fray due to our heat-assisted hand cutting process. Our woven labels are sturdy yet soft on the skin, and they retain their shape even after tens of washings.




All of our woven labels are made with a minimum of 50% recycled yarn. Not because it's greener, it is also of around the same price, so why not!




FondMart's woven label materials have been proved to be free of any chemicals that may be detrimental to people's health.


Color Option


You can put as many colors as you like. It's very customizable. The flexibility of production and delivery you never gonna enjoy outside of China! Get your cost-effective customization services at FondMart!




Can be washed and tumble dried securely at any temperature.






Customized woven labels are an excellent method to demonstrate your uniqueness and brand identification. Thousands of clients have used our services to create professional, high-quality fabric woven labels with their own unique designs. For a precise and crisp appearance, our logo woven labels could include up to 6 Pantone colors but the color option pool has more than 200 choices. Our high-quality weaving technique produces your custom-designed woven label from the ground up. 











Our woven labels are created using professional weaving equipment and the highest quality materials. However, if you are dissatisfied with the final result, we will gladly make it right. We will work with you to develop a new product or provide a full refund of the purchase price. Terms and conditions apply.


Packaging and private labeling service: how to place custom orders on FondMart.com






Fondmart label customization service, the best choice to make your own brand!




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